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Paul JoyceJan 20 2010, 1:11pmI volunteered as a non-running helper, but am available to mark/demark in case its needed.
Zoran SkrbaJan 20 2010, 3:37pmJust looking at the route.... Kellystown forest has been cut recently, so I am not sure how passable the route from WW (kilmashouge top) to ticknock car park is.
henny brandsmaJan 21 2010, 11:10amhi all, just to answer Zoran's qeustion about sunday's course ,as i am marking this course and ran over course for inspection,came to the same conclusion as Zoran,and made some small alteration's to the last part of race.
From the point were course meets the Wicklow way follow the track till it meets the maintrack,then turn right and after a vieuw hundred meters near the wooden log's at left hand sight,course will go down into Kelly's Woods,underfooting is a bit tricky but runneble and will meet up again with the old course.
I could do with some help marking the course as its long,please contact me ..on my mobile at 087-7604825,.
Peter O'FarrellJan 22 2010, 12:13amWith thanks to Caroline..


At registration on Sunday, everyone will have to pay the 2010 registration fee and race fee:

The annual registration fee is €10 and race fee is €7 (Total of €17).

For OAPs, students and unemployed the annual registration fee is €5 and race fee is €4 (Total of €9).

The membership form can be downloaded from the IMRA homepage

There is always a queue at the first race each year, so it will help if you could arrive early with your registration form completed and have the exact money with you.


Taylor's 3 rock have kindly offered to open up a room for registration which will open at 9.40am.
The registration queue closes at 10:30am sharp on Sunday to allow volunteers to complete registration data inputting before the race. The start of the race is NOT at registration.

If this is your first time to attend an IMRA race, please refer to our Beginners section which answers many questions:


All IMRA race related cars must park inside the grounds of Ticknock forest and NOT on the road outside. This is a safety concern for residents further up the road.
All IMRA race related cars should endeavour to carpool and arrive full of eager runners.

More information to follow..
Peter O'FarrellJan 22 2010, 12:14amSunday's will be slightly different to the one shown on the google map due to felling and the possibilty of some residual ice. Everyone gets a PB :)

We have enough running volunteers, no more running volunteers are required at this event. Non-running volunteers are always appreciated though.

There are up-coming races that will require volunteers.

Everyone's registration will be processed through the laptop, there is no need to bring a completed registration form unless you are have never ever before ran an IMRA race.

The time that registration will open has yet to be confirmed.

More to follow so..
Peter O'FarrellJan 22 2010, 12:14amHi,

Registration will be from 9.20am to 10.30am at Taylor's 3 Rock with additional parking available at Marlay Park.

Sign-on will close sharp at 10.30am. A volunteer has been nominated to give the bad news to those who arrive after this time. The understanding, sympathetic but yet unyielding visage is already being practiced in front of the mirror.

Please don't traumatise this volunteer and instead please come early...


In the race follow arrows and streamers of tape, do not cross lines of tape at junctions. Lines of tape are barriers. Streamers and arrows are indicators. Runners in front of you may be taking you the wrong way. Keep your head up :)

Should you not see any tape at a junction you have gone wrong and should turn back to the last place you saw tape. All race junctions will have tape.
Should you retire for any reason you MUST inform the finish officials.

At the finish please return your number, it is a yearly number and will be issued back to you at your next race. The IMRA mobile phone number is on the number.
Thomas McLoughlinJan 23 2010, 10:18amGuys, looking for a lift, I'll be heading from city centre but can make it to wherever is convenient for pick-up. Cheers, Tom. (mobile is 087-9232192)
Paul LarkinsJan 23 2010, 1:40pmHi, I'm in the same boat as Tom, if there is anyone who has space for a lift I would appreciate it otherwise bus 16 it is!!! Paul 0897231581
Niamh KissaneJan 23 2010, 7:21pmHi, I will be driving from pearse street in the morning if you both would like a lift, thats if you havent found one already. Mobile 0877957656.
Paul O'ConnellJan 24 2010, 5:18pmHi. Just wanted to thank Peter and all the IMRA team and volunteers for a great race today. P
Mick HanneyJan 24 2010, 9:18pm+1 to that. Kudos too for John again for some great photos which captured the essence of today's race. Bet people didn't expect snow!
cormac o ceallaighJan 25 2010, 8:12amwell done Peter and team, excellent race , so well organised, the route is the best one to date i have run for this race, very little room for error in terms of getting lost!, great long desent at the start and finish.
Brian O'DwyerJan 25 2010, 11:21amJust wanted to say 'thanks' to Peter and all involved for a great day on Sunday. It was my first IMRA race and I really enjoyed the whole thing...I'll be back for more!! Great organisation and a great vibe on the course.

Mick HanneyJan 25 2010, 11:00pmAny creative souls want to do a race report? Logon through myimra and write away...
Mick HanneyJan 29 2010, 8:20pm1. A couple of race reports have been added. Check them out, add your own if you wish...

2. A couple of race prizes were unclaimed. If you ask at registration at your next race we'll sort you out. Please don't leave it too long as we can't hold vouchers indefinitely.

3. The 1st 3 men home from UCD are due a prize for Ticknock too. Again please ask at registration next time around.