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Mick HanneyJul 11 2019, 10:15pmRe-posting Joe's message from earlier in the year:-

This year we are returning to an earlier version of the NC races. Runners will have to supply their own map for these events. A list of 6 figure grid references and control site descriptions will be given out at start of race. To make the races as inclusive as possible 5 minutes later a master map may be inspected for those worried that they have transcribed the GRs correctly.

Another change will be that the overall winner of the series will be the runner with the shortest accumulated time in all three races
henry barryJul 12 2019, 9:17amCan you recommend which map is best for the series .
Gordon PlaceJul 12 2019, 9:55amHi Henry, I might be wrong but from memory of last years, I don't think one map will cover the series.

Perhaps each event page can be updated to confirm which map is required?
The East West Mapping series is good.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2019, 10:06amEach event will have their own mapping recommendation given the different areas of coverage. In this case I would recommend EastWest Lugnacuilla & Glendalough 1:25,000 series. I got the laminated one and its great.
Joe LalorJul 12 2019, 10:17amHi Henry & everyone else.
The race director of each race will specify a map.
In my case as RD of NC3 the map is the East/West of Wicklow Mountains West(start & finish Annaleka Bridge). This is quite specific as two of the control sites I am using are not on the OSi map of the same area. I also recommend that you get the waterproof version following runners experience in the rogaine with the non waterproof version.

I dont want to pre-empy the other RDs but it is looking like that each of the NC races will require a different map. I realise (and have been let know) that this will require quite an outlay for anyone doing all three runners. However consider the previous arrangement of been supplies with printed copies of the area involved is no longer available to us we have to revert to previous situation where runners supplied their own map. I suspect most IMRA runners interested in this type of race will already have thier own copies.

Before anyone asks, no phone or electronic maps are not allow for the obvious reasons already discussed elsewhere on this forum.
Clare KeeleyJul 22 2019, 9:38pmOk folks, with less than 5 weeks out from the first Nav. Challenge I have up-dated the events page and hope all the information you need is there! This is a fabulous area to run and have really enjoyed all the recce's so here's hoping for a good day on the hills! Clare.
Siobhán LyonsJul 25 2019, 2:32pmWhere is best place to get laminated/waterproof EW 1:25000 map of Lug/Glendalough for nav challenge 1 please?
Joe LalorJul 25 2019, 3:04pmSiobhan, we are going to be supplying the maps necessary for the NC races on "purchase imra products" at cost price shortly, hold on
Siobhán LyonsJul 25 2019, 5:47pmThat's great Joe thanks a million
Clare KeeleyJul 26 2019, 12:26amHi Siobhan, I have added a separate expression of interest page on the forum regarding the maps so pop your name down on that if you are interested in the map deal!
Just to highlight, on a previous Nav. Challenge post from April, Mike Jordan has offered anyone who wants a quick lesson on how to plot a grid reference onto a map, to just ask him at a race over the summer or he can do a session 20 minutes before the race, this is a great offer and I hope it still stands! Also, for anyone who would love to try a Nav. Challenge and feels a bit nervous come along for the short course, I am sure there will be someone else in the same boat and you could pair up together X
Mike JordanJul 26 2019, 8:35amThe offer stands for nav advice at any race (even if I forgot I offered it!). I'm not 100% sure yet if I can make NC1 as I may have to travel that weekend but knowing the friendly knowledgeable folk who typically show up at nav challenges, if I'm not there will be several people willing to give advice on the day.

These links will tell you everything you need about grid references and also remember the master map will be available 5 minutes after the start to check your control locations if you have any doubts:

Ow/Aughavannagh should be a great area for a nav challenge....plenty of felling down there which should open up some shortcuts :)
Clare KeeleyJul 26 2019, 4:28pmThanks a million for the links Mike. Aughavanagh has been great craic to recce, what seems like a short cut may not always be a 'shortcut' in the end!
Jason DowlingJul 26 2019, 9:49pmWould you care to elaborate further on that Clare, a grid reference would be great and maybe a description of what to look out for :)
Mick HanneyJul 28 2019, 7:45pmThe Lugnaquilla Glendalough map is available for purchase on the IMRA shop if anyone wants to avail of that offer.
Paul SmythJul 28 2019, 8:06pmThanks for that Mick. There doesn't appear to be a purchase option for the non-laminated Lug & glendalough map though. By my reckoning, there are two or three of us looking for that option.
Mick HanneyJul 28 2019, 8:43pmI'm double checking Paul. I'll revert back soon with an update.
I'd vouch for the laminated version anyway. Handy for marking up controls which rub off easy.
Mick HanneyJul 29 2019, 10:18amYes - there is a non-laminated Lug/Glendo map costing €9. I'll ask for this to be added as a purchase option.
Paul SmythJul 29 2019, 11:36amThanks Mick.
Mick HanneyAug 2 2019, 1:29pmBoth the laminated and non-laminated maps are on the IMRA shop.

