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Damien McDonnellJan 1 2020, 6:18pmAre race vouchers available to buy on the site can not find them in purchases thanks
Lillian DeeganJan 1 2020, 6:30pmHi Damien,

We are in the process of changing over from the 2019 listing. Bear with us, we will have them up again for purchase in a bit. Thx Lillian
Damien McDonnellJan 1 2020, 7:39pmThanks for the reply Lillian
Stanislaw DrapalaJan 2 2020, 1:20pmHi Lilian
Are the vouchers will be avaiable to purchase before Ballyhoura Moonlight Half-Marathon.
Thahks Stan
John J BarryJan 2 2020, 2:44pmStan,
What do you mean? The vouchers can't be used for Ballyhoura which is already sold out.
Lillian DeeganJan 2 2020, 6:09pmStan, hello and welcome to IMRA. The voucher cards you query will not be available for purchase at the Ballyhoura event. These race day punch cards are only available for purchase through the IMRA website shop.

Once a purchase is made, an email is sent showing the purchase detail. That email needs to be shown at the registration desk of an IMRA race to collect the card itself.