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Alan DugganJul 3 2009, 10:32amLads, any directions to this?
Jim FitzharrisJul 3 2009, 11:58amAlan,

The quickest thing to do is to look at the same race in the 2008 events calendar and there several maps, including a general one to show the location of the race.

NB: I think there will be a revised route this year so do not go by the map for last year's race.


Jim FitzharrisJul 3 2009, 12:06pmHi all,

I am race director for Ballinastoe next week and thanks to all who have volunteered so far. The new system is really great that way.

I still need a few more volunteers, especially of the non-running variety. Please contact me directly at jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com or by text to 0 eight 6-8 zero 90 five 25.



Jim FitzharrisJul 3 2009, 4:58pmHi all,

A number of people have kindly volunteered for Ballinastoe but I need their email addresses, if possible. They are:-

Zoran Skrba
Aisling Renshaw
Colm Kennedy
Shane O'Rourke
Vivian O'Gorman

Could you please contact me directly via email to jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com or via text to 0 eight 6-80 nine 05 two five.

Thanks & regards,

mikey fryJul 3 2009, 10:39pmhi jim mikey here can help at ballinastoe ...i would like to run if thats ok thanks
mikey fryJul 4 2009, 9:29pmjust checking if i can run this race please jim its saying no at the moment...thanks a mill mikey
Jim FitzharrisJul 6 2009, 10:03amHi all,

We badly need a NON-running first aid volunteeer for Ballinastoe. If you are able to help out, please contact me directly at jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com or via text to 0eight6-8zero90five25.


Jim FitzharrisJul 6 2009, 10:21amMikey,

I have switched you to a running volunteer.


Mick HanneyJul 6 2009, 3:33pmHi,

Has the route been confirmed? Will there be an updated map put up? It won't be the same if there isn't some wading through the river!


Stuart ScottJul 7 2009, 11:29pmHi all,

Anyone know what the terrain is like in Ballinastoe at the moment? Is it as nice and mucky as last year? :-)

Jim FitzharrisJul 8 2009, 10:42amHi all,

We are OK for running volunteers for tonight but we could still use some non-running volunteers. You will get some exercise because we need marshals! If you are planning on going tonight and you already have your complement of 7 LL races under your belt, think about stepping into the breach!

At this late stage, please contact me directly via email at jim (dot) fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa (dot) com or by text to 0 eight 6-8 zero 90 five 25.



Jim FitzharrisJul 8 2009, 10:48amHi all,

I forgot to mention that I have added organiser's instructions under the event details for this race. These includes advice on car parking, early starting and insect repellent (!).

Given that this is a long course and the weather being mild, please note that you should bring adequate water or other drinks for post-race hydration. For those new to the scene, it has long been standard practice NOT to supply water at the end of the race. If you do see a large bottle of water at the finish, it is solely for first aid purposes and if you touch this without just cause, I can assure you that you will need first aid!!



Jim FitzharrisJul 8 2009, 2:16pmHi all,

Final briefing:-

I have added directions for getting to the start of this race from both Kilmacanogue and Enniskerry in Event Details.

Also, someone who did a recce of the route tells me that it is VERY boggy so be warned! Do not bring your best bib & tucker for this race!

See you later,



Brían O'MearaJul 8 2009, 4:41pmRunning wellies it is then.....
Dermot MurphyJul 9 2009, 9:11amMany thanks to Jim and his helpers for putting on last nights race. A great job in marking the course by Hugh (although I hear a few people went wrong - always seems to happen at this race) and he even made it a bit easier than previous years, by adding a large chunk of fireroad. If only we could get rid of those damn flies for next year...
Melanie WalshJul 9 2009, 10:54amCan whoever did up the results have a look at my time. I am runner 255 and STARTED THE RACE EARLY, along with 5 others, 2 guys and 2 girls. AT 7:15pm. I am not sure if my time has been adjusted correctly. My stop watch said 1hr 35 mins approx I think I don't have it on me, and forgot to stop it the second I came in! Much as I enjoy being up there amongst the better runners, I am usually nearer the end!! Tks. Melanie.
Brian CarolanJul 9 2009, 11:00amGreat race last night despite being one of the many that got lost and didn't backtrack to the correct route.

When I finished I registered myself as DNF as I wasn't sure if I took a shortcut or longcut (although I now reckon I did an extra km or so). Given the numbers that went the wrong way I'm surprised there are only 3 people noted as DNF.

Jim FitzharrisJul 9 2009, 11:19amHi Brian,

During the race last night, we at the finish line were made aware that a number of people had gone wrong (about 30?) and it was suggested that they should be duly recorded as DNF. This is usually done when the mistake leads to runners taking a short cut thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Last night, this mistake ADDED distance for those affected so that neither the overall leaders nor the age category winners were adversely affected. I discussed this with Turlough and we both felt that the relevant runners should be recorded as proper finishers with their longer (!) times. I would defer to wiser IMRA counsel on the correct procedure to adopt but IMHO, applying DNF to such a large group of people who had run a long and hard race would be draconian.


Rene BorgJul 9 2009, 11:38amClub results for the night and overall league standings are now uploaded to the Ballinastoe results page and overall Leinster League page respectively.
Brian CarolanJul 9 2009, 11:40amHi Jim,

That seems like the right thing to do all considered.

With that in mind could you change my status to having finished in 127th place right behind Marlon Davies please?


Turlough ConwayJul 9 2009, 11:57amHi Brian

youre un-DNFed and in the results now
Mick HanneyJul 9 2009, 12:20pmFair enough Jim. That is by far the most practical and easiest thing to do and I agree with it. I'm not sure though that a longer distance was travelled by those that went astray - although being Ballinastoe people tend to go wrong in different ways despite best efforts on marking (which I thought was first class by the way). Around the 9k mark we went past runners who were in that category - they appeared ahead of me on the trail from a peculiar direction. If they continued the marked route from there to the end they'd have surely travelled a shorter route. No big deal either way.

Thanks Jim and your team of volunteers for a great race. Speaking from a personal perspective more races in and around the 10 to 12k mark would be just dandy.
Melanie WalshJul 9 2009, 12:20pmRene,
Can you see my earlier post today. You have me down on the Setanta Team results but I may have been a few minutes 'slower'! I started early and think my time was adjusted to take into account I started at 7:15 not 7:30 - but the race didn't start at 7:30.... so this is being looked into.
Colm ShevlinJul 9 2009, 2:31pmHi Rene,
I started with one of the early groups at 7:15, my result is recorded as 123:00, I timed myself as 83:00 (1hr 23m), my number is 610. thanks.
Christian McAuleyJul 9 2009, 2:48pmJust to let people know, that one guy who did go wrong had clocked 8.05miles (12.96Km) on his wrist GPS.
Turlough ConwayJul 9 2009, 3:08pmAll running times etc. should be corrected now. Let us know of any more
Melanie WalshJul 9 2009, 7:44pmThanks for correcting my time.
Anthony MaloneJul 9 2009, 10:05pmCheers and well done to the organisers of last nights race. Superb job to all concerned. Also thanks to Zoran for his help and concern at the finish.
Alan AylingJul 10 2009, 8:46pmWell I want the river crossing back. If the trees have grown a bit, IMRA can afford a loppers. Maybe even a bowsaw.

If we have to run down that damnable ride, the least they could give us is a chance to get clean again with a quick splosh through the river.

Otherwise a great race as always, and an entertaining route description from Hugh. Midges weren't that bad - who remembers Djouce Lake Carpark about 3 years ago?!
Mick HanneyJul 10 2009, 8:55pmAgreed :-) If there is ever a route though that penalises the taller people this is it though. Hmm, how do we even the balance on another route.. hurdles that the taller people will find easier perhaps?

Any budding race report writers out there? Its fine to see the club and county stats on each race but a personal heartfelt or funny race report wins each time.
Mick HanneyJul 11 2009, 10:22pmGreat report Paul. The really disturbed amongst us turned up for Glenmacnass today for more madness :-)
Alan AylingJul 13 2009, 9:24amCracking report Paul, like the days of yore when Douglas B used to entertain us with his anecdotes of overtaking manoeuvres on the way to the race!

Up with this sort of thing!