If buying an event entry for the race in due course don't confuse it with the map! The map is just the map purchase. It just has to be set up as an 'event' for listing in the shop.
Clare KeeleyAug 5 2019, 8:18pmThree weeks to go until the first of the Nav.Challenges. I have emailed the webmaster so just waiting for Nav 1 Ow to be open on "purchase imra products" so keep an eye out soon for it. Great up take on the maps initiative! Clare
David CoffeyAug 6 2019, 5:35pmHi, i have purchased the map for this NC1, but i note that the race entry is not yet available for purchase, despite NC2 and NC3 entries being available to purchase. Thanks, DC
David CoffeyAug 6 2019, 5:35pmHi, i have purchased the map for this NC1, but i note that the race entry is not yet available for purchase, despite NC2 and NC3 entries being available to purchase. Thanks, DC
Jason DowlingAug 6 2019, 5:53pmHi David,

The 'entry' you are seeing for NC2 & 3 is for map purchase only. That just seems to be the only way they could get the maps into the purchase items. The entry for NC1 could go live after the 'Mountain Rescue Benefit Race' (or possibly shortly beforehand), but in general, entry only opens a week or two at most beforehand for the 'short' races.

Hope that helps,
Ger PowerAug 9 2019, 7:19pmI would advise anyone buying a map to choose the laminated one. The unlaminated one disintegrated on me during the rogaine as few years ago. If using permanent marker sun tan lotion can be used to clean the map for reuse.

I would appreciate an early start on Nav Challenge 1 and 2. I see there is one on nave 3 thanks Joe.
Mick HanneyAug 9 2019, 8:31pmThat won't be a problem Ger.

The maps needed for the Navs will remain on sale for the next week or so. Lots of interest so far.
Ger PowerAug 11 2019, 2:00pmThanks Mick
Mick HanneyAug 11 2019, 3:20pmNav1 event is open for Sale in the IMRA shop.
Diarmuid O'ColmainAug 12 2019, 8:42pmAs an alternative to Ger's solution, If you use permanent marker on a laminated map, meths will remove the markings.
Diarmuid O'ColmainAug 12 2019, 8:42pmAs an alternative to Ger's solution, If you use permanent marker on a laminated map, meths will remove the markings.
Siobhán LyonsAug 12 2019, 10:24pmHi guys, I bought a map can I collect it at race this wed?
Also am I right in thinking Nav Challenge is done in pairs?
Mick HanneyAug 13 2019, 8:09amHi Siobhan, I am due to collect some more maps today so I should have fresh supply tomorrow at the race. Navs are done independently for the most part, but if people wanted to pair up e.g. if they were novices to the event, and needed the extra confidence of another set of eyes, that's up to them.

Re: permanent marker - if you write over permanent marker with non-permanent marker, then wipe away, that usually works.
Mick HanneyAug 13 2019, 3:44pmFor logistical reasons I've placed a cap on the number of maps sold, as it was getting difficult to manage given the popularity of the initiative. Some Lug unlaminated maps available in the shop now until the cap is reached.

More than 30 of each map sold, so hope to see most of you at the Nav events.

Barry in EastWest Mapping appreciates the support of IMRA. Maps can only be created if there are people out there like us willing to buy them.
Siobhán LyonsAug 14 2019, 2:21pmHi Mick yeah I'm a complete novice so my husband will be helping me thank you.
Siobhán LyonsAug 14 2019, 2:23pmI'll get maps off you tonight thanks Mick.
Mick HanneyAug 17 2019, 4:26pmHi,

For those who purchased maps I’ll be at race next Weds and at Aughavanagh next weekend.

For those interested in the Nav challenges, if you haven’t raced with IMRA this year you will need to register and buy an event entry from the IMRA shop before next weekend. No on-the-day registrations.


Clare KeeleyAug 18 2019, 2:15amHi all! With a week to go for the first of the Nav. Challenges I am putting the call out for a few non-running volunteers ,First Aid and Laptop operator (if possible). Thank you to Conor O’Meara for volunteering already and Mick Hanney for Deputy RD and managing the maps deal!

Please refer to the Event details again for race information eg: mandatory kit, start location etc.. ..And please note above posts regarding the Nav. Challenges reverting back to original format.

If you are usually over 160% of the winning time I would suggest taking the early start if doing the long course or a regular start time for the short course will be fine. The aim is to have everyone back in by 2pm (in or around).

Control sites and grid references are confirmed (after running a lot up around Aughavanagh the last few weeks!), have the winners prizes from Lillian and spot prizes are bought with the best of help from Ciara (11), few more jobs and we should be good to go next Sunday!

Fingers crossed we will have a fine day, it is a beautiful area so let’s hope you get to enjoy the gorgeous views. There will be post-race refreshments at the start/finish area (unless it is lashing rain by which case we may bale to the Glenmalure Lodge) and I am sure there will be a spot prize or two for any yummy home baking! Bring your own mug if you fancy a hot cuppa afterwards. Last year at Nav.3 Croghan I made 7 litres of tea and coffee….might see if we can break that record this year! And don’t forget your pen for marking your map! Any questions, just ask away. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Clare
Joe LalorAug 21 2019, 11:41pmAnyone travelling to the NC1 race on Sunday would be advised to check the road closures due to an Ironman event in the south Dublin north Wicklow area which may slow them down. details on link below
Mick HanneyAug 21 2019, 11:55pmThanks for that Joe. People should give themselves additional time for the journey so. Looking forward to it. Lots of maps sold so there appears to be good interest.
Clare KeeleyAug 22 2019, 1:15amWith the changes in the format for the Nav. Challenge, the procedure on the day will be as follows:

At 10.30 am (race start) runners will be handed an upside down sheet of paper with a number of 6 figure grid references, control feature description and race instructions. Once all runners have received a sheet, they can be turned over and runners may begin to plot their grid references and go. For runners who are not confident with plotting grid references, 5 minutes after race start, runners may view a master map which has the grid references marked out on it. Taking a photograph of this map will not be allowed!! **Please note this sheet will NOT be laminated so please bring something to keep it dry like a Ziplock bag if it is wet day**

At the moment the weather is looking nice and clear for Sunday.

Thanks a million Joe for highlighting the Half Ironman Dun Laoghaire event. The cycle route travels from Dun Laoghaire, to Kilternan, Enniskerry, Roundwood and then around to the Sally Gap Road so I have edited the "getting there" section on the event page. The M11/N11 to Rathnew then towards Rathdrum, Greenan, Glenmalure, Aughavanagh. We would encourage people to car pool from Glenmalure Lodge if traveling from this direction. Clare
Inigo AlanaAug 22 2019, 9:50amWill I be OK with the older 2013, 1:30,000 map? It looks like it's a little different from the new version at the bottom of the map, which is where we may be running...

Mick HanneyAug 22 2019, 9:54amThe newer map has more detail. You should be fine with the older map but you will be at a slight disadvantage compared to many of the field who will have the later map.
Inigo AlanaAug 22 2019, 11:22amThank you, Mick.

My disadvantage will have more to do with my navigation skills or lack thereof rather than with the map itself!

It should be fun though. Roll on Sunday!
John MurrayAug 22 2019, 12:35pmJust one thing to watch if you're using the 1:30,000 map is the scaling measures on your Compass. Most have 1:50k and 1:25k scaling measures as standard.

