Irish Mountain
Running Association


International, teams and individuals
Saturday 24 April, 2004
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Vouchers Allowed:
No. Online entry only for this race.
Organisers Instructions:
This is an International Race run by the Northern Ireland MRA, see for details.

It comes highly recommended by Irish International Paul Nolan see below

On Tuesday March 23rd pn said

Knock Dhu Hill Race, Sat April 24th, 1 pm


Myth 1 : It's only for international athletes

Fact 1 : Last years winning time was 36 minutes, the final finisher crossed the line in 84 minutes, so the spread of abilities is as normal as any hill race.

Myth 2 : It's rocky, steep and dangerous.

Fact 2 : 99% of the route is short grass. There are 3 steep sections which are very short. The descents are fast and exhilarating, as it's grass the worst thing that can happen if you fall is you slide along on your ass.

Myth 3 : It's very far away.

Fact 3 : It is. But due to the wonder of the new M1 it's a lot closer then it was. On a saturday morning it's only 2 and a bit hours away from Dublin.

Fact 4 : The somewhat easier but very enjoyable Round Mountain race is on close by the following day, so you can make a weekend out of it.

Fact 5 : I've run Knock Dhu 4 times and never been rained on, so good weather is practically certain

Fact 6 : All finishers receive a Race T-Shirt which can be worn with pride.

Paul Nolan