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Brian CoughlanJan 30 2020, 10:01pmHi. What is kids distance and is there a minimum age? My girl is six and a half.
Miriam MaherJan 30 2020, 10:10pmHi Brian

Minimum age is 6 for juniors so your daughter is welcome!

Event page details re: juniors as follows:

"Kids (under 10) running must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and will be c. 1km long from start up to Giant’s Grave and back.

Juniors race will be one loop of the course

Adults race will be two loops of the course"

Brian CoughlanJan 30 2020, 10:39pmThanks a lot
Sadie CorkeryFeb 1 2020, 6:38pmHi, I cannot find a way to buy a junior entry for tomorrow. It says entries close at midnight. Any idea where i can find link ?
Cian SwantonFeb 1 2020, 6:47pmHi, do I just need to bring my imra number and a jacket tomorrow or do I need my proof of payment to race?

David BosonnetFeb 1 2020, 7:07pm@ Sadie Corkery. Register and join IMRA, log into the website and go to Membership/Shop/Online Entries to purchase race or vouchers
David BosonnetFeb 1 2020, 7:10pm@ Cian Swanton. Just bring your IMRA number and jacket. As you have purchased entry online, we have your name on entry list. See you in the morning :)
Cian SwantonFeb 1 2020, 7:14pmThanks David, on way back from Sligo now but as long as I wake on time you will! Appreciate the quick reply!!
Brian FlannellyFeb 2 2020, 10:17pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie