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Tamas FarkasApr 18 2012, 9:48pmHi Peter! Will you need a summit marshal? You can put my name down for it.
Peter O'FarrellApr 23 2012, 11:31pmThe Winter League prize giving will be run in conjunction with the prizegiving for round 2 of the Wednesday evening league at Taylors 3 Rock Pub from 9pm on Wednesday the 2nd May.
See event details page for firections to Taylors.

Due to the kind consideration of the committee I believe we have the go ahead for tea and sambos be be available at the combined prizegiving.

The overall league winner will be there as Turlough is on laptop duty!

If you are a prize winner and can't make it don't worry, the trophies are here and will be handed out at later league races if needs be.

The much anticipated 5 round table quiz is sadly cancelled due to time constraints.
Peter O'FarrellApr 23 2012, 11:33pmThanks Tamas, all non-running marshalling volunteers gratefully accepted.
Ciarán AylwardApr 24 2012, 4:31pmHi Peter,

I would also like to volunteer (non-running).


Joel ConnollyApr 24 2012, 11:36pmPeter,

Myself and my wife are going to be in Ireland next week and are interested in running this race. Is this open to those not in the club? If so is there pre registration or race day registration? Or any special requirements? Thank you for your time.

Joel Connolly
Kevin O'RiordanApr 24 2012, 11:43pmHi Joel, registration for the year takes place on the night. Just make sure you arrive early as it's an early season race with lots of expected registrations and it's likely the registration queue will close around 7pm. It's normally 10 euro to register for the year and 7 euro to race but as far as I know, you can register and race for 10 euro combined if you're visiting from outside Ireland.
Peter O'FarrellApr 25 2012, 12:18pmThank you to all those who have volunteered. We now have enough volunteers for this race. A look at the volunteer tab on the top of the page will show many other races in need of volunteers.

Greg Byrne has kindly designed a new 10km route which we will be using. We will publish this new route on the maps section of the event page.

We will have marshalls on the course at the cross-over junctions but as always it is very important that runners understand their responsibility to both know the course and follow the tape.

The numbers are re-used so please hand them back at the end of the race.
michelle clarkeApr 27 2012, 11:00amIs there an early (7pm) start on this one as well?
(need to leave early on Wed so the only way I can make this one is if there happens to also be early start going out as well....)
Peter O'FarrellApr 27 2012, 1:28pmThe route has been slightly shortened to approximately 8km in light of the fading light. Greg's signature piece climb remains intact!

We don't plan on having an early start as we have shortened the route but if anything changes I will post up here.

The current forecast is for shlomp so come prepared and please remember to ensure your number is visible to the finish marshalls.

kind regards,
John DoyleApr 28 2012, 1:31pmjust wondering how far the start is from Taylors?
Peter O'FarrellApr 28 2012, 11:02pmAbout 2km running and 140m vertical climb from Taylors to the start in Ticknock John.
Patricia CoughlanApr 30 2012, 12:29pmHi, Is there a short course and if so how long is it? thanks
Laura SchwirzApr 30 2012, 2:45pmHi guys

Just wondering if anybody is driving to the race from near Sandymount? I could also cycle out to the N11 (UCD is usually quite handy) and meet people there for car-pooling.

Peter O'FarrellApr 30 2012, 3:19pmHi Patricia,

The short course will use the out and back section and the initial loop (shown in red on the map) and will not include the larger loop (shown in mainly blue on the map)
It is between 5km and 6km as per the guideline distances for junior runners.

The Winter League Winners include:

M. Clarke
M. Francis
E. Cunnane
M. Kavanagh
J. O'Neill
M. Allik
K. O'Hanlon
T. Conway
A. Kelly
E. Keith
M. O'Grady
M. Grennan

We will have a prize-giving for the winter league with the race prize-giving, there will be sandwiches to entertain the non-winners during this time!
Ian ConroyMay 1 2012, 11:29amAnyone heading to this one from the Northside or be travelling through the city centre? A lift would be great if available.
seamus kilcullenMay 1 2012, 11:56amHi Peter,
What about an early start for this young geriatric? I don't just need an early start I need an early early start.
Seamus Kilcullen
Niall FoxMay 1 2012, 9:17pmLaura, I'm driving from nova ucd at 6.15. if you need a lift email me at niallfox at gmail dot com.
peter o'farrellMay 2 2012, 12:01amHi Seamus -There is no early start, it makes the poor laptop weep. Please come to registration at 6pm where we can register you for the event and then see if anything can be sorted out.

In General,

The current forecast is quite good but the ground underfoot will be very wet and slippy in patches, please consider wearing trail shoes.
Your number will be the same for the calendar year and can be looked up in your race results page.
Greg has designed a cracking course with a testing climb at about 3km so have fun - for any strava followers out there we could add it as a segment post race so wear your fancy watches for comparison purposes.
Single occupancy cars do not help our continued use of popular forestry carparks.

