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Mrs U W GavinMar 15 2022, 1:24pmI’m sorry to be bothering you but I’m wondering when are entries likely to open for above race in June? I’ve just recently become a member an just asking is it likely to be weeks of a few weeks before event,I do keep checking,thank you una
Mrs U W GavinMar 15 2022, 1:26pmSorry I meant great Irish trail run
Joyce BartleySep 15 2022, 6:31pmWhen will entries open for the Powescourt Ridge?
Gareth LittleSep 16 2022, 11:33amHi Joyce, usually about a week or so before the event. Thanks
Brian FureyOct 9 2022, 12:06pmHi,

Powerscourt Ridge is just over 6 weeks away - putting out a call for a few more volunteers - course marshalls/summit marshalls needed and car park marshalls, some people to help with finish line.
Route will not be marked - it is raced mainly on good trails. This is a tough race so if in doubt opt for the short course. Studded runners (ino8vs, salamon, etc) are recommended for grips.

Entries will open shortly

Please check Event Details section for more details on the race:

Clare KeeleyOct 10 2022, 3:38pmHi Brian, I have just put my name forward for volunteer, happy to do Marshal and/or extra First Aid person. Clare
Clare KeeleyOct 10 2022, 3:39pmNot car park marshal!! I would be terrible at that!!
Brian FureyOct 10 2022, 4:21pmThanks Clare - can have you marshall the short course turn back point which is at top of descent down to Dargle river/junction with WW.
Johan van der MerweOct 10 2022, 8:00pmWhat distance is the short route?
Brian FureyOct 10 2022, 9:17pmShort course is approx. 6 to 7 kms. No more than that.
Brian FureyOct 10 2022, 9:34pmLong route: 15.38km 883m

Short route: 7.78km 411m

Routes as above in links above unless there is a change due to tree down etc. Will update if there is.
Sean ForsythOct 28 2022, 12:54pmHi Brian,

My apologies but due to circumstances I will not be able to volunteer for this event.

Hopefully some on can stand in as laptop operator for this event.

Brian FureyOct 29 2022, 3:12pmSean that's no worries.

I could do with a few more non running volunteers to help. Some for course marshalling. Also a few running volunteers who could help with car park marshalling at the start but could still get to run the race.
Mark McInerneyOct 29 2022, 7:22pmHi Brian.

I could help with carpark and then do the run.
Brian FureyOct 30 2022, 12:15amPerfect Mark I'll pencil you in for that role.
Brian FureyOct 30 2022, 9:55amNeed a laptop operator or shadow operator as well. Miriam has kindly offered to help but cant do it all as she needs to prep for AGM so someone to shadow Miriam on that role would be good.
Need 1 or 2 course marshals, 1 or 2 more to help at the finish and 1 or 2 more who wants to run but can do car park marshall before the start
Seán ByrneOct 30 2022, 3:53pmHi I'm new to this but am thinking of running the Powerscourt Ridge.
I did the 15.5km Glendalough trail run this month in a time of 1 hr 32 min. Would this course be quite similar or very challenging ?


Sarah BradyOct 31 2022, 12:46pmSeán, it's more challenging than the usual trail run of this distance, two fairly big climbs, but you should be grand. The terrain isn't too bad and it is a fantastic race, one of the best on the calendar! Might just take a bit longer than the Glendalough one but there will be a broad range of abilities taking part so I'd say go for it!
Brian FureyNov 1 2022, 1:06pmFor anyone new.. you also need to register for the rest of year. There should be option to buy membership for 3 euro in the online shop. It's a reduced rate as it's late in the year. Also you will have to purchase race entry online if you don't have any voucher card. Entries wil open online a week before the race as per usual for short races.

It is mandatory to carry waterproof jacket for the race. Either wearing it or carry it on you for safety purposes.

There will be Marshalls on the course at major turning points.

