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Michelle KilleenAug 7 2020, 12:35pmHi what time are entries open at for this tomoro? The time says 00.00. Thanks
Conor O'FarrellAug 7 2020, 1:38pm9am tomorrow Michelle. I changed it to a slightly more reasonable hour.

Lilly JonesAug 8 2020, 11:06am13 Yr old good to race? Looks like 5k? Thanks
Niamh KellyAug 8 2020, 3:55pmHi Lilly,

Yep he is, we will have a short route on the day

Niamh KellyAug 10 2020, 10:29amGood Morning everyone,

with one week to go for Johns hill, Killbrannish we are short on help if anyone is able to lend a hand it would be appreciated greatly

Thank you,
Paul DonlanAug 11 2020, 12:29pmI entered Kilbrannish but I am unable to run this Sunday , in case you get oversubscribed. Have a good race everyone. Paul
Paul O'MearaAug 13 2020, 3:50pmHi there.

This is my first IMRA race this year so I have no number/chip for 2020. Will I pick this up from you at the start?

Niamh KellyAug 13 2020, 3:50pmHi Everyone,
Please make sure you have read ahead of sundays race

All registration is now online. No money or vouchers will be accepted on the day. If you need a replacement number or chip please purchase before race day by going through the shop link through myimra. It cannot be done on race day.

The usual social distancing protocols will apply and please read the protocols available on our website and be fully aware of all requirements.
Everyone will have a face covering in the sign-in area and start line and is recommended to keep this on for the first 200 metres of the race. When you pass through the finish line please remember to keep your distance, move away from the finish line as soon as possible and use your face covering as appropriate and particularly in circumstances where it is difficult to keep apart from other people.

Prizes will be given out at the finish line to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and female as well as to the first junior male and junior female. Unfortunately there won’t be any category prizes, spot prizes or tea/pint for the moment but hopefully this will all come back soon.

Please give a wide berth to any of the members of the public you might encounter on the route or in the sign-in or finish areas.

Thank you
Bill BarryAug 13 2020, 4:06pmYes Paul. Number pick up available at sign in.
Bill BarryAug 13 2020, 4:10pmPlease note course route in “Pictures”.
Yellow line is where short course diverts. Marshall will be there to direct.
Paul O'MearaAug 13 2020, 5:16pmThanks Bill
Lilly JonesAug 13 2020, 10:58pmHi new to this.
We have bought membership and rave entry does that include bib no. And chip?
Lilly JonesAug 13 2020, 10:59pmSorry auto correct not sure where rave came from
Conor O'FarrellAug 13 2020, 11:28pmHi Lilly

Yes, annual membership includes your race number which will be available at registration. Chip timing will not be used at this race so no chip needed.

Niamh KellyAug 15 2020, 7:56pmLast little check-in before tomorrow race!

Face covering: buff or facemask must be worn at reg/ race start and finish line.

Registration opens at 9.45 am ( make sure you are there in plenty of time if you are planning on taking the early start for 10.30 am)

Please remember to check-in and have your name marked off the pre-reg sheet.

Have your number with you or come to us to collect, if it is your first race with IMRA.
if you need a replacement number, make sure you have bought one from the online shop before the morning.

It would also be a good idea to bring some water etc with you for the race tomorrow

mandatory gear: rain jacket 

See you all in the morning. 
Eadaoin QuinnAug 16 2020, 3:19pmThanks to organisers and volunteers for a great race. Lovely route and v well marked (especially in the forest!)
Liam BoweAug 16 2020, 4:27pmThanks to Bill today and all volunteers at start and marshals on the course for facilitating us with a lovely trot around John's Hill and Kilbrannish Woods. It does wonders for the health to be out and about in a safe and friendly environment.
Karl RichardsAug 16 2020, 8:56pmThanks to Bill and the other organisers and volunteers. I really enjoyed the route and found the forest down hill section great fun. Luckily the wheels stayed on. Well marked and Marshalled route. Thanks and look forward to next year
Paul O'MearaAug 16 2020, 9:29pmThanks to everybody for today. Really enjoyed the course and the friendly atmosphere. Very well organised and extra kudos for the markings in the forest section.
Bill BarryAug 17 2020, 7:58amGreat turn out for the race and glad everyone enjoyed it. Huge thanks to Niamh and Paul Kelly for the help organising. And a huge thanks to Conor O’Farrell for comin down and doin laptop. Took a workload off.
A big thanks again to all the non-IMRA Racing795 volunteers.
And lastly a huge thanks to all the athletes. It was a pleasure showing you my little corner of the world.
Niamh KellyAug 18 2020, 10:52amWell done Bill Barry and team for a great race on Sunday and well done to all the runners
hopefully we see you all at the next and last race in the SEL in October ( all going well )

we may run the next one Bill