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Ray Chambers CurtinFeb 14 2022, 9:16pmHey there Folk's,

So I have signed up for some ITRA races across Europe. I was planning on clocking up my points again. Am I right in saying that we don't need to enter races that give you ITRA points to enter the UTMB series. They are after fecking stones. If this is the case how come European races are still using the ITRA pointing system as a sales pitch? Perhaps

Can some please enlighten me on these chances.

Sarah BradyFeb 14 2022, 9:36pmDon’t need ITRA points to get into UTMB. Just stones which you can only get from doing a UTMB World Series event. The points will only be used if the World Series event you’re trying to get into is oversubscribed and requires points. Prob not necessary for most of them, lot of them aren’t even full for this year, I’m still deciding which one to do. :D
Robert CostelloFeb 14 2022, 10:45pmWould be nice if we had a UTMB Ireland ;-)
Ray Chambers CurtinFeb 15 2022, 8:53amCheers Sarah,

You summed it up well. I'm down for 6 and still thinking about Monte Rosa
Don't fancy 3 trips to the Alps in a short space of time. Best get your finger out Sarah :-) These events will happen soon enough. Enjoy

UTMB in Ireland would be crazy, especially with route selection and the chaos and floods of people to the island. It's a mad experience

James HeggieFeb 20 2022, 2:42pmUltra trail Snowden are in the UTMB stones ,only one in UK I think 3 distances available .
Ray Chambers CurtinFeb 20 2022, 5:41pmHi James,

I signed up for that one last week. Looking forward to it.
Paul ScottFeb 22 2022, 12:37pmI’ve signed up for the Mozart 100 and the Wildstrubel ultras, has anyone run these before and can offer tips? Happy to chat offline if this clutters up the forum
Paddy DoyleApr 25 2022, 12:16pmHi

Is anybody heading to the race on Saturday morning from limerick city that would be available me a lift?
Paddy DoyleApr 25 2022, 12:17pmHi

Is anybody heading to the race on Saturday morning from limerick city that would be available to offer me a lift?
Gerard DownApr 27 2022, 12:27amI would be delighted to get a spin anytime Fri to Kilfiane from any where around Cork City to Kilfinae for uktra
Patrick Devine-WrightApr 27 2022, 8:58amHi. I am booked onto a train arriving in Charleville from Dublin at 7pm. Could anyone give a lift to Kilfinnane from there? Thanks ....
James HeggieApr 28 2022, 6:53pmHi just wondering if an email going out like last time with manditary kit etc ?
Robbie WilliamsApr 28 2022, 7:26pmYes email this eve later

Kit etc is in the details page
Natalia PocelujkoApr 28 2022, 7:38pmHi Guys
I never have done the 60k with you. Howooks the aid station. What to expect regarding food and water? Just want to make sure I carry enough but not nessasry to much .
I would appreciate for any information
Gerard DownApr 28 2022, 9:42pmHi Natalia, I did the ultra last year so from memory after the first 11 miles we arrive back at the start line and at the race HQ where you can have your own bag with food and drinks - there should also be be water provided here. We then head off on the marathon course and you can have a drop bag at around the 21km.13 mile stage of the marathon course - which will be around 25 miles of the ultra course. There should I think be water at a number of other places on the course but I cant remeber if there was anything to eat - perhaps there may be sweets. But mainly I think the ultra race is self supporting. See you tomorrow. Perhaps there will be variations this year, but this is what I remember from last year.
Natalia PocelujkoApr 28 2022, 11:27pmThank you for all information. This is really helpful.
Also if anyone knows what is gonna happen with registration. I had no idea i supposed to keep my bib number and we have not been given a tracker on previous year . Will i ll be able to collect a number on Saturday morning?
Robert CunninghamApr 28 2022, 11:45pmNatalia, you can collect a replacement number at registration.
Raymond CumminsMay 2 2022, 8:43amWhat a great weekend, Robbie and everyone that made it possible to help us have a great race. I am one of those guilty not volunteering enough which I hope to fix. The course markings for the Ultra were fantastic. Now someone has to go around and pick them up again. Thanks!!!!!!
Samuel FoxMay 2 2022, 10:43amI second that, a really well marked and challenging course, thanks so much for all the effort in making it a great day on the ballyhoura trails
Mariusz LuczakMay 2 2022, 6:05pmJust few photos I made:
Brian FlannellyMay 2 2022, 10:29pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Michael J KellyMay 3 2022, 7:44amMorning all and thanks for results. When I logged to system to register with IMRA, I was given the number 2060. I'm afraid 19th position of P. J. Dunne is in fact me, for to M55 category. Can this be changed?