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Joe LalorJul 15 2021, 9:44amFolllowing a late issue with our parking site there has been a change of venue for this race. His year the Mountain Meitheal will not be a handicap race, but will be a normal mass start event. Race details on event page are for the original route and will be adjusted shortly. As usual proceeds from this race go towards footpath repairs in the hills. I need all the usual volunteers for this race plus several to act as Marshall along the route. Thanks, Joe
Joe LalorJul 16 2021, 4:10pmCan confirm The GAP in Glencullan as the venue for this event. Many thanks to the team at The GAP for hosting us at short notice. Please park at the back of the buildings as directed by marshalls. Please be patient and compliant and only use the portaloo we are supplying on site.
Barry MinnockJul 19 2021, 9:54amGiven this is a fundraiser, should entry be raised to 15EUR? IMRA race entry is generally low, so I think the fast majority would be happy to pay a little extra for fundraising events.
Could also open up for non-running entry to boost the funds?
Just an thought - may be difficult to implement ...
Joe LalorJul 21 2021, 3:39pmHi Barry, In previous years I have encouraged anyone who would like to contribute but cannot run to buy an entry. Not sure how this would work with numbers limited but maybe Web master could put up a non running tab. Race price is an issue for the committee who are very generously covering the costs of the portaloos which don't come cheap. I am looking for a course marker happy to read a map.
Stuart ScottJul 21 2021, 3:50pmHi Joe. I can mark. I've put my name down.
Joe LalorJul 21 2021, 5:00pmHi Stuart, thanks. I will email you section I want marked.
Alan LawlorJul 23 2021, 12:56pmAre chips required for this run?
Joe LalorJul 23 2021, 4:33pmRe chips: Yes, I am hoping to have chip timing for this event. So all runners will need chip to be entered in the race on the night. Chips to be worn on your shoe. Chip in pocket or bum bag not pick up by mat. If new runner chip comes with membership, available on the night with your number. If previously issued with chip and have lost or mislead it you needed to purchase new chip on site shop. Not available to purchase at desk on the night.
Marc FitzacharyJul 23 2021, 5:48pmHi, do you know when the route map will be available? Thanks
Joe LalorJul 23 2021, 6:14pmHi Marc, with the Web master at the moment. In the meantime a brief description. Leave GAP by Dublin Mountain Way. On arriving on forest fire road turn left(Marshall) until end of track. Turn right and climb all the way to Fairy Castle summit (Marshall). Juniors and Short Course turn back here, return by same route. Main route continues toward Wicklow Way (WW). There are large step water barriers on next two legs, caution required. At WW turn right. 50m after reaching forest on right turn right on old route of WW (marshal). This section is eroded gully and technical decent, half way down crosses mountain bike track, caution. Arrive on Kilmasogue fire road, turn right. 100m on turn left on track down to red shed. Taped route through forest to bend in service road, follow taped route as it avoids cross biking route. Marshal will set you on right track home, follow tapes.
Maeve O'GradyJul 26 2021, 12:03pmHello Joe, I am available as a non running volunteer if you need more people. Sorry I can’t see the volunteer tab. Maeve
Joe LalorJul 26 2021, 1:45pmHi Maeve, I can give you a marshaling job. Can you be there at 6.15?
Maeve O'GradyJul 26 2021, 6:36pmYes. See you there.
Brian FarrenJul 26 2021, 10:50pmHi Joe. I can do non running volunteer if you need another person. Rgds Brian
Amanda (Mandy) KeeganJul 26 2021, 10:50pmHi, I signed up to run but am happy to volunteer instead if needed?
Joe LalorJul 27 2021, 12:24amHi Brian, I can give you a marshaling job. If you could be there by 6.30 I will show you on map where to station. Thanks

Hi Mandy, thanks for the offer but enjoy your run.
Brian FarrenJul 27 2021, 8:22amSee you then Joe
Lillian DeeganJul 27 2021, 10:14amHello everyone,

Ahead of tomorrow's event, I'm on to congratulate our most recent Club 100 entrant.

Connie Dottino ran her 100th race at Carrauntoohil - a nice handy one for the biggie! Fair play Connie and well done young lady. A wonderful achievement!

