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Mick HanneyJan 7 2010, 11:53amA new map and elevation graph has been uploaded for Annacurra. Slightly longer and more climb than the route used last year. It should have something for everyone.
Mick HanneyJan 23 2010, 5:51pmVolunteers wanted to help with the Annacurra event in 2 weeks time please. Add your details using myimra or mail me directly mickhanney at ireland dot com.

Specifically the help needed includes: general helpers (inc. someone to act as a marshall out on the route), a first aider, and someone to help the laptop person. And a demarker.

Non running volunteers particularly welcome.

If you can't help at this event try to help at one of the other winter league races. Thanks.
Diarmuid O'colmainJan 23 2010, 9:10pmHi Mick,
I took it that my duties in marking the route include demarking, so don't worry about this. Well and good if someone volunteers, but no problem for me to demark.
Mick HanneyJan 25 2010, 9:19amThanks Diarmuid. We'll have someone to assist you demarking to half the job.
Mick HanneyJan 25 2010, 10:30amGETTING THERE
Annacurra is about 2 miles south of Aughrim Co. Wicklow. Coming from Dublin take the N11 exit for Rathnew and turn right at the roundabout direction Rathdrum (R752). From Rathdrum you follow the R753 for Aughrim. Through Aughrim staying on the main road you follow the R747 direction Tinahely. Annacurra is the first village you meet on your right. As a guide for travel, it takes circa 45 mins to get from Loughlinstown roundabout to Aughrim, so please leave in plenty of time for the journey. If you arrive late for registration we can’t register you in the race.

Race registration will be conducted in the community hall in Annacurra village.

There is no need to register if you’ve just run the 1st race of the season in Ticknock. In that case you pay the race only fee and your race number should be on file (assuming you returned it after the Ticknock race).

If you ran an IMRA race before, the laptop operator will print off a registration form with your details for you to sign.

If you have never ran an IMRA race before please print off the membership form from the website and come along with it pre-filled.

The membership form can be downloaded from the IMRA homepage

The annual registration fee is €10 and race fee is €7 (a total of €17 if this is your first IMRA race or first race in 2010).

For OAPs, students and unemployed the annual registration fee is €5 and race fee is €4 (Total of €9).

Please bring exact change.

Registration will be open from 9:40am The registration queue closes at 10:40am sharp on Saturday to allow volunteers to complete registration data inputting before the race. The start of the race is just 2 mins from the hall.

If this is your first time to attend an IMRA race, please refer to our Beginners section which answers many questions:

There is a large car park beside the church in Annacurra. Car parking also beside community hall.

Wear your race number on the front of your top where it is clearly visible.

In the race follow arrows and streamers of tape, do not cross lines of tape at junctions. Lines of tape are barriers. Streamers and arrows are indicators. Runners in front of you may be taking you the wrong way. Keep your head up at all times.

Should you not see any tape at a junction you have gone wrong and should turn back to the last place you saw tape. All race junctions will have tape. Should you retire for any reason you MUST inform the finish officials. This is most important.

If you meet runners coming the other way (as the out and back route of this course is shared in places), the descending runner has priority.

At the finish please return your race number, it is a yearly number and will be issued back to you at your next race. The IMRA mobile phone number is on the number.

A short part of the race is along a public road so keep your eye out for traffic. Think safety first.

A sign will be out on the route for the Junior race turn. Juniors will turn here and return along the path they’ve run up.

There is a pub in Annacurra village called the Saltee. Prize giving will be done here.

More details in due course…

There are 4 distinct phases of the Annacurra route.
1. The first 3 to 4k will gain you height of c. 375m. About half of that climb is done on forest trail/fire road and the other half on a rougher and narrower track, with a bit of single track thrown in for good measure. Where this levels out near the top its quite muddy so be prepared to get your feet wet. Caution: About 100m of the initial section is along a public tarmac road
2. At the trail crossroads at the top of the hill you hang right and over the next 2k you lose c. 100m on a fast fireroad descent.
3. The next 1.5k or so you need to regain that lost 100m, on steeper and rougher ground some of which is recently felled forest so tread carefully. Trail is soft clay for the most part and there could be pools of water across the track to run through. Unless the temperature drops in which case there could be icy pools!
4. You run through the trail cross roads you met before so the last 3 to 4k are the reverse of 1. A series of descents, some very fast (!) on a combination of trail (both rough and even), fire road, single track and more trail before you emerge at the finish in Annacurra church car park.

Total distance is c. 10.5k

Trail shoes are recommended if you have them. You might get away with road runners but you are more liable to slip on grassy/muddy sections.
Mick HanneyJan 26 2010, 3:44pmSome more volunteers needed for Annacurra please, preferably non running. Use myimra to log your interest or email me directly at mickhanney at ireland dot com.
Mick HanneyJan 27 2010, 9:38am
I intend doing a recce of the Annacurra race route this coming Saturday at 11am. Pace will be easy. Meet at church car park. If you are interested please email: mickhanney at ireland dot com
Eoin BradyJan 28 2010, 4:45pmHi. I cycled out to Ticknock, but I think this might be a bridge too far! I'd be really grateful if someone could give me a lift out to this. I'm coming from Clonskeagh, but I'll go anywhere in the city to meet. My number is 0879035525. Thanks.
Paul MitchellJan 28 2010, 5:18pmEoin,

There will be a gang of us going from Bushy Park Terenure and I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze you in - as long as you promise to finish behind me.

Let me know how you're fixed jjpmitchell at gmail

Paul MitchellJan 28 2010, 5:20pmEoin,

Got the address wrong. Should be jppmitchell at gmail

By the way I'm going to the recce and the race. So you can travel with me to either.
jimmy synnottJan 29 2010, 8:40amHi Mick see you Sunday at 10.50am if its not snowing cheers jimmy
Mick HanneyJan 29 2010, 10:43amJimmy - I popped you an email. The recce is tomorrow not Sunday. Cheers, Mick
Mick HanneyJan 29 2010, 2:36pm
We are shaping up well for volunteers for next week's race. Thanks for the commitments so far. Ideally we could do with 1 or 2 more non running volunteers. It might suit people that perhaps can't run due to injury or perhaps have another event on the racing calendar clashing that weekend. Please log your interest through myimra or via email to me at mickhanney at ireland dot com. Thanks.
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2010, 11:47amEchoing a point from a previous post.. please allow enough time for your journey so you are in good time for registration. Take note of the directions and plan your journey. The race director will be busy enough without having to take calls to give directions :-)

Post-race, doubtless they'll be rugby followers out there, the Ireland-Italy match kicks off at 2.30 The Saltee bar shows live sport so you could enjoy the match there if you wish.
Mick HanneyFeb 4 2010, 9:58amThanks to the volunteers for making themselves available for the running of this race. Can I ask everyone attending to read the event description and the forum history. You should find everything you need to know. The forecast for Saturday, so far, is dry. However, after the rain this week some of the trails will be mucky so I'd advise you to wear trail shoes if you have them.

If you are new to imra you can print off the form for 2010 (see form link below) and fill that in in advance. Please try to bring exact change to help with the registration process.

While there is car parking at the event I'd encourage people to carpool if you can.
Deirdre LyonsFeb 4 2010, 3:00pmHi there

I'm thinking of doing the Annacurra run on Saturday as my first mountain race. I am reasonably fit and could run a slow 10k without too much difficulty, although I have never done any mountain running and only have regular road runners for the moment.

Do you think it would be feasible to do the run on Saturday? Is there anything else I'd need to know beyond what's been posted above and on the beginners section of the website?

