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Steven LongFeb 20 2011, 10:08amCan anyone enter this race?
How does one register?
Thank you.
Gareth LittleFeb 20 2011, 2:36pmJust show up on the day with €17 (10 to join and 7 for the race) and you will be good to go.
Zoran SkrbaFeb 22 2011, 9:13amThe race route looks the same as last years, but this years code for this race is MAU (same as 2000-2005) but for the last two years the code was CWT (2009 and 2010). Why the different codes? If the races are the same the codes should be as well. If the codes are different the history tab does not show all the races. Looking at the older races the old route is different from this years, so the code should probably be CWT for this years race.
Zoran SkrbaFeb 22 2011, 9:54amOk. Does anyone, who know the route, want to do a recce this weekend?
richard nunanFeb 22 2011, 1:30pmHi Folks,

We do not have a RD for this race yet. Does anyone want to volunteer ?
You can email me or Sign up online.

Gerry Brady is the route planner/Course marker

Gerry BradyFeb 22 2011, 2:05pmRace starts at small way post just above the car park barrier;
Take first left turn at forest map signboard;
Very quickly turn right and go up a narrow steep ride (with steps) under trees;
Turn right at the top of this ride;
Take next left which comes up very quickly;
At the top of this ride turn right;
Go left (uphill) at the path bend;
Go straight through the next junction (stay on the main path & always climbing);
Turn right at the next main junction and descend a little;
Turn left up onto the grass just before a forest hut;
More or less straight up the grass climb veering a little right at times to keep to open ground;
Half way up this grass climb, you should pass just to the right of a small crag or rock face;
At the top you come out at a path junction;
Turn right and cross the stile;
Turn right and follow this path as it swings back left towards Maulin summit;
The climb to the summit is on a narrow path through the heather;
At the summit turn a sharp left and run straight downhill;
Gradually you get close to a wall on your left;
Keep close to this and come out on the lower path beside the wall;
Turn right;
Turn left onto a faint track just before you reach the second tallish tree on your left (this is a turn you could miss);
This faint path meets another track at the top bend of the zig zags;
Descend steeply on this track and then follow it gradually uphill;
When you reach a ride and wall crossing this path, turn right;
Climb the upper part of the Powerscourt ride;
Cross the stile at the top and turn left;
At the end of this path cross the fence and turn left;
Very quickly swing a little left and descend straight down on a rough path with trees on your left;
When you meet a lower path turn right and follow it until you meet the main Wicklow Way;
Turn left towards the car park;
On the first bend take a short-cut off the WW on your right;
Descend this rough path to rejoin the WW;
Around 150m beyond a large turning circle, turn left up the lower part of the Powerscourt ride (this is the final climb);
Turn right when you reach the first forest path;
After 500m turn right down a grass track with a wall and a dry gully on your left;
Turn left when this path meets the WW;
Follow the WW back to the car park.
Brian O'MurchuFeb 22 2011, 4:58pmAnybody looking for carpool passengers for this one? I am coming from Killester/Clontarf area and have no transport:(
Zoran SkrbaFeb 22 2011, 7:48pm@Gerry is it the same route as last year's?
Gerry BradyFeb 22 2011, 9:36pmSame route as in 2009 and 2010 (will be giving it a gardening checkover by this weekend)
Gerry BradyFeb 23 2011, 12:33amOSi Geolives map (replaced google map) so contours and Maulin more visible.
Zoran SkrbaFeb 23 2011, 9:16amAs it is the same route, the race/event code should be CWT (same as 2009/10).
Mick HanneyFeb 23 2011, 3:17pmIf you've ran your complement of winter league races so far you might consider volunteering for the Maulin race. I'm particularly looking for non-running volunteers to include a laptop operator. Thanks.
Gerry BradyFeb 25 2011, 6:42pmWas thinking of adding on an extra 500m to the Maulin course. The extra bit would be on the way back to the car park after ride rock t obreak up the long forest path run for home.