RD Joe will pass on your t-shirt on Wednesday.
Joe LalorJul 27 2021, 3:37pm148 race entries sold to now. I reckon it is now near enough to cutoff time for anyone wishing to support cause but not able to run to jump in and buy a non running entry. Thanks to all for supporting our Mountain Meitheal fundraising.
Graham K. BusheJul 27 2021, 3:59pmHi Joe, I think I've done that now. Got the "Success" comment on screen, the confirmation email, and it's showing in my purchase history.
Best of luck to everyone running tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't be there.
Joe LalorJul 27 2021, 4:05pmThanks G. That's another "brick in the path"
Coyle BillJul 27 2021, 10:11pmIs there any possibility of get a dance with one of the naked warriors ?
Coyle BillJul 27 2021, 10:14pmWell that is predictive text gone wrong. Sorry. Is there any chance in getting a dance with one of the naked warriors ?
Coyle BillJul 27 2021, 10:18pmWrong message keeps posting. Are there Any remaining places for this race.
Brian KitsonJul 28 2021, 7:00amHi Bill, unfortunately it’s not possible to get into a race once the entries have closed.
Joe LalorJul 28 2021, 9:11amUnfortunately weather forecast for this evening not looking too good, we may get lucky but come prepared. Race being run under covid protocols so please read them. Main points being to wear mask when at registration desk, assembly area is large so spread out. Mask for first 200m of race and at finish and recovery. We have been asked to start race to exit bike park by Dublin Mountain Way, which is quite narrow so could runners make some effort to seed themselves.
Early start for runners of 160% finish times at 7.00. Short course available. Please let registration staff know if availing of either of these options.
Please only use the portaloo as our return use of this great venue depends on this.
Enjoy and thanks for your support.
Laura FlynnJul 28 2021, 10:20pmThanks to Joe and Nora and your team of helpers tonight and especially to Alice for patching me up at the end and the two guys who stopped to help me. Great new course Joe lots of lovely tricky downhill sections and really well marked and marshalled.
Well done all.
Alan ConnollyJul 28 2021, 10:34pmseriously good course , thanks to everyone involved
David SalmonJul 28 2021, 11:37pmVery disappointed to take a tumble on what was one of the best courses, very grateful for the friendly marshals tonight and of course to Alice for all your help.. hopefully I'll be back out soon.
James H CahillJul 28 2021, 11:37pmThank you Joe and Nora, and all the volunteers for a great evening out in the hills. Great course, and you even kept the rain away.
Gavin DunneJul 29 2021, 6:02amThanks to Joe and Nora and all the Volunteers. Great course with plenty of twist and turns. Very well marked . Very enjoyable race. Well done all.
Brendan LawlorJul 29 2021, 7:42amThanks to Joe, Nora and team for a great race last night. I especially liked the old Wicklow Way downhill section.

The GAP is a great location and hopefully we'll be back there for Run the Line again in the not too distant future.

Well done to Joe, Nora and others for the support they give to Mountain Meitheal, who do great work improving the track and trails we all run on

Get well soon to the walking wounded
Deirdre McGingJul 29 2021, 9:40amThanks for a great event. Really enjoyable course and thankfully the rain held off for most of it.
Thanks to all the volunteers for braving the elements.
Conor O'FarrellJul 29 2021, 10:31amResults are now up. It was a challenging one for the laptop team last night with the early start, early short start, regular start and regular short start.

For any queries, please email

In future, I would ask for some consideration for our race team that there is only ONE start time for the short course, designated by the RD (normally a few minutes after the main race start). This saves a lot of time trying to adjust/fix people's time and position post-race.

It is not generally accepted that you change your course after registration. The general rule of thumb is:
Early Start: 30mins before main race(there is no short course on the early start)
Short start: 5-10 mins after the main race.
Obviously, each race has its different challenges, and RD will tweak this to suit the conditions on the day.

Mary CollinsJul 29 2021, 2:23pmThanks Joe, Nora and your team of efficient and helpful volunteers at registration, marshalling and finish line. Very well organised and enjoyable event. The marking of course was excellent. Really good venue too.