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Gerry BradyApr 12 2011, 7:47pmRoute map up. The Bray UDC asked IMRA not to have finish along promenade so race is shorter than in recent years. The climb to the cross follows the Way markers as there is less gorse on this route.
laura flynnApr 12 2011, 9:59pmThanks for that information Gerry.I am doing race director for the Bray race-would you be interested in marking the course?If not, any other takers?
laura flynnApr 19 2011, 9:53pmThanks to vivian for volunteering to mark the course.
I am looking for someone to act as marshall at the top and to de-mark course.I am also looking for a marshall for the junior turn-around.You can leave a message on this forum or text me on 087 7420795.
Ideally I would like volunteers to be at registration at 6pm so We can allocate roles-if anyone has a problem with this time they might please let me know in advance so we can plan accordingly.
Sam ScrivenApr 20 2011, 9:29amhi Laura,

I'm happy to do the marshalling at the summit. Presumably demarking means collecting the red and white tape on the way back, so I should be able to do that too.

laura flynnApr 20 2011, 10:10amThanks for that sam and yes,when last runner through you can head down and collect tape.Bring warm clothes as you will be standing around for a while.Just check in with me at registration around 6 .30 if possible before you head off .thanks again.
Alan AylingApr 22 2011, 11:05pmNot that I was ever a fan of the flat finish, but what problem could Bray UDC possibly have with the race finishing as it always has?
Gareth LittleApr 23 2011, 10:54am
Hi Laura,

I'd be happy to be the marshall for the junior turn-around and also do some misc roles afterwards.

Let me know,

Gareth - o87 957 3216 /
Dermot MurphyApr 26 2011, 9:08amJust to repeat from the news item recently added with regard to the Bray race:

Registration will close for new registration's at 7pm (people who do not have an IMRA this year) and 7:10pm for runners who do have an IMRA number this year. Anyone not in the queue before this time will not be able to register for the race so please arrive in plenty of time. Registration will open at 6pm.
laura flynnApr 26 2011, 9:52pmSam,
could you please do the junior turn-around instead of summit as Vivian is going to do the summit turn-around and take in markers?Again,just report to me before heading off so I can tick the box.
laura flynnApr 26 2011, 10:24pmIf we decide to facilitate an early start tomorrow night I would like to make people aware that they should record their own time and report it to the volunteers at the finish area.They should not have their numbers recorded at that time as their details will be entered later.
Anyone who wants to avail of an early start please let the race director know before you head off.
tim murphyApr 27 2011, 9:55amhi

what is the position with wearing a race belt and just running topless in imra races(obviously i am talking about the short ones 5-8k distances), the reason I ask this is I sweat a lot and my t-shirts do be completely soaked after a few minutes.

Sonja FuhrmannApr 27 2011, 9:58amCan anyone give me a lift tonight? I finish work in UCD at 6pm (Stillorgan road exit). I could wait at the the car park of the running track. It will be too tight for me to get the DART...
Jim FitzharrisApr 27 2011, 10:24amSonja,

I can give you a lift. I do not work in UCD but could pick you up at that car park at around 18:05. If you are running late, do not fret - I can wait!

My mobile number is 086-809 0525 and I drive a black VW Passat 07-D-81260.

If you get a better offer in the interim, take it!

I will not be able to give a lift back as I will go home via the M50 but I am sure you will have no problem picking up a lift after the race.


Brenda MalleyApr 27 2011, 11:24pmI was an early starter tonight, race number 14, and finished in 62 minutes. My time is currently recorded incorrectly as 39.43. Many thanks for a great race.
Mick HanneyApr 28 2011, 10:57amThanks Laura for a well coordinated race last night. Thanks too in particular to Aidan and Kevin on the laptop who had to get through a mountain of new registrations.
Jim FitzharrisApr 28 2011, 2:25pmHi all,

I would like to second Mick’s vote of thanks to Laura and her troupe of trusty volunteers for a great opening night of the Leinster League. I did not greatly lament the absence of the flat finish along the Promenade although it might have allowed me to steal back a few places from all those fast descenders who overtook me coming down the hill .........

Special plaudits to Laura for allowing all who turned up to register for the race. For those of us already registerd for 2011, waiting a few extra minutes on a lovely spring evening was no hardship while on the other hand, the coffers of IMRA undoubtedly benefited and a lot of goodwill was generated among the new registrants.



Karl DugganApr 30 2011, 9:55amHi,

Great event and my first. Many thanks to all. Im unsure why, but I am down as a DNF. My own timing was 38.19. Number 767. Can i get it updated?