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Glengarra Woods

Mícheál O'MullainJan 2 2020, 8:52pmJust wondering will there be a kiddies race at the above?
Robbie WilliamsJan 3 2020, 2:51pmYes.. it’s on the flyer anyway Micheal
Stephen O KeeffeJan 3 2020, 3:06pmIs the distance 7 of 8.25km, bit confused as it says 7km in details but the video with the route description says 8.25. Just like to be prepared as its my first imra race!!

Thanks Stephen
Mícheál O'MullainJan 3 2020, 3:54pmThanks for that Rob.

I did it last year Stephen and I recall it being about 5 miles so the 8.25 seems about right
Stephen O KeeffeJan 3 2020, 4:35pmThanks for that Micheal. Looking forward to the challenge.
Brian FlannellyJan 6 2020, 5:40pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie