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Michelle KilleenAug 4 2020, 7:53pmHi is there a junior race? Thanks.
Jenny Uí ShéAug 9 2020, 1:51pmHi Jenny here. I would be very happy to volunteer perhaps at registration or parking as I would like to run too if thats ok.
Lillian DeeganAug 10 2020, 2:42pmThanks for the offer Jenny. We are currently reviewing this race, we may have to pop in an alternative. I'd hope to be able to firm detail up in the next few days.

Michelle, I've no update just yet further to last weeks comms. As above, we hope to get something finalised in the next day or two to include a junior route if at all possible.
Michelle KilleenAug 11 2020, 11:57amThanks Lillian.
Lillian DeeganAug 12 2020, 12:44pmHello everyone,

Glasnamullen is now the race route in for Aug. 19th - next Wednesday.

I'm looking for an RD and race day team. With the race a week out from today, we'd need to be getting our ducks lined up as swiftly as possible.

Once we have an RD in, we will confirm detail for a junior route to be considered.
Lillian DeeganAug 13 2020, 2:10pmAfternoon folks,

It's a 3rd time lucky affair with news of an event for Aug. 19th. Scarr and Glasnamulen have proved tricky when trying to plan for parking.

Con has updated next Wednesday's race for Paddock Hill. We will have a junior route. Many thanks Con.

We need to get a race org. crew in place in the next few days. We have plenty of members who've managed to get a few races in since we returned to comp. It is now time for these people to start offering help for a few upcoming races. No help = no race.

Thanks everyone,
Michelle KilleenAug 13 2020, 2:20pmHi Lillian, my husband and I will be running the junior race as our kids are only aged 6 and 8; but we would like to make ourselves available for any volunteering role that you might need that still allows us to run with the kids. Thanks, Michelle
Lillian DeeganAug 13 2020, 2:24pmThat's really helpful, thanks Michelle. Will you pop your names in on the volunteer running tab on the event page and we'll be in touch once we have a race director. If you've any bothers, you have my email address, send me a msg.
Michelle KilleenAug 13 2020, 2:29pmGreat thanks. I’ll do that!
Margaret DesmondAug 13 2020, 3:55pmI have a bit of an injury so perfect time to volunteer-will add my name
Laura FlynnAug 14 2020, 5:42pmFair play Margaret and to the others who have volunteered for this event so far. It’s timely to remind our members of our volunteering ethos and the expectation that you should volunteer once for every 10 events you participate in.
We need a Race Director for this race next week. We appreciate it may be difficult with everyone trying to take a well-deserved holiday this month before the schools open up again. Unfortunately, if we don’t have an RD the event won’t go ahead.
Warren SwordsAug 14 2020, 7:09pmI'll RD.
Laura FlynnAug 14 2020, 7:34pmExcellent. Thanks a million Warren. Mike J did a recce or is doing tonight so you can link up with him. Lillian will send you an email shortly with a few bits to do with new protocols. You’ll be aware anyway as you’ve done a couple of races. Any questions contact Lillian or myself.
Laura FlynnAug 14 2020, 7:35pmBig shout out to Warren for stepping up here. Please give us and him your support by helping out on the night if you can at all.
Jeff SwordsAug 14 2020, 7:44pm[Shouts] I support you Warren!
[/job done]
Robert CostelloAug 14 2020, 10:52pmLol. Brotherly love!
Warren SwordsAug 16 2020, 11:53amEntries for this race opens at 6pm this evening.

We also need some more volunteers if anyone is free on Wednesday.

Should be a good race, nice course.
Dave McCabeAug 16 2020, 7:17pmHey guys. Happy to volunteer at this. First time volunteering, so happy to do whatever as long as I can't mess it up too badly...
Mike JordanAug 17 2020, 10:18am*************************************************

We have a new route for this race this year. 9.7k with 400m climb. I've attached a photo to the event page. Registration is in Trooperstown Carpark (Not Mountain Rescue Base). Please arrive in good time as it is ~1.2k uphill from Registration to the Start point for the race. (Note: coming up the road from Trooperstown carpark, go through the forest barrier on the right before the MR building at bend in road. After 100m there is a small trail on the left which will bring you up to the main road opposite the forest entrance which leads to the start. This route will keep runners off the busy main road.). Please do not park at the race start. There is only space for 2-3 vehicles and we need this space for race volunteers. 
The route is run anti-clockwise. Start at the forest barrier. There is a split in the trail after ~500m at the signpost for Scarr/Wicklow Way, stay right here on the way out (photo on event page). This trail leads to a stile and onto the Wicklow Way - there's a fork on the path here but follow the Wicklow Way north (right) over to another stile and past the shelter. Descending from the shelter the route joins the Scarr race route from last year. Crossing the stile, continue straight and follow a good wide track along the forest. It's flatish for nearly 2k before dropping sharply at the corner of the forest and then climbing steeply up beside the fence/wall to the shoulder of Scarr (familiar to those who've done the Scarr race in the last few years). The first 400m of the climb are on a trail (yes there is a trail!) through high ferns. Don't lose hope on the struggle through the ferns as when you get out of them the trail leads up through some lovely purple heather. Reaching the highpoint on the fence, you'll be directed left downhill (no need to go to Scarr summit). It's 4.5k and all downhill from here! After about 2k avoid the temptation to turn left on the old race route but instead continue straight over the stile beside the gate (photo on race page). 100m after the gate take a right turn along the trail that goes across Paddock Hill. Follow this until you cross the Wicklow Way. Cross another stile into the forest and shortly you'll be back at the signposted junction near the start. Continue back to the finish line for your tick inspection (I mentioned the ferns right?!).