Turn left up the Powerscourt ride until you come to the first forest road. Take a right turn and run along this road for around 500m. Take a right turn down a grassy descent with a dry gully on your left. This descent joins the Wicklow Way around 300m from the finish. This gully is used in the European trial on June18th, see

If amyone is doing a recce over the weekend can they take this option and give some feedback on whether it adds to the course or is unnecessary.
mick hanneyFeb 26 2011, 3:41pmAny volunteers please to help?
Mick HanneyFeb 28 2011, 9:57amThanks for the volunteers so far. Could do with 2 or 3 more please?

Gerry has loaded a new map & elevation chart which includes the addition to the route in the closing stages.
Michael DonlonFeb 28 2011, 8:42pmHi was thinking of entering this race but can't find directions of race start/registration-will be coming from north county dublin if anyone does need a lift. So if anyone can post directions that would be great. Thanks..
Mick HanneyFeb 28 2011, 8:58pmDirections from N11: Take turn off N11 motorway at Kilmacanogue (towards Roundwood). Take right turn after 800m for Waterfall. The car park is around 800m beyond the waterfall entrance.

Ideally people should arrange to carpool from the Powerscourt Arms hotel in Enniskerry as parking is liable to be at a premium on a Saturday up in Crone wood.
Mick HanneyFeb 28 2011, 9:26pmGerard, I don't have your email address. Can you pop me an email at mickhanney at so I can include you on an email to the volunteers before Saturday.

2 more non-running volunteers would be ideal, please.
Donal TroddynFeb 28 2011, 9:27pmMichael: is the car park on Google Maps.

Mick: I can volunteer as a running volunteer, if that helps.
Mick HanneyFeb 28 2011, 10:37pmThanks Donal, please pop me an email and I'll send you on details in advance.
Donal TroddynFeb 28 2011, 10:58pmI've signed upon the Event page. I don't know your e-mail address, but mine is
Brian O'MurchuMar 1 2011, 11:31amHi Michael Donlon, if you are coming my way I would be delighted to get a lift -there is no carpool options on the event yet.I live in Killester/Clontarf, else I could meet you in town? My e-mail is
Mick HanneyMar 1 2011, 11:36amThanks Donal.

Anyone with myimra access can add their car to the carpool. If you can please do so to reduce the parking need at Crone wood. If you have ran an imra race and you can ask someone to invite you onto myimra, they'll just need your mobile no.

Thanks for the volunteers so far. A demarker and marshall still required for Saturday.
diarmuid O'colmainMar 1 2011, 12:11pmMick
I can demark
Turlough ConwayMar 1 2011, 12:44pmFrom North City centre: 3 places-now on car pool
Conor BranganMar 1 2011, 12:54pmI don't mind marshalling and de-marking on the way back if you can find another non-running volunteer Mick, as long as I can find the right spot to stand in!
Mick HanneyMar 1 2011, 4:14pmThanks, I have all the volunteers I need. Gerard I don't have your email address? Can you be there to assist before the race from c. 9.30am
Gerard CunninghamMar 1 2011, 4:45pmHi Mick - I will be there for 09.30 my email address is gerrycunningham123 at gmail dot com. If anyone wants an early lift from Dundrum / Balally / Sandyford they can book via the car pool (please note that I will be leaving at 09.00am)
David hobbsMar 1 2011, 8:37pm Cafe2u Mobile ,Will Set Up for 2hrs with great coffee, cold drinks & snacks available, Any requests ???
Mick HanneyMar 2 2011, 9:38amThanks David. Can I ask you please not to park too close towards the barrier into the forest as we'll need that area for administration and mustering people at the start & end.
Fiona QuestionMar 3 2011, 2:01pmWould it be safe to cycle and leave a bike at the start for the race do you think?
Kevin O'RiordanMar 3 2011, 2:18pmShouldn't be a problem. People often lock their bikes up near the Wicklow way sign and there'll be event officials hovering about the start who can keep an eye on it for you.

Turlough ConwayMar 3 2011, 5:33pmFolks

Lets have plenty of reports for this race. Reports are a great way to memorize a race. People love mulling over results and reading reports in the few days after a race. Also it provides people preparing for the race in future to get an idea of the course or to jog their memories a bit.
For people who dont write descriptively on a day to day basis it also provides an oppurtunity to use all the gifts and skills gained through years of compositions and essays at school. Its all good..... La amhain samhain, bhi me ag rothai.....

