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Liam BoweJul 1 2021, 1:04pmHi all,
Just putting out the call for some volunteers for this race on 17th July. As the start line is immediately adjacent to registration, anyone who gives a hand at registration should be able to run also.
Either come back to me here on the forum or put your name forward on the Event Page.
Thanks in advance,
Marek WojnarowskiJul 14 2021, 9:33pmHi,I cannot pay for Mt.Leinster race with Bank of Ireland card,because is not accepted would be possible to pay on the day of events or via PayPal?
John Murphy74Jul 14 2021, 10:32pmCould not pay with AIB card either
Jason DowlingJul 14 2021, 10:35pmHi Marek,

We don't accept payments on the day nor payments from PayPal. We have already received numerous successful payments from members using their Bank of Ireland Card.

You will need to contact your bank and ask them if 3D Secure is enabled for your card and if not, it needs to be enabled. After that you will need to ensure that your phone and banking app. both have notifications enabled and capable of receiving a confirmation code which is sent to the banking app. on your phone at the time of purchase.

If you are not receiving the confirmation code, you will not be able to complete the purchase but that is something that you will need to discuss with your card provider.

Hope that helps,
Gordon PlaceJul 14 2021, 10:55pmMine wouldn't work when trying to pay on the mobile web but did on the PC, heard someone saying it didn't work on their PC but did on another. If you can try that? No idea why that would be.
Brian EastwoodJul 14 2021, 11:30pmHi I kept getting an error because I was missing the | between the 00353 and my phone number. Took me a few minutes to figure out my mistake and then find the symbol on my phone keypad
Dariusz GazdowiczJul 14 2021, 11:47pmPurchase done, everything works fine (BOI card)
Brian O'ShaughnessyJul 15 2021, 11:08amI had problems paying via my mobile but using the laptop it worked! Don't know why
Gerard MaloneyJul 15 2021, 5:05pmWas wondering if the registration could be left open as I have tried everything to register and nothing works.maybe if it was left open till tomorrow people who are having difficulty might be able to get sorted.
Jason DowlingJul 15 2021, 5:21pmHi Gérard,

Did you receive a confirmation code to your phone/banking app when you entered your card details and selected 'pay now? You cannot complete the purchase without this code. If you didn't receive it you need to contact your bank as why your not receiving it.Also, are you trying from desktop pc, laptop, tablet or phone?

Kind regards,
John Murphy74Jul 15 2021, 5:26pmI am experiencing an ability to get the transaction to go through. I get to verification and put everything in and I get a message saying that the payment has not being processed, I can screenshot the error message if needed.
Gerard MaloneyJul 15 2021, 5:28pmPhone jason
Gerard MaloneyJul 15 2021, 6:03pmHi Jason,
It worked for me on the laptop there, thanks. Seems to work OK on laptop but no luck on the phone.
ciara largeyJul 15 2021, 9:51pmhave entries closed already? thought the deadline was friday :(
Brian FureyJul 16 2021, 10:37amHi all you are doing a great thing though.. it does mention on main page that weekend races are open til Friday at 6pm. This race closed Thursday at 6pm and was only open for 2 days.
Lillian DeeganJul 16 2021, 11:08amCiara, Brian and others - apologies for this error. We’ll get it open again. It was closed by mistake - sorry.
Brian FureyJul 16 2021, 11:57amThanks Lilian
Lillian DeeganJul 16 2021, 12:33pmEntries are live again - Pól has it sorted there now guys.

Brian, to save another email - Your Wicklow Round t-shirt will be at ML tomorrow. RD Liam will pass it on. Wear it well :)

Brian FureyJul 16 2021, 3:18pmThanks Lilian! I'll wear it with pride!
Liam BoweJul 16 2021, 6:47pmGood evening all,
I hope everyone that wanted to get in has got in and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Just a quick reminder before race day:
Registration opens at 10:45 am and closes at 11.45 sharp
( No money or vouchers accepted on race day)
Early start option at 11:30
Main race at 12:00
Junior race at 12:05

There is a short course option as well, please let us know at registration if you are choosing the shorter course (starts with main race at 12:00).

Please read over the new social distancing protocols before race day Here:
Please wear a face covering at registration and start area.
All runners must keep the face covering on for the first 200m of the race and when coming back into the finish area again.

Prizegiving will be at the finish line 1st/ 2nd/3rd Male and female

Mandatory Gear: long-sleeved waterproof jacket and face covering.

Optional: As you might be 2 hours out in the sun - water, a hat and sunscreen!

See you all tomorrow,
Liam LenehanJul 16 2021, 10:29pmHi Liam,
Just letting you know I am on the entry list for tomorrow but now can’t make it.
Have a great race.
Liam BoweJul 17 2021, 8:26amThanks Liam
Mick HanneyJul 17 2021, 5:38pmThanks Liam & team for a super event today. Not easy for anyone, helpers or runners, in that heat. Super organisation and nice cooling stream afterwards!
Well done to all who took part and survived that south-east sun.
Liam BoweJul 17 2021, 6:40pmWell done to all who ran up Mount Leinster on a day like today - the stream at the finish never got as mush use!
Despite the heat, I hope everyone enjoyed it.
Thanks to those who volunteered as these races simply cannot happen without people giving up their time for each other.
Will try to get a few pics up and results will follow also - congrats to Becky (1st W) and Enda (1st M).
Big thanks to Charlie for the ice cream!
Next race in SE is Kilbrannish and Bill has some lovely new forest trails picked out for that, so put it in the diary.
Take care til then,
Barry HoganJul 17 2021, 7:19pmHi Liam

Thank you so much for today. I'm new to IMRA but I have to complement a brilliantly organised race. I never thought I'd run in conditions like that in Ireland. Challenging and heaps of fun. Barry
Niamh KellyJul 17 2021, 9:08pmWell done to our Race Director Liam and his team on a great race

Well done to all the runners today great running and someday for racing in that heat, it was great to see you all some old and new faces & looking forward to seeing you all at the next one in Kilbranish

Well done again to Brian Furey on completing the Wicklow round and I hope you get great wear out of your T-Shirt
Brian O'ShaughnessyJul 17 2021, 9:35pmWell done to the race team today, very enjoyable thank you.
Pól Ó MurchúJul 19 2021, 10:31pmResults up now. Any queries or corrections send them to: and I'm sure Con will get to them at some stage :-)
Gareth LittleJul 23 2021, 5:31pmA belated thanks to Liam and crew for a great race. Also, a belated race report!