You should be fine using the 1:25K scale and just allow a slight adjustment on the markings. :)
Mick HanneyAug 22 2019, 3:06pmFor new runners to the nav challenges it would be good if experienced guys could give thoughts here on what factors come into play in choosing their route. Lets assume you've got your grid references, you've identified the controls on the map, then what - which ones to do in what order and why? Any advice or insights to share? We can check on Sunday if people put these into practice :-)
Rachel CinnsealachAug 22 2019, 3:43pmA lesson I have learnt "The shortest route is not necessarily the fastest!". Study the map, Are there tracks? Tracks are great to run on!
Mick HanneyAug 22 2019, 6:15pmStudy the map for sure - extra moments of study should pay back later. Should be good. Forecast is looking favourable.
John BellAug 22 2019, 10:38pmLesson I learnt was to listen to the RD on any last instructions. Could be valuable information on the course there ;-)
I usually try the most direct route but it often doesn't work out, but makes it more interesting.
Taking time to study the map at the start and while on the course will pay off. I quiet often change my original plan as I go - usually as I don't take enough time at the start. It's hard not to legit in the excitement at the start.
John BellAug 22 2019, 10:46pmOh, and pay attention to the contours to try minimise the amount of climb.
Daniela BoehmAug 23 2019, 8:51amHi Clare,
I put myself down as helper and could probably man the laptop if you are going to have it at the race....
(I'll have to mind a little person at the same time but I guess there shouldn't be too many close sprint finishes at this ;))
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 8:55amPaying attention to the RD is a good tip.

From our forays around the area we have noticed a couple of features on the ground that aren't on the map - likely they are introduced after the mapping surveys were done. We will display a map showing such notable features (as map additions) which should help.
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 8:57amDon't forget to bring a pen/marker which will write (controls) up on your map - test it in advance to ensure it works.
Inigo AlanaAug 23 2019, 9:55amThanks for the tips. My compass has a 1:15,000 so I'm guessing I won't need to adjust the references on my 1:30,000 map.

From my very limited experience my advice would be not to always try and go on a straight line. As said above, paths are easier to run on than open bog and may well save you time. Paths are also features on a map and can help avoid getting lost.

I also found that choosing an "easy" first control is good for morale. Nothing worse than being lost for a long time without anything on your card.

Last but not least, take your time at the beginning and listen to the RD. I felt like a complete tool on my first ever nav race when at the end of it all I turned over the map and saw the list of controls and the features they could be found on!
John MurrayAug 23 2019, 10:48amHere's a few things I usually do...

If you're a newbie then I'd recommend studying the map well in advance of Race day and not just on the morning!

If I'm unfamiliar with the area I'll spend a few hours looking at the map at home to build up a general picture in my head of a rough 10km radius around the start/finish point.

First thing I look at is contour levels to build a picture of how the land lies. If you're new to navigation and not yet quick at being able to read contours on a map then use Google Maps 3D Satellite view of the area to familiarise yourself with the area i.e. peaks, valleys, shoulders etc.

Once I have a general feel for the shape of the area I then look for what I call M50 runs leading off the start line. It's good to know these main arteries so you can quickly get yourself back on to them and move faster.

I then try and identify features such as Forests, bog, rivers, open mountain, fence lines and add them to my mental image of the landscape.

Once I've done that I start looking to see if there are any obvious links between my main M50 artery runs through the features identified above i.e. Fire Breaks in Forests for example.

Another little thing I sometimes do prior to race day is try identify all the private lands around the Start/Finish point. This helps in two ways. Firstly I know that no controls will be placed in these areas and secondly I know that when identifying link-ups as mentioned above that I can't pass through these areas. There is quite a lot of private land to the west of the River Ow so I know if I'm trying to take a direct route back to the finish from this side then I won't be able to cross these lands.

The above bit of homework saves time on race day and helps when it comes to making a quick route selection after marking controls.

In terms of route selection on the day, I tend to look for a looped or figure of 8 route connecting all controls. Once I've done that, I then decide whether to do it clockwise or anti-clockwise. I usually like to finish the last few controls on a more descending route if possible but not always the case.

When running on forest roads or good tracks I find it helpful to have the map in hand and orientated in the direction I'm running. I turn the map as I take turns. Makes it easier for my brain to identify what I physically see ahead of me with what I see on the map when I look down.

Finally, the closest control to the start finish may not always be the best first choice. Sometimes I pick this up on the return depending on my loop. Could save running a hundred metres of so.

