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Phil behanApr 27 2023, 9:09pmHello all. Howth is back in the headlines again. A very quick update on this year’s Howth summer race. This year we will be starting at the quarry on Windgate road and not Deerpark. This is due to access issues and planned works near the clubhouse in June. The good news is that we have the summit pub after, and the even better news (for some) is that we have designed a shorter 8.71kms super fast course with a few less twists and turns and a sprint finish from the mast thrown in for good measure. More details will be announced soon and the route might alter very slightly. For those who think this may be a tad short, unfortunately we are restricted on certain sections we can run in June. The junior course is also a very runnable near 5kms so please encourage any young runners to join the race also. Full details are on the event page and I’ll keep everyone posted here. I’ll need at least 7 Marshalls, laptop operator and first aider so please volunteer if you can to help it all go smoothly. Also please volunteer for any up and coming league races that look a little light on help.

Thanks all for now. Phil
Tim GrummellApr 28 2023, 11:51amThrowing out my opinion, 8k is a plenty long enough! If I remember correctly, the Leinster League use to have a hell of alot more shorter 5 or 6k race, however they were becoming too popular and attracting 300+, so one solution was to make the Leinster League races all longer and tougher ha, and that generally has helped limit numbers! The junior course of 5k is very important to have however it doesn't wildy cater for the older teenagers who want the competition of the full race, however the likes of 11k is just too much for many of them (who all only have one gear, balls out from the gun), so as a result I've had to tell afew of the juniors I'm coaching not to do the wed night LLs. Its a good complaint overall to have, that the LL is a victim of its own success, but perhaps the scope is there to look at a complete overhaul of the Leinster League ha? The alternative wed night runs actually worked well before, what about an alternative wed night novice Leinster League?
Alan AylingApr 28 2023, 1:12pm1. Phil - nice work, sounds great. Quality over quantity where the course is concerned. Length isn't everything <insert Beavis & Butthead snigger here>

2. Tim - some good points made, thanks. Not sure about yet another league though, we kinda have enough on already. Another league would mean more admin, more prizes to be organised etc.
The suggestion of overhauling the LL would be one for next year, but this year's committee will start the process of looking at next year's calendar. As it stands, what makes it into the league is largely governed by permits and availability of parking. It was easier years ago, we sort of just did what worked for us (anyone remember the parking at Sorrel Hill before we had the field? Not so much parking as abandonment). Now we live in the brave new world of regulation, permits and having to be environmentally responsible. As Beavis and Butthead would say, "This sucks" :-)
Phil behanMay 16 2023, 10:47amHi all

I'm short a fair few volunteers for this race. I'm looking for a First Aid, Laptop + Shadow, some help with Reg maybe 2 people (running volunteers acceppted) and at least another 5 people to help Marshall the course. Greatly appreciate any help as only a few weeks to go. Its easy to get to if you're Dublin based on the Northside in particular. If you cannot hep out at Howth please consider the next few races also.

Phil behanToday, 8:16amHi all, thanks again to all who have volunteered for this race. I'm nearly there but could do with 1 or 2 extra helpers to direct people to the carparks and also to the race start. If you do either of these roles you can run the race also.

Thanks again