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Mike LongMar 18 2008, 2:23pmFolks

As you have seen entry for these races is now closed. We have a total of 90 entries and have no choice but close based on health and safety issues and matters related to limiting numbers on the Wicklow way. Sorry!

Looking at the entries there are a lots of unfamiliar names. Please be aware course is not marked (except for 2 short sections). Recces strongly recommended. The course is benign on a nice day but in bad weather getting lost is highly possible.

Take care

Mike L
Dermot NolanMar 23 2008, 2:59pmI know 'tis rather late, but I was wondering if there is any chance that further entries might be accepted? I have no particularly good excuse for not having gotten my entry in(save carelessness on my part!) as there was lots of information about the race on the website, but myself and a couple of other IMRA runners would very much like to run.

I accept the organisers are better judges than me of what a safe number of runners is, but we have had larger races which have had signficant parts of the route on the WW. Morever, when I ran this race before, runners seemed to find their own pace and the race split up rapidly, ensuring there were not large groups of people blocking the route for walkers.

In any case, if allowing more runners in is not possible, then fair enough - this was just a final, hopeful entreaty on my part...
Paddy RyanMar 25 2008, 6:33pmI have missed the cut off for the trail, my mistake, didnt realise there was a limit to runners. If anyone can't make it , I would also like to run. Paid up member for 2008.
Mobile 086059 8659.
Paddy Ryan
Mick HanneyMar 26 2008, 3:49pmI'm already registered, thankfully. However, that was more from luck than anything else. It wasn't stated from the outset that there wouldn't be an opportunity to register on the day? The other forum thread was mainly about getting the order in for mugs. It also said that people entering on the day wouldn't get one, but it did leave the door open for registration on the day. Now, belatedly people are told they can't register on the day? I ran the trail race last year along with 70 or so others and we all registered on the day and had a safe race. From the postings here and from talking to friends its clear that people weren't aware of any cutoff for registration? Theres no such cutoff for other imra races? Hopefully wisdom will prevail and experienced runners still looking to enter will be allowed to do so.
William GriffinMar 26 2008, 5:42pmI also was under the impression that it was possible to register on the day.One of the best runs of the year, would hate to miss it.
Lindie NaughtonMar 26 2008, 11:42pmA 22km race in the hills with over 90 entries is not like a normal IMRA race; for the longer ones, only about 30 highly experienced hill runners turn out. The WW 22/44 traditionally had about 40 entries and about four officials; all who ran had to prove their hill running credentials.
This year's flood of entries has completely taken us by surprise. Big problem is finding people to help out on the day.
Any volunteers?