Brian FureyNov 1 2022, 5:13pmAll .. Thanks to Miriam who will do the laptop operator role on the day

If anyone would like to learn the laptop role please put yourself down as Shadow laptop operator , Miriam has said she will show that person the ropes on the laptop role on the day

Brendan LawlorNov 8 2022, 3:09pmHi

Is the Prize Giving location (Royal Hotel in Bray) correct for this race ? And if so is that the location for the AGM as well ?
Brian FureyNov 8 2022, 4:58pmHi Brendan it is indeed. It will be the location of prize giving (spot prizes) plus AGM afterwards. Further details in the event tab. Lilian sad Richard are mainly coordinating the afters. There will be hot food and tea/coffee for all that make it to the Royal Hotel.
Conor NolanNov 10 2022, 5:54pmHi Brian. The narrow trail from the stile at the top of the ride to the wall which leads up to Maulin summit is _very_ overgrown. It's quite hazardous now as you can't see where your feet are landing. If appropriate I'd be happy to give it a bit of a trim. Or if you already had a plan I'd be happy to join in.
Justin ReaNov 10 2022, 10:02pmRather than going the whole way up the ride to the style. How about turning right onto the Maulin Access Route and then rejoining the path that leads to the wall by cutting through after the zig-zags. If you know where I mean ;) I think this is the normal descent route on the Maulin Winter race.
Brian FureyNov 10 2022, 11:03pm,@Conor yes I'm aware of that as was out on it last Monday week. Email me on if you want to give me a hand. That would be great.

@Justin ... thanks but not changing the route now as marshaling plans have been drawn up. I do quite like the classic route anyways.
Brian FureyNov 12 2022, 1:12pmConor and I did a bit of clearing on the course. Should be fine now. Recommended to wear trail runners on the day as per usual.
Brian FureyNov 14 2022, 8:12pmI have enough volunteers for this race. Thanks
Brian FureyNov 17 2022, 10:21amEntries are open now in the online shop for powerscourt ridge
Brian FureyNov 20 2022, 6:47pmOutline of the courses:

Long Course:

Short Course:
Ashleigh Byrne O BrienNov 21 2022, 3:03pmHi all

As route is not marked, are nav skills needed? Thank you
Andrew HanneyNov 21 2022, 3:25pmHi Ashleigh, it all depends on the conditions on the day. If its clear you'll likely see runners around you and where they are going, there have been occasions where Djouce is covered in fog so in that case you would need to either be with someone, have familiarity of the route or nav skills.
Ashleigh Byrne O BrienNov 21 2022, 3:31pmThank you Andrew

If I download the map as per earlier message, and put it on my watch that should work shouldn’t it?
Mark McInerneyNov 21 2022, 4:11pmDefinitely upload a GPX on your watch if it is designed for that. But never rely on them fully. Touch base if you need a hand doing it.
Markie Does Trails on insta, you can send me message.
Stuart ScottNov 21 2022, 4:15pmHi Ashleigh. Normally I'd always recommend carrying a printed map and compass as you can never rely on phones or watches in the mountains. But for Powerscourt, if you take a look at the course beforehand and have the map on your watch (and know how to use it) then you should be grand. It's basically a steep climb up Maulin, then a left down to the Dargle, then a steep climb up the Wicklow Way all the way to the summit of Djouce. After that, veer left and descend until you hit the Wicklow Way again. Then turn left and follow the Wicklow Way all the way home. If you remember the key junctions then you should be fine. Better yet, if you have a print out of the map, then glance at it on the uphills and use this to hone your nav skills for times when you will need them! Hope this helps.
Brian FureyNov 21 2022, 6:10pmStuarts description of the course is really good there.

If you can look at the map provided and have a picture of the course in your mind - it would help

I have added maps - with the route marked on it here (possibly best viewed on a phone as you can zoom in on it:

Long Course:

Short Course:

We have a total of 8 marshals on the course - summit marshall on Maulin and Djouce. There will be a further 6 marshals at the major junctions on the course to help you along.
We have 3 marshals early on the course to help guide you up the maulin ride and onto Maulin. We will add some markers to show the way up to Maulin along the wall.
Coming off Maulin we have one marshall at the junction once you get down to the wall. Further on - Clare Keeley will turn short course runners back on to the Wicklow Way and home

Long course runners continue down to the Dargle river bridge crossing and up to summit of Djouce. Karol will guide you to the right and once you drop down the shoulder - Brendan Delaney will turn you to your left and onto Wicklow way again.

From where you meet marshal Brendan Delaney you follow the Wicklow way all the way back to Crone wood car park so its way marked.

Lillian DeeganNov 22 2022, 4:10pmHi all,

I’m reposting special messages from Laura on here and asking might two people mind offering me a hand on race morning to pass the items about - thanks.