Oh, and don't panic. Spending an extra 20-30secs to make sure you're going the right way can save you 20-30mins! ;)
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 4:50pmLots of good advice there John. Only 10k radius? ;-)
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 4:53pmIncidentally, is there a navigation equivalent of drafting i.e. following or trying to follow a good navigator, not that it would be any fun as the fun is in the nav itself for good or lost.
Paul SmythAug 23 2019, 5:07pmOnly 10k radius?

Distances for navigation races should always be given as measured by the straight-line distance, i.e. the minimum distance a competitor can cover and complete the course. As you've stated the distance to be 17 km and the start and finish are presumably the same location that would give a maximum radial distance from the start of 8.5 km. Or is the distance given in the details not correct?
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 5:35pmDistance is a good estimate. Some might come under that depending on navigational choices, others more.
Mick HanneyAug 23 2019, 6:58pmDon’t forget your cup for tea/coffee after.

Also a reminder that the early start option is for long course only.
Anyone doing short course will start at 10:30 once fried references are plotted.,
Mick HanneyAug 24 2019, 12:42pmThe venue is looking splendid so hopefully that weather continues through tomorrow. Very wet underfoot in places on the hills so Inov8s / grippy trainers advised.
Clare KeeleyAug 24 2019, 1:21pmDon't forget folks online entries close this evening at 6pm, race vouchers accepted on the day. ** event page up-dated , early start 9.30am **
Looking forward to tomorrow!
Mairtin SavageAug 24 2019, 3:57pmI joined IMRA earlier this year but unfortunately didn't get to any events yet so don't have a physical number. Is this a problem for when I rock up in the morning? Don't want to arrive and not be able to start.
Mick HanneyAug 24 2019, 4:20pmHi Mairtin,
Turn up and we'll sort you out, we should have your no. of file if uncollected so far this year. Online entries close soon unless you have a voucher.
Mairtin SavageAug 24 2019, 6:07pmThanks Mick. I registered yesterday I hope. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Clare KeeleyAug 24 2019, 6:34pmHi Martin, checked and you are defo on the list, see you tomorrow. Just know your IMRA number (zero reception at registration area so we won't have access to internet to check numbers!)clare
Wiktor SypniewskiAug 25 2019, 2:36pmHi Clare. It is Vic here. This is the route we took to 5
John GreeneAug 25 2019, 2:55pmthanks to Clare & Mick & helpers for this morning's race... well organized and welcome food at finish
Mick HanneyAug 25 2019, 3:51pmResults sent to results secretary. In the meantime here they are in cvs format. Any issues email

The start clock and the actual clock might be a min or so off. This can be ironed out in due course.

