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Paul LarkinsOct 7 2018, 10:05pmWhen is this event available for purchase ?
Lillian DeeganOct 11 2018, 12:19pmHi Paul,
Fire away, this one is now available for entry.

** Volunteers**
Thanks a mil to those who have popped in so far. Comms to follow nearing the date. With last years Route Race Marker in to repeat - all's gonna be fine and dandy on the course. Cheers Adrian ;)
Maria VlasakOct 11 2018, 1:04pmHi! Is there any navigation necessary for the Powerscourt Ridge race? I'll be in Dublin (from New York) that weekend, and although I have plenty of trail racing experience, I have ZERO nav experience. I'd love to do this race but don't want to end up wandering lost around the mountains for the rest of my life! Thanks!!! Maria
Lillian DeeganOct 11 2018, 1:25pm.
Hi Maria,
I would very much dislike having you trek about the WW hills for the rest of your life too, lovely and all as they are :) With trail experience as you note, you will be grand I reckon. This event usually has a head count of circa 150 runners in for the 16km route and it is not a tricky one Nav wise in my view. The race route will be fully marked with yellow/red fly tape and you are very likely to be in company most of the time even if you are racing top end.
Maria VlasakOct 11 2018, 2:00pmBrilliant! Thank you, Lillian. I'll register today... and see you in November! I'll be nowhere near the top end. :)
Paul BurchmoreOct 11 2018, 4:22pmAfter a 4.5 year absence from running due to injury I’m targeting Powerscourt for my return (no time goals, just grateful to be running again). I’ll register shortly but just wanted to get a view on footwear....trail shoe or fell?
Ian ConroyOct 11 2018, 4:46pmI'd say somewhere in between, as it's usually a slopfest off the tops but then after that it's a trail run all the way to the finish. It depends on the weather too - clear as mud? It may well be :)
Paul BurchmoreOct 11 2018, 6:20pm:) thanks Ian
Paul BurchmoreOct 11 2018, 6:42pm....and sorry to be a pain. I just went to register but cant see this event as an option in 'Purchase IMRA Products' or any 'entry' button within the event page. Do I need to change PC settings or such like? Again. sorry for the newbie Q (the process has changed since 2014).
Gordon PlaceOct 11 2018, 7:12pmHi Paul, looks like it's not available yet after all. I'm sure it'll be listed in there shortly
Lillian DeeganOct 11 2018, 7:20pmHi Paul,
We are looking at a little detail for the last race of the year at the mo. Bear with and I will be back with on-line entry spec as soon as poss.

Gordon P - Thanks. Will you seek me out at Powerscourt. Well done with the Age Cat win last Sunday. I have your voucher to pass on.
Paul BurchmoreOct 11 2018, 7:34pmGreat, many thanks.
Gordon PlaceOct 11 2018, 7:50pmThanks Lillian
Lillian DeeganOct 12 2018, 3:16pmHi everyone,
I'm on with a little follow up to the entry jazz for this event. For anyone not an IMRA member so far this year but wish to run this race, we will have a reduced membership rate of 3 Euro available (opposed to the usual annual 10 bucks) for our last race on the calendar.

On-line entry will close at 18h on Thursday Nov. 1st to allow us run off race day entry data and so on.
Williams AvaOct 15 2018, 9:47amHi
How do I register for this event... when I go into purchase it says 7 euro but I want to use my race vouchers that I bought at the beginning of the year. What do I do? Do I have to preregister and just bring my race voucher on the day? Thanks
Gordon PlaceOct 15 2018, 11:00amHi Ava, just turn up with your voucher and sign in on the day.
Williams AvaOct 15 2018, 3:26pmThanks Gordon :)
Maria VlasakOct 26 2018, 7:35pmHi, all,

I need to get to Powerscourt Ridge from the Clontarf Castle Hotel (Castle Ave, Clontarf, Dublin 3) next Saturday. Can anyone suggest the best/easiest way to do this? Do I have to rent a car(not ideal since I run better than I drive... and I'm not a particularly good runner) or can I take public transportation?

Thank you!
Conor O'FarrellOct 26 2018, 7:49pmMaria

Keep your eye on the carpooling section. Someone is likely to be travelling from somewhere along the dart line at least. I'm pretty sure that's your worst case scenario. With a bit of luck, someone will be carpooling closer to you.

Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:51pmMaria I'm racing and live in Hollybrook Grove (at the garda station/food room).Ill put my car on car pooling later but I can give you a lift no problem.
Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:52pmMaria I'm racing and live in Hollybrook Grove (at the garda station/food room).Ill put my car on car pooling later but I can give you a lift no problem.
Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:52pmMaria I'm racing and live in Hollybrook Grove (at the garda station/food room).Ill put my car on car pooling later but I can give you a lift no problem.
Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:52pmMaria I'm racing and live in Hollybrook Grove (at the garda station/food room).Ill put my car on car pooling later but I can give you a lift no problem.
Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:53pmMaria I'm racing and live in Hollybrook Grove (at the garda station/food room).Ill put my car on car pooling later but I can give you a lift no problem.
Avril ChallonerOct 26 2018, 7:55pmOps apologies for the reposting, ill blame bad signal! ;)
Lillian DeeganOct 28 2018, 2:53pmHi everyone,
Thanks to those who have popped in to help with next Saturday's race. I will be in touch with you via email mid-week with an outline of specific roles. For now, the plan is for us to meet at Crone Car Park at 9am for our volunteer brief run through.

**I could do with some more help for this race, we are a tad low with non runners to help at the mo. All offers welcome.

Reg. desks for sign-in will open at 9:15am and close at 10:15am sharp. Early starters will be let off at 10am. If you are going out at 10am as an Early Starter, please sign-in with an "ES" by your name. For anyone picking up voucher cards or new bib numbers, please bring details showing proof of purchase to show the Reg. desk people.

Chip Timing: I will update all later this week if we are using the chip timing system.

Route Map:
I would encourage all runners to pull up and review (print to have with you, if you wish) the route map for this race. My plan, volunteer pending, is to have marshals at major turing points about the route.

Mandatory and optional kit:
At the moment, it is looking like we will have a nice crisp dry weather race morning. This could well change before Saturday next. Regardless, all IMRA races have a jacket as mandatory kit for every race. Anyone found not to be carrying their jacket during the race will be DQ'd without issue, at the finish line. Some runners might consider a long sleeve base layer for this event. Maulin and Djouce can be a chilly spots in the best of weather. Some runners might also wish to carry food and water, your choice.

Car Parking:
I would ask that people carpool to get to Crone. With prize giving and the AGM in Enniskerry, I would very much appreciate runners planning ahead and car sharing from there or elsewhere locally. I hope to have a car park marshal in Crone. For now, in advance of race day, I would appeal to everyone to take care and park sensibily to allow us make best use of available parking space for all users.
Maria VlasakOct 29 2018, 11:09amHey, Avril,

I'd love a ride if you can fit both my husband and I in your car. We're not very big. ;-)

If you post to the carpool section, we can exchange info, right?

Aoibheann GaughranOct 29 2018, 5:19pmHi all, can anyone tell me what time the back of the pack finishes this race normally? I'm in for an early start, but don't want to be holding up volunteers too much.
Lillian DeeganOct 29 2018, 6:46pmHello Aoibheann, long time ;) how's the form?
Great to see your with us for this one. Re: A guide wrap for the back of the field - 13h usually sees everyone well home. If your still unsure, you might consider the short course come race morning, your call. There is a bit of a shift weather wise now too so it's likely gonna be that little bit tougher hitting Djouce for home on the 16km route.
Bronagh McInerneyOct 29 2018, 7:11pmHi I’m interested in this race is it possible to enter with a Nimra membership? Thanks
Lillian DeeganOct 29 2018, 7:49pm.
Hi Bronagh,
You will need to register as an IMRA member and pay the race day fee to run next Saturday. We have a reduced membership rate of 3 Euro in place now till year end.
Aoibheann GaughranOct 29 2018, 8:54pmAhhh Lillian, howiya! That should be plenty (!) of time, thx
JUDITH ROBINSONOct 30 2018, 7:23pmHi....could someone kindly give directions....coming from Newry direction and do I need to e book a Toll fare?
Lillian DeeganOct 31 2018, 1:50am.
Hi Judith, If you run a Google for this - Crone Car Park, Glencree/ Enniskerry, Co Wicklow Gr. O 192 142 - it will get you sorted.

Re: The toll crossings - I would suggest you google this too. You will have a couple to cross with varied payment options available to you.

The Powerscourt Ridge event will have the chip timing system in use.

For anyone who has not picked up their 2018 chip tag, you can do so once signed-in to run on Saturday morning.

For all others that have their 2018 or before - chip tag - please bring it with you for Saturday. Should you need to double check any specific detail tied back to your tag, we will have a desk for queries and the like to be sorted before gun time. If you have a 2017 tag that was not reprogramed for 2018 in your name, do come to the chip desk - we will need to ensure all particulars are correctly linked to your race No. for the current year.

Chip tags are best placed tied on your shoe lace for easy reading crossing the timing mat.
Stuart ScottOct 31 2018, 10:11amJust to clarify, the chips can ONLY be placed on your shoe. Any higher and they won't read.

Will there be chips of the tastier variety at the AGM?!
Kenneth O'HaraOct 31 2018, 3:51pmSigned up.

This will be my first (and obviously last) IMRA race this year. From reading through the site it looks like I pick up both the race number & chip on the morning of the race. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
John CondonOct 31 2018, 10:12pmHi Kenneth, Yes, that's correct. Once purchased the chip can be used for all future races.
Kenneth O'HaraNov 1 2018, 7:52amPerfect, thanks John.
Lillian DeeganNov 1 2018, 8:35am.
Cheers JC :)

On Saturday, I will have a number of lost and found/ left behind items with me. If you are missing anything in particular, seek me out at Crone and hopefully I'll be able to return whatever. I am eager to shift a whack of Wicklow Way Race bits and bobs too.

I have vouchers from earlier events to pass on to Mikey Fry, Mary Collins, Dan Geelon, Paul Mahon and Tanya. Will you remind me at Crone if you are there. Otherwise, we will get them posted to you.

John Condon will be at Crone with the Irish Champs prize, the end of year race prize and the 2018 "thank you" Race Director surprise. Seek John to collect your item(s).

On-Line entry to this race will close at 18h tomorrow eve.

The weather man is updating with news of high winds and wet weather from Friday eve. into Saturday - I'm hoping they have it wrong! Everybody, racers and helpers would be well advised to dress accordingly. Long sleeve base layer, hat/ buff and gloves I'd be saying.

I'll be back on Friday with the last of any necessary race day instruction.
Robbie WilliamsNov 1 2018, 7:48pmLads only see this now as didn't read forum

Suggest chip Timing instruction is out on details page
Robbie WilliamsNov 1 2018, 7:55pmIn same matter...

If I do not have a chip (i don't), and reckon most munster lads won't either, can I just buy on race morning up there?
I won't reg in advance as I have the card , or do I still need to buy chip online?

Thank you
Mark HorvathNov 1 2018, 8:20pmI don’t see an option to buy a chip.
Gordon PlaceNov 1 2018, 9:14pmLads, as far as I can remember you get your chip free, so if you never got one yet, you should be able to pick it up on the morning. You only need to buy a Replacement, if you lost the one you were given
Lillian DeeganNov 1 2018, 9:30pm.
Thanks Robbie - Chip Timing info. has now been updated on the event page.

Mark - Chip tags will be given at no additional charge to anyone who needs one on race morning. The charge has been waived on chips for the moment.

** Members,
Over the past few months Jason, Richard, Kevin and Pòl have been working on figuring a better, more user friendly IT aspect for ease of uploading the Results & Records. Integrating the Chip Timing system played a part in what the lads have been working on.

Our race on Saturday morning will be the 1st time for us to run the the chip system for an age. To ensure all runners chip tag linked info's are correctly tied back to your name and 2018 race number, we are now asking EVERYONE to present at the chip timing desk with your tag (if you have one) or to collect your new one.

In order for a smooth, hassle free lead in for gun time, I would ask all runners to give plenty of time to get signed-in to run and to see the chip desk operators.
Catherine McIntoshNov 2 2018, 8:31amHi Lillian
What is the distance of the short course and does it start at 10.30am too?
Lillian DeeganNov 2 2018, 9:54am.
Morning Catherine,
The short course is just shy of 9k and yes, we'll have a mass start at half 10.

Stuart - me bad! Forgot you last night somehow. Peace meal hot chips post race now for defo ;)
Pierre StepanovNov 2 2018, 11:25amHi there, new here. Is there a powerscourt GPX file available anywhere? Thanks a lot.
Natalia PocelujkoNov 2 2018, 12:03pmGuys what time I should be on registration ??
John MurrayNov 2 2018, 12:40pm@Pierre - you won't need a GPX file. With the large number of runners and marshalls at major junctions it will be hard to get lost! :)

@Natalia - Registration desk for sign-in will open at 9:15am and close at 10:15am sharp.
Niall McGuinnessNov 2 2018, 12:58pm@Pierre If you put "powerscourt ridge strava" into google you'll get a strava for the course. That will show you the ups and downs of the route.
Lillian DeeganNov 2 2018, 6:07pm.
Final race day update:

Carpool as best possible to get to Crone car park. On arrival, our car park marshal will direct you for parking. Please park as neatly as possible to allow us make best use of available space.

For those that have them - bring your chip tag and race number to the desk for sign-in to avoid any delays.

Resistering/ signing-in to race: We will have 2 desks in operation.
1st desk will be for people with vouchers.
2nd desk will be for those who have pre-entered on-line.

When signing-in, please be sure you know your own race number and take care with writing your name. We need to be able to read it for laptop input. If you are due to collect a voucher, have proof of purchase to show once asked. New bib numbers can be collected at either of the desks also.

Chip Timing - Once you have signed-in and have your bib number - follow on to see the chip timing desk. All runners need to see the chip desk people. All chip tags need to be checked to ensure details tie back to your 2018 race number.

Weather: It is going to be wet and blustery for race morning. Everybody needs to dress appropriately.

We will have prize giving with tea/ coffee and sandwiches post race in the Powerscourt Arms, Enniskerry followed by the AGM at 2pm all going well. Everyone is welcome.
Niamh O'CeallaighNov 2 2018, 6:32pmFinal bit of DCM fundraising:

I'll have flapjacks at the finish in exchange for a donation to Wicklow Hospice (currently under construction and due for completion in 2019).
Roger TegartNov 2 2018, 8:17pmI'm coming from Drogheda in the morning if anybody needs a lift along the way.
Lillian DeeganNov 2 2018, 8:23pm.
On with an advisory for the morning - Owing to the weather forecast , we are looking at a possible need to run an alternative race route tomorrow. As many of us know, Djouce Mt. is a windy spot at the best of times and in high winds, it could prove to be unsafe for many runners. We are looking at other options to run from Crone at the moment. I will make the final call in the morning on how we are fixed and let everyone know then.
Warren SwordsNov 2 2018, 9:48pmUnderstand safety issues but Djouce is always windy.

There’s no warnings from met Éireann.

It’s mountain running. It’ll be windy.
Lillian DeeganNov 2 2018, 10:14pmWell hello soon to be in the 100 Club man - I've had you on my mind on and off this week. Get yourself up and off Maulin for me without issue ;) Re: Djouce - We will do our level best to keep to the planned route Warren but we might have to rejig a tad. We'll see what the morning brings.
Warren SwordsNov 2 2018, 10:39pmI know a shortcut off Maulin...
Robert CostelloNov 3 2018, 12:29amLol
Lillian DeeganNov 3 2018, 1:29amIndeed Rob. Be sure to slip past it for this one though Warren :)
Caoimhin MacMaolainNov 3 2018, 3:05pmThanks very much Lillian, volunteers and hardy marshalls for a great race today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks also to John Condon and crew for organising such a great end of year participation/volunteering prize. All of your efforts are much appreciated.
Andrew HanneyNov 3 2018, 6:51pmFinish line photos are up!
Jon FinnNov 3 2018, 7:56pmThank you Lillian & all volunteers for providing a safe & well organised event.
Just a query on the results. My name is omitted ( Number 609 ) finishing around 1:18:00 thx John
Lillian DeeganNov 3 2018, 8:09pm.
Well done to all who hit the hills this morning. We had no major incidents to report, thankfully. Many thanks to all our volunteers for giving their time to make the race possible. I am most grateful to all of you, everything went as smooth as - cheers!

Kevin has the results up - let us know of any possible errors.
Mark StephensNov 3 2018, 9:18pmHi, I came 2nd today and a different name is on the results. I guess it was registration errors (my fault completely) I was wondering if it could be changed to Mark Stephens running for Newcastle AC. Cheers!
Jon FinnNov 4 2018, 1:52pmPlease change number 2609 with 609 to correct placings. Thank you
Caitlin BentNov 4 2018, 4:26pmMy results for the long course at Powerscourt are missing. My race No. is 696
My time was 2 hrs 36 mins. I don't have new record secretary's e.mail.
Thanks for a bracing morning on the hills to all the team.
p.s. Gordan Douglas's time is not recorded either. He came in ahead of me on the long course also.
James HeggieNov 4 2018, 4:43pmHi ya I think my race result is still missing. My race number
Is 127 my time was 2hrs 58 secs thanks James
Ruairí LongNov 4 2018, 9:06pmRace Report Up!
Great race, buzzing for another go
Paul KellyNov 5 2018, 1:38pmHi Folks, looks like my time wasn't posted. Number 1058, I came in with Patrick Rowe, Paul Duggan and Karl Richards. There is a runner 1048 that is showing in the results, maybe there was a typo?

James HeggieNov 6 2018, 10:43amHi ya sorry if it’s being looked at but I think my race result is still missing. My race number Is 127 my time was 2hrs 58 secs .thanks James
Conor O'FarrellNov 6 2018, 1:21pmHi All

We still have a few results to correct and we have just to verify the sign-in and results sheets - once they have dried out. Please bear with us while the hair-dryers are running. ;-)

Peter GormanNov 7 2018, 6:56pmBy any chance did anyone come across a pair of Merrill trail runners at the car park? Thats the last place i can remember seeing favorite pair.