Could all volunteers please aim to arrive at Taylors 3 rock at 5.30pm to set up registration for 6pm.

kind regards,
John KellyMay 2 2012, 10:22amHi Peter

i have volentered as a runner helper but I won't make it till abut 6.30 due to work.

Tadhg CrowleyMay 2 2012, 11:47amCar from Bray DART at 6.30pm - 3 places available
Call or text 0868172932 if interested.
Tadhg Crowley
Alan MaddenMay 2 2012, 11:56amHi Laura,

I am going from Ballsbridge so I can meet you on Merrion Road somewhere if you like and swing up to the N11 from there.

Pop me an email if you are still looking for a lift.

Alan MaddenMay 2 2012, 12:00pmSorry, thought my email was going to pop up on the message above...
Jean O'NeillMay 2 2012, 2:25pmIan-I am travelling from Swords, via the M50. Ring me at 0860559509 if interested.
Jean O'NeillMay 2 2012, 2:28pmLost Property--I took home a black/green hat and pair of black gloves last week-I found them at the back of the room in the hotel. I will bring them tonight.
Brian O'MurchuMay 2 2012, 3:36pmMaybe I'm a little late posting this, am looking for a life if anyone is going from town to the race this evening? brian dot omurchu at threshold dot ie
Rory CampbellMay 2 2012, 3:56pmHi Brian,
Can't help you get a life (maybe get a hobby other than mountain running) but a couple of us are getting the Luas (from the Green) as far as we can and schlepping over to the Registration point (~2Km). We'll be at the Luas stop at ~5.15pm if you want to join us.
Tristan DruMay 2 2012, 5:06pmGuys,

Apologies its late for car pooling but Im leaving Cherrywood Luas at 6 with my car.
Should you want a lift -->

I will check it until 5.55.
John GreeneMay 2 2012, 11:11pmIt's not life or death, but I think Donal (Troddyn) should be ahead of me in the results. He soared past me like Shergar in the home straight thus stealing 140th place from my under my nose... credit where credit is due.
Dermot MurphyMay 2 2012, 11:14pmThanks to Peter and the Rathfarnham team for organising tonight's race at Three Rock - we had a perfect evening for it.

Results are now up - bound to be a couple of mistakes and omission's - please let me know if your result is missing or wrong and we will update in a few days.
Ronan HickeyMay 2 2012, 11:57pmA tight ship run as always by Mr. O' Farrell. Can I stamp out this new craze of pinning IMRA numbers to your shorts or the back of your t-shirt before it gets established? It makes it a lot tougher for the volunteers working the finish.

And as for the person who had their number pinned on upside down.... :-)

Looked like a great race though!

Derek KellettMay 3 2012, 9:19amLads, may I say really "enjoyed" last evening, reminds me how much work this telly tubby has to do.

many thanks
Brian O'MurchuMay 3 2012, 9:30amGreat race yesterday and thanks to Thomas for a lift back...did I leave my bicycle locks in your car? zero 86 eight 97 three 144
Warren SwordsMay 3 2012, 10:28amExcellent race last night, organisation was faultless. A pretty tough race that had everything in it. Great descent and knackering climbs.
Stephen DoorlyMay 3 2012, 11:56amThanks to first aiders, my head is recovering nicely. Special thanks to Peter O'F, Aidan B, and Gareth L for their attention.
Paul DalyMay 3 2012, 4:36pmHi guys,
I was one of the people that required some first aid treatment at the finish line and I like to thank the first aided who tried his best to patch me up seeing as I was covered in blood from head to toe. It was a tough race but I really enjoyed it but I'm afraid I'll be out of action for a few weeks as I'm just back from Naas A and E and I have "Head of the Radius fracture".
It seems the recovery time is 4 to 6 weeks which is a bit of a bummer seeing as I was really enjoying the IMRA races.
I'll have to look at some way of keeping what little bit of fitness I have :-)
Rene BorgMay 4 2012, 3:28pmTeam results are up.
Zoe MellingMay 5 2012, 12:01pmRathfarnham had a women's team out - myself, Helen French and Eva Fairmaner. Very enjoyable evening!
Carlos CastillejoMay 6 2012, 6:32pmHi! I´d just like to clarify that I wasn't able to finish even the short course due injury. So: DNF. Please, amend the results.
Jim FitzharrisMay 10 2012, 10:22amHi all,

I have been busy lately but remiss of me not to send a belated thanks to Peter & his trusty crew of volunteers for an excellent race last week.

Special thanks to the kind person who retrived my jacket hanging from a tree and brought it back to the pub - much appreciated!