1807,Linda,O'Connor,F,SHORT,01:12:22,MAIN START
585,Christopher,Willoughby,M40,SHORT,01:17:15,MAIN START
931,Brian,Farren,M50,SHORT,01:25:27,MAIN START
192,Andrew,Hanney,M40,SHORT,01:31:04,MAIN START
2896,Declan,O'Dwyer,M40,SHORT,01:32:02,MAIN START
586,Sandra,Pegman,F50,SHORT,01:32:08,MAIN START
272,Padraig,Somers,M,SHORT,01:33:24,MAIN START
1323,John,Greene,M40,SHORT,01:34:14,MAIN START
2883,Inigo,Alana,M40,SHORT,01:37:42,MAIN START
2592,Don,Short,M60,SHORT,01:43:14,MAIN START
1621,John,Condon,M40,SHORT,01:43:35,MAIN START
1465,Jenny,Lawler,F,SHORT,01:56:09,MAIN START
470,henry,barry,M40,SHORT,01:56:12,MAIN START
2249,David,Coffey,M50,SHORT,02:07:50,MAIN START
2288,Wiktor,Sypniewski,M,SHORT,02:08:03,MAIN START
1130,James,Doyle,M40,SHORT,02:17:13,MAIN START
660,Richard,Leahy,M50,SHORT,02:18:26,MAIN START
875,Caroline,Reid,F40,SHORT,02:22:19,MAIN START
1093,Adam,Bushe,MJ,SHORT,02:30:48,MAIN START
124,Graham K.,Bushe,M50,SHORT,02:30:53,MAIN START
125,Kevin,Bushe,MJ,SHORT,02:33:12,MAIN START
393,James,Curran,M50,SHORT,02:35:31,MAIN START
2894,Philip,Brennan,M50,SHORT,02:46:40,MAIN START
207,Justin,Rea,M50,SHORT,02:53:28,MAIN START
596,Stephen,Brennan,M60,SHORT,02:59:57,EARLY START
815,Jason,Dowling,M40,SHORT,03:46:24,MAIN START
2654,Conor,Short,M,LONG,01:51:58,MAIN START
196,Mike,Jordan,M,LONG,02:09:55,MAIN START
1057,John,Bell,M40,LONG,02:10:10,MAIN START
364,Alan,Ayling,M40,LONG,02:21:09,MAIN START
181,John,Murray,M40,LONG,02:39:13,MAIN START
597,Ivana,Kolaric,F,LONG,02:39:42,MAIN START
883,Roisin,McDonnell,F50,LONG,02:44:47,MAIN START
1545,Liam,Mooney,M,LONG,02:50:11,MAIN START
2458,Kevin,Glennon,M,LONG,02:50:14,MAIN START
2235,Hugh,Kinsella,M50,LONG,03:00:10,MAIN START
2208,Conor,O'Meara,M40,LONG,03:01:36,MAIN START
331,Jarlath,Hynes,M50,LONG,03:02:14,MAIN START
1763,Niamh,O'Ceallaigh,F40,LONG,03:05:54,MAIN START
1435,ciara,largey,F,LONG,03:07:38,MAIN START
1421,Mairtin,Savage,M50,LONG,03:09:17,MAIN START
2420,Ruth,Lynam,F60,LONG,03:16:34,MAIN START
795,Maike,Jurgens,F,LONG,03:17:06,EARLY START
474,Paul,Smyth,M50,LONG,03:23:13,MAIN START
2891,Alicia,Christofi-Walshe,F40,LONG,03:27:41,EARLY START
1798,Brendan,Delaney,M50,LONG,03:46:15,MAIN START
1430,Daniela,Boehm,F,LONG,03:54:40,EARLY START
1436,Ger,Power,F60,LONG,04:05:33,EARLY START
Alan AylingAug 25 2019, 4:12pmDoes it confuse the computer when a Short wins the Long?
Alan AylingAug 25 2019, 4:15pmThanks Clare & Mick for fine organisation and a cleverly thought out set of control points to give some really interesting route choices.
That said, I visited bits of Wicklow today that I really don't mind never seeing again ;-)
John BellAug 25 2019, 5:43pmThanks to Clare & Mick for organising a great day in the hills. The river, choice of cakes and plenty of tea at the finish made it well worth the trip.

I like to reiterate my earlier advise have done a good number of these nav challenges. CAREFULLY mark the controls on your map and take your time to plan your route. Do hurry too much at the start. You could easily make a mistake that would cost you allot of time. ;-)
John MurrayAug 25 2019, 6:04pmCongrats Claire on your very first RD role...a complete success and run so smoothly you'd think you've been doing it for years!

I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish...with the exception of revisiting Carraway Stick, thought I wouldn't be up that way again for a LONG time! :) The area was fantastic for a Nav Challenge with plenty of route choices...some of which I wouldn't do again! lol

Thanks to Mick, Ben, Mike, Conor, Jenny and Ciara for all doing their bits to help out and give us another cracking day in the hills. Thanks!

And the cakes....mmmm...delicious!:)
Mick HanneyAug 25 2019, 6:13pmThanks for the kind words. Only one thing needed now. Race reports.
Alan AylingAug 25 2019, 7:48pmAlright so, report up!
Mick HanneyAug 25 2019, 9:15pmThat report is a keeper Alan. Great reading. Is it mean to take some delight in the suffering. Having surveyed a lot of the ground you speak of I know your pain!