Laura’s two messages are as follows:

Laura Flynn Nov 8 2022, 11:10am Thanks Lillian. It’s also that time of year when we acknowledge the great work done by all of you who took on the challenge of Race Director during the year. We had an excellent response to our training evening and a fair few first-timers stepping up as a result.. As a thank-you to all RDs and also to a number of other exceptional volunteers we will be giving out specially -commissioned IMRA hoodies at Powerscourt and the AGM.

Laura Flynn Nov 8 2022, 11:14am The end of year prize this year is a Salomon pulse running belt. These will be given to members who completed 10 races during the year and also, crucially, a minimum of 2 non-running volunteer stints.
We will also be distributing these at the Powerscourt race and AGM.
Joseph BoyleNov 22 2022, 4:53pmLillian, I can help out.
Brendan LawlorNov 22 2022, 5:02pmHi Lillian, I can give you a hand too

Well done to you, Laura and the committee on these end of year goodies
Richard FoxNov 22 2022, 5:04pmHappy to help.
Lillian DeeganNov 23 2022, 6:12pmThanks a lot for the swift uptake on my ask Joe, Brendan and Richard. I’ll be in touch with ye ahead of Saturday.
Brian FureyNov 24 2022, 3:45pmHey All,

can everyone make sure to car share where possible. Space is limited in Crone wood so if possible try to car share with others in your area.
It could delay start if we are trying to pack all cars into that carpark.

Two options are:
there is a public car park in Enniskerry now - people could meet there and car pool from there.
could car pool from Plucks in Kilmacanogue

Brian FureyNov 24 2022, 6:13pmFew other last minute points

Bring your timing chip if you have one as the race will be chip timed.

If you don't have a chip or number you will be given both of these at registration.

Bring a water proof jacket as that is mandatory kit. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Car pool as there isn't space for 150 Cars in Crone Wood

You can bring extra kit as well such as gloves hat water etc.
Henny BrandsmaNov 25 2022, 12:43pmHi Brian/Lillian, if I can be to any help to you tomorrow morning, either with carparking, registration/finish line or helping handing out end of league prices, you can just ad me to list of volunteers. Regards Henny.
Brian FureyNov 25 2022, 4:32pmAdded you there Henny. Will need you for registration and results
Liam VinesNov 25 2022, 5:35pmRemember everyone it’s the WW all the way back to Crone no taking the shortcuts nor running on the wrong side of the wall.. Just saying….
Run as fast as you can have fun and be safe…
Brian FureyNov 25 2022, 6:34pmHi,

Race registration is opening at 09:15 and will close at 10:15.

Early start is 10.00 am. Main race is at 10.30

Bring your CHIP and race number if you are existing member as quite few new joiners so replacements will be short.

Please car pool and give extra 20-30 mins to get registered etc due to numbers.

Robbie WilliamsNov 25 2022, 6:35pmBrian does the short course start same time ?
Robbie WilliamsNov 25 2022, 6:36pmSorry just read it is
Stephen LoughnaneNov 25 2022, 6:37pmFirst timer here (to any kind of trail racing) so excuse the questions if they are silly. I am reading the course is not marked. I’m doing the short one is there Marshall’s at the key turns?
Brian FureyNov 25 2022, 6:55pmHi Stephen

We have some markers on part of short course going up maulin just to guide runners. Where there are no makers there are marshalls. 6 marshalls in total on short course plus then run back down the main trail on Wicklow way to finish.
For long course 2 extra Marshalls but most of it is on Wicklow way so follow Marshall guidance and main Wicklow way trail.
Clare KeeleyNov 25 2022, 6:57pmWelcome to IMRA Stephen. Junctions will have marshals, I am at the short course tuning point tomorrow so will point you in the right direction. Have fun and prepared to get hooked to trail! Clare
Stephen LoughnaneNov 25 2022, 7:00pmThanks Claire/Brian
Brian FureyNov 25 2022, 7:04pmThanks Clare. Robbie yes short course at 10.30 too along with main race. Early starters at 10.
Alan McCarthyNov 26 2022, 1:12pmUnlikely but if anyone found my number blowing away out there (2932) they might let me know, many thanks :) 0876739667
Dervla KincaidNov 26 2022, 2:27pmThanks to the marshals out there today. Great race. Thanks to the two lads in high vis jackets who kept me upright on top of Maulin and helped me down the other side!! I may actually have blown away otherwise ;)
Michael MorrisroeNov 26 2022, 3:04pmWow, what a run, great fun, thanks to all the volunteers braving the weather up there, and big thanks to Kieron who lent me a waterproof jacket which was 200% needed up there, my hair nearly blew off on the tops of Maulin and Djouce...
Graham AhearneNov 26 2022, 3:10pmBig thanks to all the hardy and cheerful volunteers! Really appreciate that they make these races possible. Was a great course - Lots of variety and that wind definitely blew away the cobwebs!
James H CahillNov 26 2022, 3:13pmThank you Brian and all your volunteers for a great day out in the hills. Special thank you to Niamh, Becky, John, Claire, Karol, and Brendan who braved the wind and the elements marshaling the course (apologies if I missed any of the on course Marshalls - it will be because my vision was blurred by a combination of the tears and red line warning in my eyes). Great day out. Thanks all.
Declan McGuinnessNov 26 2022, 3:19pmThanks to all the marshalls and volunteers out there today. Great race and some rough weather. Looking forward to the next one
Ciaran AylwardNov 26 2022, 3:22pmWell done to Brian and all the volunteers - particularly those at the top of Maulin and Djouce!
Stephen BrennanNov 26 2022, 4:30pmThanks Brian and all involved in putting on a great race. Everything which occurs to me now are expletives...
Brian KitsonNov 26 2022, 4:33pmWell done Brian for putting on a great event, great attention to detail. I’ve never had a race number blown off my chest before. You wouldn’t put a milk bottle out in the wind and driving rain we experienced today so special thanks to all the volunteers who manned the hills. Top Imra stuff.
David BellNov 26 2022, 4:55pmThanks so much to Brian and all the marshals from the travelling Mourne Runners contingent. Weather was fairly fresh but it makes for a far better tale to take back North.
Lillian DeeganNov 26 2022, 5:31pmOn with a huge word of thanks to RD Brian & his trusty race day crew. For a chap who is usually in the top end racing, he asked to take this race as RD, trainer less, he deffo still had his eye on the ball planning his race weeks and weeks out. A massive hat tip to you Brian on a job well done!

We had no major slips or trips - it is always a great day with no broken bones nor any real bloody body parts - so well done to all runners for getting about your course injury free. Plus, it was great seeing the Munster crew up and the northerners down this morning.

This race is always a savage one weather wise, making it special in a way without doubt. For route helpers, it is a really rough one to be out in for a few hours - fair play to all todays hill marshals.

And lastly- a revlout car was found post race in the main car park by John Murray. If you have lost one (or know someone who lost one) today, give me a shout on here and we’ll make a plan of sorts.
Dee BohanNov 26 2022, 5:35pmBig shout out to the Marshall at top of Maulin , hanging on to Michelle and myself as we braved our way, sideways running. We were nearly blow sideways back down. Thanks Brian and all the volunteers who made this possible
Brendan LawlorNov 26 2022, 5:50pmBig well done to Brian Furey for another flawless Race Director debut. He chose a challenging race but put great planning effort in advance and despite the tough weather it all went off smoothly. So congrats and thanks to Brian and his team today.

If you were inspired by Brian Furey, or Sarah Brady , or Brian Kitson or Linda Rowden or Dan Geelon or any other of this years Race Director super stars please consider race directing during 2023.. you’ll really enjoy it and will end up with a snazzy IMRA hoodie for your troubles!
Mark KingNov 26 2022, 5:58pmBrian, Today was a great race - super organisation. Thanks to everyone involved (particularly the Marshals!) from Newcastle AC.
Brian FureyNov 26 2022, 6:37pmHi All

Thanks alot - i'm glad all went well. Sitting here now with a cup of tea writing my thank yous!