Thanks a mill

Mick HanneyFeb 4 2010, 3:24pmHi Deirdre,
Imra events are very welcoming for new entrants. All ages and levels of ability are catered for. You can register before the race and that stands for the year. Hope to see you at the start line.
Deirdre LyonsFeb 4 2010, 5:48pmThanks Mick - see you then hopefully!
Paul sharrocksFeb 4 2010, 6:50pmIf anyone could offer me a lift from anywhere in central Dublin for Saturday I'd be really grateful - and pay petrol! Live at Grand Canal Dock but can head elsewhere to meet.
Many thanks
Kevin O'RiordanFeb 4 2010, 7:40pmHi Paul. I can pick you up from Connolly luas before 8am. Can't make it any later I'm afraid as I have the laptop needed for registration so have to be down there early.

Paul MorrisseyFeb 5 2010, 2:28pmHey Paul, will be going from ranelagh at around 9, give us a shout if u still need a lift... Oh86 15o8446
Cormac MacDonnellFeb 5 2010, 4:54pmIf anyone else is looking for a lift , I`m leaving from pearce street / city centre at 9.15 and intend being back in in the city in time for the match ! details are up on the carpool ! Cheers Cormac
Jane PorterFeb 5 2010, 5:15pmJust a note to say that Graham and I are available to help (not running) in Annacurra tomorrow. A couple of Slaney Olympic runners are coming up to the race.
Mick HanneyFeb 5 2010, 5:48pmThanks Jane - always good to have ye along. All the jobs are divvied out for the moment but its good to have others to fall back on just in case. Go Slaneysiders :-)
Dena HoganFeb 6 2010, 1:47pmHi Guys, If anyone came across a blue top and blue and grey running gloves left at the finish of the race could they let me know,


Richard NunanFeb 6 2010, 4:49pmWell Done and thanks to Billy, Mick and all the volunteers on a great race today at Annacurra. No snow like last year, but another great route all the same.

Great turnout (172) again with lots of new faces.
Mick HanneyFeb 6 2010, 5:16pmAnnacurra Lost and Found:

Dena - this might include your stuff. I'll bring to next race or email me at mickhanney at ireland dot com for delivery to rightful owner.

Small size, blue long sleeve top, Blacksod Point Challenge 2009
Small size, Nike blue gloves
No size, Berghaus black hat
Large size, Red Mango jacket
Mick HanneyFeb 6 2010, 5:25pmThanks to Billy, Jimmy, Brendan, Diarmuid, Zoran, Kevin, Dermot, Jane, Graham, Isabelle, Paul, John, Aidan and Richard for your help today. Without volunteer help these events cannot happen.

Thanks to the Saltee pub in Annacurra for the post-race hospitality.

170+ runners for a winter league race. Wow.
Paul MitchellFeb 6 2010, 5:54pmThanks to Mick and crew on a very enjoyable, tough, fair race today.

Last year we didn't come because we thought it was too far to drive. This year is was all smiles on a beautiful day and definitely well worth the trek from Dublin.
Dena HoganFeb 6 2010, 7:25pmMick, that's my stuff alright, the black sod top and gloves, i'll give you a email, Tom is wanted to do a run on the course in the next week or that, so if your around i'll get them off you then, thanks, well done today really enjoyable.
Mick HanneyFeb 7 2010, 5:02pmPhotos all tagged :-)

Any creative souls want to contribute a race report? It would be good to get a view from someone new to imra as well as someone near the top?
Jane PorterFeb 8 2010, 5:13pmWell done Mick on yet another wonderful race. Lots of tired but very happy runners crossing the finishline. What a great location with a hall for registration and more importantly a fine pub so close at hand. Organisation top class as usual.
No wonder so many people made the journey south. Hopefully we will see lots of them at our 3 trail races in the Spring and more importantly at Mt Leinster in July. Even though it is a championship race the course is partly marked and is easy to follow without having any particular navigation skills and the hospitality in The Holy Grail in Ballindaggan is great afterwards!
Luke KennyFeb 8 2010, 10:26pmJust put my perspective on the race up in response to Mick's request. Not sure if it'll make much sense to anybody but hope you enjoy reading it. Really enjoying the challenge of the races so hopefully will get to meet more of you over the rest of the Winter League
Mick HanneyFeb 8 2010, 10:37pmNice report Luke. Great to see the enjoyment shining through.