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Jim FitzharrisJan 3 2019, 2:36pmHappy New Year to one and all!

I am the Race Director for the first IMRA race of the year at Hellfire on Sunday, 13th January.

As usual, I am soliciting volunteers to help out on the day.

As the first race of the year, it will be a busy one with everyone collecting race numbers, vouchers, etc.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have signed up already – much appreciated.

I still need a few more volunteers, both non-running and running. I especially need a laptop operator.

Also, if someone is aspiring to become an RD, they could act as Deputy RD on the day and learn the ropes.

Do not forget that you need to do TWO non-running volunteer stints to claim your end of year IMRA prize later this year so why not get one of your boxes ticked early?

Thanks & regards,

Jim Fitzharris.
Jeff SwordsJan 3 2019, 4:02pmHi Jim,

It's been a few years since I've done laptop (pre online days) but if none with more recent and regular experience steps forward I can pop into that roll.
Robert CarneyJan 3 2019, 9:03pmHi Jim,

I'd appreciate the opportunity to shadow you as RD and see what is involved if that would be possible.

Miriam MaherJan 3 2019, 9:19pmJeff, if you sign up as laptop operator, I come along early and work with you on set up and the finish off after the race - do a running shadow laptop operator. I’m hellbent on getting my races in this year...getting close to the 100 :). And it’s easier since it went online, less set up hassles.
Jim FitzharrisJan 4 2019, 9:25amThanks to both Jeff and Miriam - that sounds good.

As Miriam states, the laptop operation has become a bit easier since online registration was introduced.


Jim FitzharrisJan 4 2019, 9:28amHi Robert,

Thanks for the offer to step in as Deputy RD - accepted!

You will get the drift from the messages I post on the Forum as well as the direct communications to volunteers over the next 10 days or so.

We can also work together on the day and I will try to fill in the missing pieces.


Robert CarneyJan 5 2019, 4:18pmHi Jim,

Much appreciated.
I'll keep an eye here and am available to help/assist you in any way I can.
My Phone no. is zero 87 two 3 six six three 4 five should you need to contact me.

Rob C.
Conor MahonJan 6 2019, 6:41pmHi All,
Planning on making Hellfire my first ever IMRA (but not my first ever mountain race). Any advice or checklist for me? I have my way to the Merry Ploughboy sorted and proper footwear but is there anything else I will need to race?
Thanks in advance,
Michael MannionJan 6 2019, 9:16pmYou will need a rain jacket, it's mandatory.
Jeff SwordsJan 8 2019, 4:51pmCheers Miriam! I'll start exercising my space bar finger in preparation.
Richard MoriartyJan 9 2019, 5:23pmHey there, Just in case anyone didn't realise, the road just beyond the Merry Ploughboy is now open to anyone that wants to use it.

Also as a good warm up, the run up to the start line from the Merry Ploughboy is good. After a little bit of road, you take the trail up through Masseys Wood (and it's downhill on the way back ;o)
Jim FitzharrisJan 10 2019, 9:04amHi all,

Thanks to all the volunteers who have signed up for the Hellfire race - instructions to follow.

I now have enough volunteers so please look at other races later in the calendar to do your stint!

Thanks & regards,

Enda McLaughlinJan 10 2019, 4:33pmHi,
What time is cutoff for online entry to the Hellfire race? Thanks Enda
Jason DowlingJan 10 2019, 4:49pmNormally 6pm the evening before the race..
Jim FitzharrisJan 10 2019, 10:15pmHi all,

This your Hellfire RD again!

As stated on the website, registration will take place as usual in the Merry Ploughboy between 09:30 and 10:30 on Sunday, 13th January.

The road above the pub is now open again so you can travel up the hill and back down again via Kilakee.

Car parking is tight at both the pub and the Hellfire so please, please, please carpool as much as you can, travel with a running buddy or two, etc.

It is going to be VERY busy as it is the first race of the year and every runner will be collecting their number, etc.

To ALL runners, the system will be as follows:-

1. If you have pre-registered go to that table and sign in ... your name will be on a pre-printed sheet.
2. If paying with a voucher go to that table, have your card punched and sign in.
[If you have bought vouchers online, they can be collected at this table too – bring your confirmation email.]

You MUST do either 1 or 2 otherwise you will not be racing! No cash on the day as always.

If you plan on using a voucher and do not have any, buy them now or ask another runner with vouchers on the day – most people will let you have a voucher for €5.

3. Collect your new 2019 number.

Please be patient with the volunteers – it is always a little hectic at this stage of the year.

Further updates will follow as necessary.


Jim FitzharrisJan 10 2019, 10:23pmHi all,

I have contacted all the volunteers as a group with the duty roster but I am using the Forum as well just in case I did not have every person’s email address correct.

If you are a volunteer and you did NOT get a copy of the special group email sent directly to you, please contact me directly: jim dot fitzharris at outlook dot ie as that email message had extra details in it.

DEPUTY RD – Robert Carney


RACE MARKER – Ross Fitzgerald.




PRE-REGISTERED RUNNERS table – Theo Mooney and Fabio Baltieri.

VOUCHERS TABLE – Lillian Deegan, Gavin Callery and Roger Tegart.

NUMBERS – Jarlath Hynes, Derek Charles and Dee Bohan.

CAR PARK MARSHAL – Henny Brandsma.

COURSE MARSHALS and DE-MARKING – James Higgins, Brian Furey and Ross Fitzgerald.

FINISH CHUTE – MANUAL RECORDING – Henry Barry and Ercus Stewart.



Lillian DeeganJan 11 2019, 8:37am.
Thanks for the above Jim.

Morning all,
I'm on with a little update for the 1st race of the season. As your RD has noted above - Registration for Hellfire is likely to be a busy period prior to gun time - Please give yourself plenty of time to Sign-in at either Reg. desk and to collect your new 2019 race number before 10:30am.

** Race Numbers for 2019**
Everyone registered gets a new race number for 2019. You collect same once you have Signed-in to run Hellfire. Please have your membership purchase id to show the Reg. desk people when asked. Same is found under your own "myimra" drop down. A print out or screen grab will suffice.

N.B. *You keep/ mind this number for the entire year - If a replacement is needed for whatever reason, it will cost you 5 Euro - This can be paid on-line OR by using a voucher card punch as the season runs on.

When you arrive at the Reg. desks to Sign-in for Hellfire - KNOW YOUR 2019 RACE NUMBER. Write it on your hand or whatever for the new numbers desk people. Knowing your race number will ensure you get the correct one and we are less likely to have result errors post any race. It also speeds up the process for everyone collecting.

Voucher Cards - If you are collecting a new voucher card - Pls have your purchase id detail to hand. You will be asked to present same to get your voucher card. Again a screen grab or print out will suffice.

Paul O'Grady - Jim will be in touch to reallocated a task. The one given was accidental - all runners keep their own numbers for the year ahead. IMRA does not mind anyone's race No.

Finally, while the weather is looking ok at the mo for Sunday - remember you need to carry a jacket for the entire race. No Jacket = no result.
Geoff DuffJan 11 2019, 7:06pmHi Jim
Hoping to do Hellfire on Sun
Mistakenly signed up and paid for Howth instead, can I transfer (unfortunately can make Howth)
Niall MageeJan 11 2019, 9:34pmFirst IMRA race for me, bought a voucher. Do I need to register somehow online before hand or can I show up pickup my voucher and race?

I can’t see any option on the website to register with a voucher just to buy an entry
Jim FitzharrisJan 11 2019, 10:10pmNiall,

You must register as an IMRA member for 2019 on the website. This will then give you your race number for the year.

After that, you can use a voucher to race.


Jim FitzharrisJan 11 2019, 10:11pmGeoff,

This above my pay grade!

Someone from the Commitee will have to respond.


Jim FitzharrisJan 11 2019, 10:16pmHi all,

These are a few more instructions for the Hellfire race on Sunday.

As advertised, registration will take place at the Merry Ploughboy pub starting at 09:30 and finishing at 10:30 sharp to allow the race team to get to the Hellfire.

No late registrations! Be there or be square!

There will be a junior course. This involves doing just ONE big loop after the ascent to the Hellfire Club and then descending to the finish.

The senior course has the normal TWO big loops after the ascent and then descending to the finish.

The course will be marked as usual and there will be a few on-course marshals as well.

The map on the event page is quite clear – please study this.