Mick HanneyMar 3 2011, 9:55pmI've a few of the new East West maps for East Wicklow for spot prizes for this race.

Again, please carpool from Enniskerry if possible.
Ken CowleyMar 4 2011, 7:21amThere is a good detailed explanation of the route, but following it, I got a bit 'lost' trying to see how it arrives at the top.
Do we essentially, come over the back of Maulin, or along from the wall/heather (as in the Powerscourt Ridge race), with a view to running straight down the near side, as if to run all the way down to the river towards Djouce?
Does that make sense?!


Mick HanneyMar 4 2011, 8:57amKen, Gerry can probably comment on your specific question. The route will be fully marked so there will be no confusion in any event.
Gerry BradyMar 4 2011, 9:20amKen, at the top of the steep grass climb you turn right and that brings you onto the Tonduff side of Maulin. When you reach the top of Maulin, you turn left and come down the wall/heather that the Powerscourt race goes up.
Good trail shoes are advised for the less confident as the grass climb is a little slippy and a few of the descents are rough enough.
Ken CowleyMar 4 2011, 11:56amgreat, thanks for that.
Diarmuid O'ColmainMar 4 2011, 5:44pmI just love the understated comment from Gerry!
"Good trail shoes are advised for the less confident as the grass climb is a little slippy and a few of the descents are rough enough"

Actually the climb up the grassy bank is practically vertical and the climbs up the ride are savage; not tho speak of a couple of the descents that would put the fear of God into a mountain-goat - nobody will be complaining about this being a 'Trail Race'!

Needless to say, all in a day's work for an IMRA member - a great route Gerry, although I won't be thinking that soon after 11.00 tomorrow morning, as my lungs, heart and muscles struggle mightily, and I am thinking I could be out playing a nice civilised game of golf.
fiona christianMar 4 2011, 6:54pmI'm driving from Blackrock, i've a couple spare seats if you're out this way 0871501997
Rene BorgMar 5 2011, 2:28pmTEAM RESULTS

1. Rathfarnham WSAF 12 (1 Peter O'Farrell, 4 John Brennan, 7 Turlough Conway)
2. Boards AC 67 (13 John O'Neill, 24 Odhran Hendley, 30 John Langenbach)
3. UCD 70 (5 Zoran Skrba, 6 Tim Grummell, 59 Stuart Scott)
4. Crusaders AC 182 (58 Ken Cowley, 60 Diarmud O'Colmain, 64 Tony Berkery)

1. Crusaders AC 25 (4 Susan Seager, 10 Ailsa Berkeley, 11 Mary Collins)
Rene BorgMar 5 2011, 2:29pmTeam results are up.

Note Ailsa Berkeley has been accidentally setup as "male" in the system.
Mick HanneyMar 5 2011, 3:32pmThanks volunteers for helping us stage a great race today at Crone wood. Congrats to Peter and Karen, respective race winners. Now.. get your race reports in. We want to read about it.
Mick HanneyMar 5 2011, 3:38pmWinter League is now over.

Peter O'Farrell, David Power and Zoran Skrba. 1, 2, 3 respectively in the mens.
Suzanne Kenny, Karen O'Hanlon and Maeve O'Grady 1, 2, 3 respectively in the ladies

Full details here, for other category winners etc. :
turlough conwayMar 6 2011, 11:19amHi Rene,

Just a heads up for team results|: David Power was running for Rathfarnham but not on system. He was second scorer yesterday.
Rene BorgMar 6 2011, 12:55pmThanks Turlough, that's now corrected in the results.
David PowerMar 7 2011, 9:08amGreat race - thanks to Peter and Des for giving me a shout when I missed the right turn for the 2nd climb. My own fault for not seeing turn but I thought it would be a bit more obvious (as I don't know course)! Again made mistake on last turn onto Wicklow Way - assumed right turn for no reason :-) Great finish with Des, pity I couldn't have held on.
Mick HanneyMar 7 2011, 1:24pmNice race reports guys, thanks. Any aspiring lady report writers out there?
Rene BorgMar 9 2011, 5:34pmOur MST coverage is now up: