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Brockagh Burst

Niamh KellyJan 4 2020, 1:33pmHi everyone,

Helpers needed for Brockagh Burst, please help if you can I would like to have all helper roles filled in plenty of time for the race. So we can get down to making sure it is a great day for all
Mary CollinsJan 6 2020, 7:15pmHi Niamh. I have just put my name down as a helper.
Of the roles not already filled , happy to help with race marking, demarking, marshalling, registration etc. Thanks for offering to be race director.
Niamh KellyJan 6 2020, 9:11pmThanks so much, Mary I will be in touch

Niamh KellyJan 6 2020, 9:40pmHi everyone

we will have Tea/ coffee and sambos for everyone after the race but if you have any leftover Biscuits or Cake from Christmas you are more than welcome to bring them along.

Thanks in advance
Gordon PlaceJan 6 2020, 10:04pmI'm about 10 selection boxes to get rid of, I'm sure they'll disappear quick enough...
Gordon PlaceJan 6 2020, 10:05pmP.S. Is it bring your own cup?
Lillian DeeganJan 6 2020, 10:25pmThanks Gordon, that's great.

On the cup Q - Yes, we will continue to encourage members to bring their own keep cup for use where possible. I am in the process of finalising the last few bits with the Brockagh Res. Ctr. on the food side of things. It would be great if everyone could bring their own cup for tea/ coffee/ water post race.

Thx Lillian
Declan McDonaghJan 7 2020, 9:52amHi, new to IMRA and was wondering how do I purchase race vouchers ?
Lillian DeeganJan 7 2020, 10:01amWelcome to IMRA Declan.

On your query - Our webmaster is working on getting the voucher race day cards back in for purchase. Will you check in again in a few days - they'll be back then all going well.

Niamh KellyJan 8 2020, 10:23amDeclan,

The race vouchers are available for purchase now in the membership/shop/online entries on the top of the page.
welcome to IMRA and see you out there
Niamh KellyJan 8 2020, 10:25amGordon, they will go down a treat I bet lol
David FitzpatrickJan 8 2020, 11:24amHi Niamh, I looked at the link and don't see the voucher available for Brokagh, maybe just me??? Thanks.
Lillian DeeganJan 8 2020, 11:45amDavid, the €50 voucher cards are defo up there in the shop link.

Is there a chance you are looking for race day entries? If so, hang tight - Entries for Brockagh Burst will show in a few days. We usually open for online entries 2 weeks ahead of the smaller distance races.
David FitzpatrickJan 8 2020, 11:55amThanks Lillian. That's what I was after. I'll sit tight and check back in a few days.
Lillian DeeganJan 9 2020, 11:25pmHello everyone,

I'm on with a note regarding the date of the Brockagh Burst race. In error, it was published as, to be held on Sat. Jan 25th. We have corrected the date to show Sunday Jan. 26th. All other race day particulars are correct. Access for IMRA to the Brockagh Res. Ctr. is better on the 26th compared to the day before. Apologies for any inconvience caused. Hopefully Sunday the 26th works ok for people.
Niamh KellyJan 15 2020, 10:12amHi Everyone,

just putting another call out for a few more helpers, we expect it to be a busy morning so will gladly take as much help as we can get.

Thanks all
Lillian DeeganJan 19 2020, 10:01amMorning everyone,

We're a week out from this race and a tad low with non-running helpers.

With sufficient running help accounted for, I'm on to see can we drum up a few more bodies to help as non running ppl.?

Jenny Uí ShéJan 19 2020, 11:22amMorning I can help before race if any good?
Jenny Uí ShéJan 19 2020, 11:23amI don’t plan to run just I can’t stay around
Too long
Laura FlynnJan 19 2020, 1:00pmI’ve just switched to non-run Lillian
Lillian DeeganJan 19 2020, 8:30pmLaura, Claire and Joe - thanks for hopping in here. Niamh is finalising her helper roles at the mo and will bounce an email off to all volunteers in the next day or so.

Jenny, thanks for the offer. It was route marshals we were short of - with more help in now, we are all good.
David FitzpatrickJan 21 2020, 9:48pmHi all, debut coming up on Sunday(!), and wanted to know what type of jacket must be worn? If anyone has any suggestions where to get one it would be much appreciated. Many thanks and see you Sunday.
John McCannJan 22 2020, 1:06amHi David, so many options depending on budget. Check out this thread
Niamh KellyJan 24 2020, 5:32pmHello everyone,

Just a quick update ahead of Sunday race, there have been some changes made to Juniors guidelines,
but on Sunday under 10 must be accompanied by an adult or parent to run
for more information

NEIL O'RIORDANJan 25 2020, 11:31amHi there,

Tomorrow's race isn't listed in the online/individual entries - does that mean registration is closed? Thought I had until 6pm today to enter. Appreciate if anyone can advise.

Gordon PlaceJan 25 2020, 11:58amHi Neil, it may be because the race date was originally today and then swapped to tomorrow.
Just turn up to reg (as long as you've signed up for the year) and someone will sell you a punch of their voucher card for a fiver.
Lillian DeeganJan 25 2020, 12:13pmIssue sorted there now Neil and great to see your looking to hit the Brockagh jebels tomorrow :)

While I'm on, I'm posting the following reminders for RD Niamh.

1. Online Reg. will close this evening at 18h. All people wishing to run need to have their 2020 membership sorted in advance of signing-in to race in the morning. Can you be sure you remember your race bib No. (Write it in your hand or something). This will help speed up sign in and the passing out of new year bib No's.

Once you collect your 2020 bib no. be sure to mind it for the rest of the year. Replacement No's cost €5 from the online shop or a punch from a voucher card.

2. Reg. will be open from 09:15 and will close at 10:30 sharp. The start is a short walk from the Reg. area.

3. Everyone running needs to sign in by writing their name and bib No. clearly. Juniors sign in with their parent/ guardian signing on their behalf.

4. All runners need to see the chip desk to have their timing chip linked to their name/ bib No.

5. We will have a €2 car park charge - pls try and have the money handy to help avoid traffic backlogs.

7. Juniors will be set off at 10:50 and the main race will kick off at 11am.

6. We will have tea/ coffee and sandwiches back at the Reg. area before prize giving time. If anyone has leftover Christmas treats, feel free to drop them at the Reg. area in the morning.

Finally, be sure to wrap up, it may be a tad chilly and sleat like. As with all IMRA events - running with a jacket is mandatory. Carry it or wear it - your choice, just be sure to have one with you.

Look forward to seeing great numbers above tomorrow.
NEIL O'RIORDANJan 25 2020, 8:35pmThanks Gordon and Lillian. All sorted and signed up now so see ye there tomorrow!

John CondonJan 26 2020, 2:17pmMany thanks to Niamh and crew for a fantastic race. A lovely race to start the year with.
Peter BellJan 26 2020, 3:17pmThanks Niamh and your team for the race today. Twas a lovely day on the hills. Tae and sambos went down a treat.
Laura FlynnJan 26 2020, 4:33pmThanks to all involved in making today’s race such a success, particular thanks is due to Niamh and Paul for making the journey up from Carlow. For those of you who don’t know, Niamh is the director of the South- East League but she generously offered to RD today even though it’s not on her home turf.
Andrew HanneyJan 26 2020, 5:27pmExcellent event today, thanks to Niamh and volunteers. A great start to the league.
Warren SwordsJan 26 2020, 5:32pmMassive thanks to Niamh for RD and all the volunteers.

Never easy to do first race of year but smoothest reg I’ve seen.

Well done to Killian and Aoife for the wins,particularly Aoife for third overall.
Conor NolanJan 26 2020, 5:36pmMany thanks to RD Niamh and team today, and to the route marshals for their encouragement..
Special thanks to Gordon for patching me up. The staff at the Swift were very complimentary about the field dressing - needed 6 stiches :(
Conor O'FarrellJan 26 2020, 6:04pmThanks to Niamh and her band of merry volunteers for a great race today.

Results are now up. Please send any related queries to

Gordon PlaceJan 26 2020, 6:39pmNo problem Conor (Nolan), glad you are OK and hope it heals fast
Jeff SwordsJan 26 2020, 6:43pmYou were a busy man Gordon. I needed a bath when I got home, but that was just too remove the dressing you applied to my hairy leg.
Florian ChristophJan 26 2020, 6:45pmMany thanks to the volunteers and everyone for a great race + organisation. My first IMRA race - absolutely loved it!
Gordon PlaceJan 26 2020, 8:15pmI draw the line at waxing Jeff
Niamh KellyJan 26 2020, 8:17pmThanks so much, everyone, I am delighted you all enjoyed it

Well done to all who ran, we had a great day for it and a huge well done to our winners. we had two new course records set today with:
Killian Mooney in 26.07 Aoife Coffey 1st female and 3rd overall came in at 26.41

A huge thank you to all my helpers for a job well done you were all fantastic.
Pádraig DoyleJan 26 2020, 10:39pmThanks very much Niamh and crew for the race today. That was good craic.

Conor, you should have gone straight to the swift clinic... you'd probably have got away with 3 stitches... That Gordon lad is a butcher :')
Hope it heals up quickly.
Mark Foley76Jan 27 2020, 12:21pmThanks to the organizers for yesterday , first rance of any sort for years alot of work to do but really enjoyed it.