Just back from doing some de-controlling. The hills were looking lovely in the sunset. Lots of inov8 footprints scattered around the bog.
Mike JordanAug 26 2019, 8:48amThanks Clare & Mick for all the planning and organizing. It was clear that a huge amount of thought and effort went into this event and it showed on the day. Very enjoyable but I'm still questioning some of my choices today.
To correct Alan's fine race report - It was Control #3 where I lost time. Sweat had smudged the marker on my map and, approaching the control from above, I didn't have the track to follow into the control. Control #2 was actually a doddle - Phillip Brennan, being the good Samaritan that he is, had kindly returned to the firebreak and was directing traffic when I arrived ;-)
Clare KeeleyAug 26 2019, 8:56amA massive thank you to everyone who came down to Aughavanagh along the banks of the Ow River today! Congratulations to Conor and Ivana 1st male and female in the long course and Chris and Linda 1st male and female in the short course(Linda was 1st over all).
A huge thank you to Conor and Mike for helping with car parking, Jenny for first aid and to my Ciara and Mick’s Ben for helping with general bits and bobs. A special thanks to Mick who’s experience at RD was invaluable to my first go at it. Having helped at Croghan Nav 3 last year I innocently mentioned I would love to organize one next year down this way again, so today, job done!
On the way home in the car Ciara (11) said “you know Mum, it’s really cool the way there is no age thing for this everyone from the boys to the Grandads!” (By the boys she meant Graham Bushes boys, the Grandads? I am not sure?!?!?)

*thank you Mick for getting the draft results up so quick and Alan for your brilliant race report, And thank you John Murray, John Bell and Mike for all the kind words, really enjoyed the planning and see it all come good on the day. When you are laminating little signs at 2am , you do question your sanity! Clare

As Mick has already done, I encourage anyone to write a race report, they are great memories and learning for everyone!
henry barryAug 26 2019, 9:20amThanks IMRA race team for a great event on Sunday . Much appreciated .
James CurranAug 26 2019, 9:27amFantastic course and flawless organisation. Thanks to Clare and team for a great morning in the mountains.
Inigo AlanaAug 26 2019, 10:20amThanks Clare and everyone else involved in organising this my first race of the year. What an amazing morning!
Conor O'FarrellAug 26 2019, 12:24pmHi All

Results are now up. Please email any queries to

Clare KeeleyAug 26 2019, 12:33pmThat's great Conor, appreciate the swiftness!

Here is a copy of the Control Descriptions and grid references if anyone fancies heading outand gives an idea of the format for the Nav Challenges from now on!

1. Track Junction T065 873
2. *Shooting Platform (Special Feature) T066 891
3. Track End T064 879
4. Lake/pond near river source T053 898
5. Fire road/track transition T075 880
6. The Stile (crossing point T035 905
7. Fire road/stream crossing T048 884
8. Air Crash Memorial T063 904
9. Acute Track Bend T044892
Clare KeeleyAug 26 2019, 12:37pmIt was a "scatter event" so runners for the long had to choose 8 out of the 9 in any order of their choice and short course had to choose 4 out of the 9 in any order of their choice.
Andrew HanneyAug 26 2019, 2:54pmReport up for my short course exploits.
Mick HanneyAug 26 2019, 5:41pmA report added with some observations of the courses and the controls.
Maike JürgensAug 26 2019, 10:30pmadded another rambling race report but felt the "shortcuts" through trees option deserved some positive feedback :D - i will try again until, one day, it will be significantly faster.
Mick HanneyAug 26 2019, 10:48pmThanks Andy and Maike - great reading. Liking the relaxed navigation style Maike with no major issues compared to other competitors.
Mike LongAug 27 2019, 9:54amDear All
I must say that Clare's daughter, Ciara, was very perceptive in her comments on young and old people involved in IMRA. As well as hill running, I feel orienteering is the way forward if you want to be competitive into your 90's. Last year at the Swedish 5 day (Oringen) three lads fought it out all week in the M90 class (there were probably competing when they were M10). At the end of the week the winner was so wrecked he had to be lifted onto the podium to get his medal. He attributed his success to weekly map and compass sessions in the forest. Two years ago Britain had its first W90 British Champion. Apparently her son took her to the start. It was a tough 3.5km course in a forest. There was no sign of her after 2.5 hours so he started to get worried. The organiser said "don't worry if she dies in the forest she will be happy". She got back shortly afterwards really angry with herself that she mistook a stone wall for an earth bank on the map and spent a long time on one control. So I encourage all young and old to look at! Mike
Maike JürgensAug 27 2019, 10:29amhahaha Mick, i was as relaxed running so all the more or less spot on navigation didn't pay off in terms of the final time (though i might have struggled to find controls had i tried to run faster - you never know).
Graham K. BusheAug 27 2019, 3:21pmA huge thanks to Clare and her super crew for a great event (report up)