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Gerry McGuinnessMar 7 2021, 10:02pmDo you need any equipment to take part , weights etc.
Miriam MaherMar 8 2021, 8:36amHi Gerry, thanks for the query. You won't need any specific equipment, however if you had any small weights they might come in handy.

Gerry McGuinnessMar 8 2021, 11:25amThanks Miriam,
That's great, will sign up now.
Mark McInerneyMar 13 2021, 5:31amHi, it's saying entries closed but it shouldn't close till midnight. Am I doing something wrong?
Miriam MaherMar 13 2021, 8:41amHi Mark, that’s adjusted now. You can enter until midnight tonight


Mark McInerneyMar 13 2021, 9:15amMany thanks Miriam, signed up now.

Chris O'ConnorMar 14 2021, 7:40amHello. I missed the entry deadline yesterday due to internet issues, which I assume were probably weather related. Is there any chance that I could get a dance with one of the naked warriors please? Thanks, Chris
Miriam MaherMar 14 2021, 9:56amHi Chris

We’ve extended the deadline until 2 pm to give you a chance to enter.

There’s a bit of background work needed then to get the information out re: the challenge in time for the start tomorrow - so this morning is your window of opportunity:)

Chris O'ConnorMar 14 2021, 11:59amThat's great! Thanks very much Miriam.
Jenny Uí ShéMar 14 2021, 9:24pmHi Paul and Sarah Thankyou for challenge. Is there any way you could do a demo of each s and c exercise in the email?
I’m afraid I’m not so sure what each one is and I’m not
On Facebook.
Thanks Jenny
Jenny Uí ShéMar 14 2021, 9:28pmSorry! My apologies. My 11 year old just showed me the exercises are up. Thanks again!
Miriam MaherMar 14 2021, 9:34pmHi Jenny

If you click on the title of each exercise in the email you received it will bring you to a video demo of each exercise. You won’t need to be on FB to follow the challenge, all the info is in each email.

Thanks & enjoy!

Miriam MaherMar 14 2021, 9:36pmSorry Jenny - missed your second post :)

Great - good luck - I’ve just watched them myself and I reckon we’ll feel the effort made after they are done!
Ciara BradleyMar 15 2021, 10:18amHi there, I rmisread the info on this and missed the deadline of March 13th midnight. Is it too late to join this challenge now? I just completed my membership.
Miriam MaherMar 15 2021, 10:29pmHi Ciara

Sorry for the delayed response.

We’ve opened up entry again - only until tomorrow night. It will be Wednesday before I can sort out adding you in - getting you the emails etc - but you’ll be on the challenge then after that.

This is definitely the last extension window:)


Ciara BradleyMar 16 2021, 4:24pmThank you so much Miriam! I really appreciate this and I am so sorry to be such a nuisance! All done now. Thank you!
David LeslieMar 18 2021, 9:20amSimilar to my running I was one of the last / late entries into this programme! As a result I wasn’t on the email list for Days 1, 2 & 3.

Would you mind emailing me the links to these days if that’s okay? Apologies for the hassle. Many thanks.
Miriam MaherMar 18 2021, 9:32amHi David

We have you included alright. I emailed all the late entrants with the links to the first 3 days last night, just double checked and your email is was on that list. As you use gmail, you will probably find it in your spam folder or 'promotions' tab.

Let me know if you find it and enjoy the challenge!

All the best

David LeslieMar 18 2021, 10:26amBrilliant. Thanks again Miriam.