Mike JordanAug 17 2020, 10:22am****************************************************

We'll have a junior/short route. Looking at different options but will probably be about 3k.

Andrew HanneyAug 17 2020, 12:06pmThat’s great news.
Daniel ByrneAug 17 2020, 5:23pmHi
My son Daniel has had permission to run the long race the last couple of weeks. He will be 16 in October. Just checking he has permission for this race. Just because of change of distance. He will be able for the distance. Thanks
Miriam MaherAug 17 2020, 5:35pmHi Martina

Based on his age - over 16 by the end of this year - he is considered U18 for our races and can race distances up to 10k. Therefore based on the route length for Wednesday, he can take part in the full race route.

All the best

Andrew McKayAug 17 2020, 6:22pmHey Warren, I added myself as a running volunteer but my partner has developed a cough so I'm in isolation for now sorry.
David G FassbenderAug 18 2020, 10:03amHi Folks, apologies is this is being difficult so feel free to say a quick no but would it be possible to do the early start, even if I might not be over 160%? I won't be competing near the top in any event :D Just happy to get out running!
Warren SwordsAug 18 2020, 11:00amThanks Andrew for letting me know. Take care.

David - Early starts are only for those who are over 160%. Sorry about that.
Elizabeth WheelerAug 18 2020, 12:12pmWarren,
Do you need any more volunteers? I was too late for an entry but happy to come out to help.
Warren SwordsAug 18 2020, 1:57pmHi Elizabeth, it looks like we have enough volunteers for Wednesday. Thanks for the offer! But if that changes, I'll give you a shout
David G FassbenderAug 18 2020, 8:49pmThanks for confirming, Warren. No problem at all!
Jim FitzharrisAug 18 2020, 8:58pmThanks Richard.

I had entered this race but you can keep my modest fee for IMRA or, if you prefer, the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team - this is the route we use for that race!


Warren SwordsAug 18 2020, 9:12pmAs per Richard's message, this race is now cancelled.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, particularly Mike who put a fair bit of work into route etc.
Paul O'GradyAug 18 2020, 9:53pmI feel that we have jumped the gun here and that we should wait for a formal announcement from Athletics Ireland. We are clearly a sporting event as opposed to an outdoor gathering such as a concert.

When asked if sport can continue as normal with matches and training, but with no spectators at all admitted, the Taoiseach confirmed that was the case.

Furthermore the Chief Medical Officer said sport should continue but without any fans present. Dr Glynn said that NPHET is very clear that sport and physical activity has a role in our society, particularly with what we are going through at the moment.

This will also have repercussions for soccer, rugby, gaa, golf and tennis clubs, who have all returned to sporting activity, which is not the intention.

We should wait to see how this message is clarified tomorrow, and what Athletics Ireland say.
Jeff SwordsAug 18 2020, 10:04pmProblem with waiting for clarification is when that clarification comes. It's too much to expect people put everything else on hold while waiting all day for a go/no go to get up there and get the race set up.
Richard NunanAug 18 2020, 10:15pmHi Paul,

"Sporting events and matches can continue to take place behind closed doors" is the government line. Our decision is based on current gov Guidelines

As Jeff has said we could wait and last minute cancel. But as a Committee we believe we are making the right decision here. Athletics Ireland could very easily run a track event behind closed doors and therefore it may not be applicable.

Which is why as per my Covid post, we will meet tomorrow night and decide what other actions will be necessary.
Lillian DeeganAug 18 2020, 10:20pmWe've jumped no gun Paul. We are being sensible, same as we have been since the return to comp. in July.

Regardless of what line athletics Irl. take, committee need to be allowed some time to regroup to discuss matters.
Robert CostelloAug 18 2020, 11:32pmThe Committee is right to cancel given the lack of clarity from Government tonight. Hopefully things will become clearer tomorrow and we have a sensible approach to events like IMRA races that can be held safely and with little health risk to participants.
Laura FlynnAug 26 2020, 1:12pmAnyone who entered this race should have received an email from Lillian Deegan, our Races Co-ordinator, in the last few days outlining the position on refunds. If you did not receive this email I would be grateful if you would please email me directly on