There will be an early start at 10:30, 30 minutes before the main field. Please give your race number to the volunteer at the start. Do not forget to check the results after the race to ensure that your finish time correctly reflects an early start.

There will be some tea/coffee and sandwiches after the race, compliments of IMRA, at the Merry Ploughboy from 12 noon and the prize-giving will take place there too.

Runners are reminded of the standard IMRA race rules:-
No headphones.
It is mandatory to wear or carry a jacket.

Please be sure that your number is on display at the finish, not hiding under a jacket or crumpled up on your thigh.

Do NOT race unless you have registered for the race and signed in.

Cya all on Sunday and have a great race!


Pádraig DoyleJan 11 2019, 10:23pmHi Niall,
If you've purchased vouchers AND have purchased annual membership, just turn up on the day to sign in (early)... no need to register online for the race in that case.

Enjoy the race!

Pádraig DoyleJan 11 2019, 10:25pmJaysus, I'm a slow typist... see Jim's answer!
Lillian DeeganJan 12 2019, 8:23am.
Geoff Duff - We do not have optional transfers between races - soz.
Lillian DeeganJan 12 2019, 2:36pmAfternoon everyone,

With your RD for Hellfire allowing for an early start option tomorrow, I'm on with the following for all Early Starters - Please note that early starts are only offered for longer races. And for runners who expect to be 160% or more of winner's time.

Early starters will be given their race brief and let off 30 minutes before the main race, mass start. If you are taking an early start, please be sure you sign-in with an "ES" at the reg. desk and be at the start area in time for your race brief. Anyone who takes an early start will be accounted for at the finish with the given grace period of 30 minutes only - no in between timings, no self timings and the like.

The above is being asked for to allow the finisher logging be done on the laptop with relative ease. And to allow for the results to be published, error free, as best we can.

Co-operation with the above would be most welcome - thanks all.
Laura FlynnJan 13 2019, 4:36pmThanks Jim all your work in putting on another great Hellfire race today. It was a bit of a shock to the system but maybe that’s what we all needed.
Great to see so many juniors out today and see a our world-class athlete, Sarah McCormack come third in a quality field.
Luke McMullanJan 13 2019, 5:57pmHi Jim.
Thanks ever so much for putting the race together. It's very much appreciated by us all. Roll on Howth :)
Andrew HanneyJan 13 2019, 8:01pmCongrats to Jim, Lillian and team for seamlessly organizing 220 people into the first Leinster race of the year. Special mention to the marshalls out in such bad conditions. Well done!
Andrew HanneyJan 13 2019, 8:09pmCongrats to Jim, Lillian and team for seamlessly organizing 220 people into the first Leinster race of the year. Special mention to the marshalls out in such bad conditions. Well done!
Stephen BrennanJan 13 2019, 9:06pmThat was a perfect start to the season. Thanks Jim and everyone else who played a part. :)
Caitlin BentJan 14 2019, 10:25amEverything seemed to go like clockwork at yesterdays Hellfire race. But behind the scenes I know that Jim, and all his crew, were working hard to keep the wheels running smoothly. Really appreciate all the hard work done. Míle maith agaibh!
John DurradJan 14 2019, 11:31amThanks guys for a fantastic race, my first of many I hope for years to come. Everyone was so friendly, no egos, just everyone there for the buzz. A bit stiff, but on a high.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:52pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:53pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:53pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:53pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:53pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
Michelle RowleyJan 14 2019, 3:53pmMany thanks to all for a great start to the season.
James H CahillJan 14 2019, 8:24pmGreat first race of the season. Well done Jim and all volunteers. Excellent organization and like clockwork. Thank you.
Jim FitzharrisJan 14 2019, 8:56pmHi all,

I just want to thank everyone who turned out for the Hellfire race yesterday.

It was not the nicest morning so well done to one and all!

A very special thanks to my great team of volunteers, without whom this event would not have happened.
It is invidious to single out people but I would like to especially thank Lillian, who mentored and guided me in advance of the race as well as posting very helpful Forum messages, and Karen, who popped up as Shadow Laptop Operator late in the day and made an invaluable contribution as always.

The results are now up. Any queries should be directed to the Results & Records Secretary:-

conor dot ofarrell at imra dot ie

One prize category we overlooked at the finish was that of Junior Female – this award goes to Zoe Wilson – well done Zoe.