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Brendan LawlorMay 9 2011, 12:40pmRACE DIRECTOR NEEDED FOR THIS RACE ASAP
Brendan LawlorMay 9 2011, 1:40pmThanks Colm, quick on the draw as ever!
Colm HillMay 13 2011, 11:13amGood Morning,

Hope everyone is recovering well after last nights exploits on Prince Williams Seat.

For Scarr on June 1st, I'm looking for a few volunteers. 5 people have already signed up, however, I need the usual.

1. Laptop Operator
2. First Aid Officer
3. Race Marker (Caroline said she's a littler nervous, you'd also get to spend a lovely sunny evening a top Scarr as summit marshal! What more could you want for on a Wednesday evening!)

If I don't get 1-2 above, you don't get to race.
If I don't get 3, you may get lost.

I would love to be the first Race Director to CANCEL a race. Don't give me the option.

Scarr is halfway through. Have you done half your VOLUNTEERING yet?

RD's will likely refuse you at the races coming towards the end of the league due to the sheer number of people wanting to get their prize.
Get it done sooner rather than later!

Colm Hill
Kieran RocksMay 13 2011, 12:18pmOh, go on then, stick me on summit if you want, Colm. Will be needing a break that week.
roisin mc donnellMay 15 2011, 8:56pmHi Colm..hero of Glenmalure yesterday ..well done what a great run ! Keith Fitzsimmons and I would like to volunteer and run please on Scarr.
Colm HillMay 15 2011, 9:03pmExcellent. Willing volunteers.

Still no one has come forward for laptop or first aid.
The wait continues till one of the usuals steps up and I shall refuse them.

Many people completed laptop training recently.
How about a newbie takes up the challenge.

Lets be honest, whats the worst that can happen!
The laptop explodes or something mental like that?

Brendan LawlorMay 24 2011, 3:28pmMessage from Colm

Hi Brendan,

Kyle Heron said he will do laptop, however, he has never done laptop
before and has never done a course.
If someone can give him a 5mins tutorial, he'll pick it up.

Scarr is a go again.


Is there any experienced laptop operator coming to run Scarr prepared to show Kyle the basics and perhaps help him at the end of the race?
Jim FitzharrisMay 24 2011, 4:09pmColm,

I certainly plan to run Scarr and I usually get there early so I could help Kyle in advance of the race (when laptop operation is most "complex").

I could also help him when I finish. Recording the finish is not difficult - the first time I did it I got a 5 minute tutorial! Sorting out the final results is a little more elaborate but I can help there as well.

The other important thing is to have the new race numbers (often with the race director's box) and various forms. I can send him/you the latter via email if necessary.

It is also important to have the up to date 2011 runner list printed out (a couple of copies is helpful) - Kevin O'Riordan might be able to provide that or whoever has the laptop AFTER tomorrow night's race at Glasnamullan.

If you can send me Kyle's email address or he contacts me directly, I can offer some advice and tips in advance - essential IMHO if he has not done it before. My email address is: jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com.

BTW, if you get a better offer of help, take it - I will not be offended!



Brendan LawlorMay 24 2011, 7:48pmThanks Jim, you're hired!
Laura SchwirzMay 26 2011, 4:22pmHey guys

I am volunteering for the first time at this race and I was wondering what the protocol is. Anything important that I should know? I don't have a car myself so I am checking the carpool site regularly for lifts. What time should I be at the race and is it ok to run even though I am volunteering at this one?


Brendan LawlorMay 26 2011, 4:30pmLaura

Thanks for offering to help next week

Keep an eye out on the forum to see if any of the other volunteers will be available to carpool. Volunteers are usually asked to be at the race by 6. If you plan to run, then you can help with registration set up, parking or general registration duties (handing out numbers, sign in sheet etc). At 7.15 you will be excused to get ready for the race. When you have finished and have caught your breath you can assist again with number collection and sorting, tidying up and packing away all the gear.

Colm Hill is the race director for next week, but he's doing exams this week. I am his deputy. Expect to hear from him early next week

Send me your email address (if its not already up on your MyIMRA) and I'll forward to Colm. Mine is blawlor7 at gmail dot com

Hope this helps
Eddie HillMay 26 2011, 5:32pmColm,

Daddy will help as well, I will not run/walk if required at the finish gives the others a chance.
Laura SchwirzMay 27 2011, 10:27amThanks, Brendan. My email address is I will check the carpool site regularly to see if any of the volunteers is heading out there earlier.

Fiona ChristianMay 28 2011, 1:07pmHappy to Be running volunteer if ya still lookin :)
Colm HillMay 29 2011, 1:12pmHowya,

Just making a note to everyone that if the weather is bad (I will make the call on the night), you must bring a cag.
Last year we had an injury on the mountain and we were extremely lucky that it was a perfect summers evening without a breath of wind.

This is an open mountain race. If its blowing a gale, I do not care how experienced you are or how many races you run, you bring a cag or you don't start. I'm caring by not letting you start, because the mountain won't care either way.

Just to say again, if the weather is bad and you don't have a cag, you ain't registering. Period.

Have a great weekend

Brendan LawlorMay 29 2011, 2:09pmCag=Cagoule=Jacket
MickyD MickyDMay 29 2011, 3:32pmHi,

Is there a 7 o'clock start option in this race?

Brendan LawlorMay 30 2011, 11:20amFolks

On behalf of my boss Colm....

We now have enough volunteers for Scarr - could all volunteers please be at the registration field as close to 6 as possible.Registration will start just after 6

There will be an early mass start option at 7pm

Reminder that people should carpool from CoachHouse - single occupancy cars arriving at the lane leading up to Gaffney's will be sent back to the carpool location in Roundwood to pick up other carpoolers, so your co-operation in this will be appreciated.

Registration will close at 7.25pm
Jason KehoeMay 30 2011, 4:15pmBrendan (aka 'Number One'),

Ask the boss does that include those of us that weren't accepted yet as volunteers on the event page? <sniffs both armpits>.

Jason KehoeMay 30 2011, 4:16pm(Sniffs both armpits)
Brendan LawlorMay 30 2011, 4:21pmOn behalf of the boss...

Take it that Jason, Justin and Mikey are on the volunteer list for Wednesday but we won't need any more

I feel like Tony Soprano (or am I Corrado 'Junior' Soprano ?!!) in Season 2 of The Sopranos

Hopefully, no-one gets whacked on Wednesday
Alan KilbrideMay 31 2011, 3:07pmHey,

Would it be possible to get sat nav co-ordinates or a google map link to the race registration carpark please? There is no map up on the site and "turn right up narrow lane on Wicklow Way Near Roundwood" is a little vague ;o)

Looking forward to the run...

Kevin O'RiordanMay 31 2011, 3:13pmOSM link here:
Brendan LawlorMay 31 2011, 3:27pmRegistration car park at Grid Ref T 156 997

Route map up on last years event
Alan KilbrideJun 1 2011, 9:56amThanks for the maps!

Also, 2 carpooling spaces just opened up this morning. If any one wants a lift, departing Lucan 5.45 and pick up at Red Cow Luas at 6pm. Drop me a txt on o873296one48

J.P ClarkeJun 1 2011, 1:19pmHi All,

Anybody car pooling from Ballsbridge/Donnybrook area? - 6pm.
Jason KehoeJun 1 2011, 2:50pm
Carpool functionality is broken for me and only shows Carrauntoohil carpool on Carpool tab on main site bar. Sent details to Eoin Keith via mail.

Leaving Stillorgan Luas Stop @5:20pm.
Passing by Beacon Hotel and M50 southbound.
Free seats: 3

Colm HillJun 2 2011, 9:03amA big thank you to all the volunteers for their help last night.
Brendan and Dermot went above the call of duty.
The weather was good and everyone got down safe.

The key to been RD is not to panic on the night and believe that people such as Roisin and Laura can pull out 30 numbers from multiple boxes at the one time. Its the RD's job to watch the mayhem - but not to take part.

To people who fear the laptop, we had it wrapped up by 21:10, on Kyles first time pressing the spacebar.

Things to note that may be obvious:
Use of the mega phone is underrated!!
People will always be late
The pre race registering panic will always happen
Get unregistered runners to stop 100m away from finish
Have some liquid ready for the person calling out the numbers
RD's have access to edit the race details on the imra site
RD'ing isn't that hard (ie don't be afraid to volunteer)
Volunteers are needed for races to happen!

Hopefully everyone has a good night and got home safe.
To people that are suffering this morning, the DOMS will leave in a day or 2... or 5
Best of luck to everyone that races the big one this weekender

No longer RD
Ken CowleyJun 2 2011, 9:12amWell done to everyone organising last night's race - probably my favourite IMRA Wed race, and definitely my favourite downhill, long and exhilarating, yet relatively safe on the ankles.
One of the most scenic routes too.
Torben DahlJun 2 2011, 1:17pmThanks to Colm & Co. - very well organised race!!
Caitlin BentJun 2 2011, 1:30pmWoud like to add my thanks for a well organized race on Scarr last night. Thanks for all your hard work which is really appreciated. As I was a wee bit late for early start, on Vivienne's instructions I took my own time with my stopwatch and gave time of 64.21mins. to official at finish, can you pleae adjust on results. Many thanks. Cait.
Jason KehoeJun 2 2011, 3:09pmWell done all last night. Haven't seen a megaphone manhandled so well before Colm! Very clear instructions too. Well done!

There was some great battles all the way to the line and some of you have an almighty kick in your legs, it was very entertaining to watch! I have a photos of the finish line that I cant upload to IMRA so they can be viewed and downloaded with link below. I didn't have a fancy camera like our usual pro's so some are a bit blurred or it could just be because you were all soooooo fast!

Colm HillJun 2 2011, 3:27pmSomething obvious that came to mind for future reference

-Take a list of all the early starters and note the time they set off at, then, set the main race off at a defined time afterwards.
I waited until it was 30mins so it made taking the earlier start times easier.

-Take note (before hand), who is running the short course!

-and to reiterate what I said earlier, some people run late due to getting lost, missing reg or whatever your having, it is useful to get them to stop 100m or so before the line. Maybe even have a marshal to remind them as they are winding up for their sprint finish to stop and walk around the laptop operator.
Brendan LawlorJun 2 2011, 6:14pmGreat snaps Jason, finish line and pub give a very different and interesting race perspective. Be great if we could figure a way of getting them up on the site, but if not thanks anyway.

Well done Colm, you have a great future in Race Directing, with or without the megaphone!
Rene BorgJun 2 2011, 6:52pmClub results are up, great to see five female teams.
Rene BorgJun 3 2011, 7:25pmCongratulations to Karen Doyle for taking 14 seconds of the women's record. With the 2007 course having been around 300m shorter than the current incarnation, this is close to a minute faster so a brilliant time.

Another fine day as Wednesday may eventually see James McFadden's impressive male record come under threat again.
Rene BorgJun 4 2011, 10:00amThe record was set by Karen O'Hanlon, of course, not Karen Doyle!