First off the results -

Top 3 men:

1. Killian Mooney
2. Matthew McConnell
3. Enda Cloake

Top 3 Women
1. Sorcha Loughnane
2. Sarah Brady
3. Kathryn Barr

Thanks to the all volunteering team today for digging in and doing an excellent job. Marshalls on the course Becky Quinn on Maulin (toughest job of the day), Karol Cronin on Djouce (2nd toughest), Brendan Delaney on the far side of Djouce (3rd toughest), John Murray and Claire Keely near the short course turn around point and sweeping up, Niamh O'Ceallaigh guiding runners up the Maulin Ride and Louis McCarthy and Jonathan O' Mahony marshalling the steep incline on Maulin with military like precision. Conditions were wet and very windy out there so marshals on the course were the real heroes today and also sweeping up to ensure everyone got down safely.
Thanks to the volunteers who did a great job on registration and collecting results at the end. Miriam Maher for stepping up and doing the laptop, Kate for shadowing that role. Phil Behan and Ivana Kolaric did trojan work in registration and in collating results all day. Thanks Aileen & Tim Charnecki and their two sons who all did brilliant work in helping at registration and handing numbers out to people.
Thanks to the car park marshals Derek Charles, Henny Brandsma, Liam Kenny and Mark McInerney who did great job. Liam and Mark were running volunteers but put in a big shift in helping out and was glad of Derek's and Henny's last minute volunteering as they did a great job.
Thanks to Lilian for doing first aid role but also for guiding me for the last number of weeks on this role and for her selfless work on the day as per usual.
If I missed anyone apologies.

The race went well and there was plenty of people car pooling so that made it all go smoother.

Well done to all runners who ran.
Sorcha LoughnaneNov 26 2022, 8:26pmAs an IMRA newbie I just want to thank RD Brian and the unbelievably dedicated and selfless souls out there stewarding today - cannot imagine how tough it was for you guys out there. Literally and metaphorically blown away by it all!! Thank you all!
Brian SmythNov 27 2022, 10:04amThanks a mill to Brian and all the volunteers. Great job. Big well done to those marshalling on the summits and along the route. A tough task in that testing weather.
Really enjoyed the route , and the conditions added to the epic sense of adventure.
Well done all.
david obrienNov 27 2022, 9:14pmAfter my first IMRA event yesterday, I’d like to thank all the crew involved. I met a few long standing members and they were a great help. I’m looking for some advice on the best all round trail shoe to purchase going forward. Thanks for any ideas and I understand it’s a matter of opinion.
Francis ConroyNov 27 2022, 10:00pmI'd like to say a special thanks to all the marshals standing out in the "weather" for ages & particularly to yer man who directed me onto the way down off Djouce - me being last to the top
Orla LenehanNov 28 2022, 7:35pmThanks to all the heroic volunteers who braved the elements. It was a challenging but great day on the mountain. I ran the short course. Is there somewhere I can see my time for this?
Brian FureyNov 28 2022, 9:37pmHi Orla results will be up in the next couple of days. Conor is sorting through them and he's often busy with work too.

I have a few lost and found items from the last day. White running cap, yellow Clapham chasers Woolie hat. Also found one of those new blue salamon belts(end of league prize) which were given out so if you lost it contact Lilian who can sort you with a new one

For the other 2 things let me know here and we can arrange.

Orla LenehanNov 28 2022, 9:51pmThanks Brian.
Maeve FlynnNov 29 2022, 10:31amBrian,
I lost a white running cap on Maulin- if that's where it was found I didn't think I'd ever see it again!

Also, a big thank you to all the brave marshals out there last Saturday and a massive thank you to the girls who spontaneously linked up with me on Maulin to prevent me blowing away with my hat!
Brian FureyNov 29 2022, 10:52amMaeve I will leave them with the imra kit so you can collect it and check at your next race with imra. Check sooner than later :) Brendan is RD for remembrance run.
Stuart ScottNov 29 2022, 11:22amBelated thanks and well done to Brian for his excellent stint as RD on Sat. Thanks to all the marshals and Becky in particular. Despite my ballast I was almost blown off my feet a couple of times on Maulin. I've no idea how Becky managed to stay attached!
Brendan LawlorNov 29 2022, 11:29amHi Brian

Someone came to me to say they had misplaced their new Salomon blue belt on Saturday and I replaced it for them. So the one you found can probably go back into the main pool of belts
Brian FureyNov 29 2022, 11:46amI'll leave it along with the imra kit Brendan.
Thomas DonohoeNov 29 2022, 2:18pmthanks to the marhsalls - what a hardy bunch of souls - and volunteers and everyone who made the race possible
Conor O'FarrellDec 1 2022, 7:24pmResults are (finally) up.

This race always raises challenges for the laptop and results crew every time. Some people changed course, mid-race, sue to the conditions. So some times may need to be adjusted. If this is the case for you, please email me at