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Brían O'MearaMar 25 2018, 6:11pmCan summit marshal this, if needed.
Richard ChurchApr 12 2018, 3:59pmThe Leinster Championship kicks off next weekend with Tonelagee. The race still needs a couple more volunteers and, in particular, a First Aider. A laptop operator would also be preferable.

Great opportunity to get your volunteering over and done with early in the season so you can then focus on the running!!

@Brian - Happy for you to summit marshal, many thanks. Fingers crossed you get a view on the day.

Entries are now also open.
Richard ChurchApr 15 2018, 6:04pmOne week to go to Tonelagee.
A First Aid Officer and a Laptop Operator are still required.
Based on previous editions of this race, here is a brief description of the route, the mandatory equipment required, and a note on road safety:

Route Description:
Starting at the Wicklow Gap in the main car park on St Kevins Way (and not where the tourist buses pull in at the lookout). Look out for a sign and/or marshall at the Gap.
Running southeast along St. Kevin’s Way in a general direction towards Laragh - watch out the initial section is slippery and then boggy.
When you meet the main road (R756) cross the road, and cut up onto the ridge between Brockagh and Tonelagee. Travel over the saddle and down to Lough Ouler. Continue anti clockwise around Lough Ouler and then up to summit Tonelagee. Finally head southwest from the summit with the classic descent off Tonelagee to finish.
Strava flyby from last years race for your entertainment / route guidance is

Mandatory Equipment:
This race will be on an unmarked open mountain route. Competitors must be capable of navigating their way around the course. The mandatory kit is:
Map of route,
Jacket (WP),
Hat or Cap & Gloves
If you don't have the mandatory kit you can't run.

Road Crossing Safety:
From a safety point of view, it will be mandatory to cross the road where St Kevin's Way joins/intercepts the road (R756).
Normal road rules apply i.e. runners must give way to traffic.
A Road Marshall will be in place at that point, they may have to require you to stop in order to allow traffic to pass, please work with him/her as regards that request.

Long Range Weather Forecast for Sat 21st is:
Friday and next weekend will be largely dry with sunny spells and light winds. Day time temperatures will range from 13 to 17 degrees, warmest in the midlands.
Fingers Crossed.
Laura FlynnApr 17 2018, 1:44pmLaptop operator still needed for this race, it would be a good one to start on as numbers are much lower than the Leinster or Trail League
Laura FlynnApr 17 2018, 1:45pmLaptop operator still needed for this race, it would be a good one to start on as numbers are much lower than the Leinster or Trail League. Race can’t go ahead without.
Mick HanneyApr 17 2018, 3:08pmPersonally wouldn't see laptop as a pre-req for a Leinster Champs race given the likely small numbers. We have regularly ran these races, recording results on paper. Can assist in a running capacity if required.

Incidentally I notice the laptop was taking a while to turn on recently, I think doing system updates. Not sure if there is an issue or whether this has resolved itself.
Pádraig DoyleApr 18 2018, 7:11pmPadraig "Qwerty" Doyle on keys. Cue sexy Hammond organ solo.

I'll operate the Lap Top totalising machinery box if someone can give me a quick lowdown on where all the knobs and levers are and what they do. I'll bring safety goggles, manual handling cert and safepass.

Lillian DeeganApr 18 2018, 7:29pm.
Fair play P. I'll ask to borrow the Co. seal for legit approval to ensure your hard copies are in order :)
Laura FlynnApr 18 2018, 8:26pmThanks Mick for your input and Padraig for stepping up. The results could be done manually at these races as numbers low but laptop is preferable.
Thanks and best of luck to Richard on his first Race Director role.
Richard ChurchApr 19 2018, 11:02amThanks Laura and Padraig for stepping upto the role. I'm sure between all of us we will have the results sorted and accurate. Karen "the Enforcer" was giving me the 'requirements' last night on how she wants the data :).
Ger PowerApr 19 2018, 2:13pmHi Richard
You have not accepted me as a volunteer do you want me to come on Saturday/
Richard ChurchApr 20 2018, 3:32pmHi Ger & Laura. Thanks for offering to volunteer, we probably have enough volunteers but if you want to come along you're welome.
Richard ChurchApr 20 2018, 3:37pmJust a warning to those coming from Dublin that the Glendalough Quest is on tomorrow, starting from Laragh GAA ground and finishing at the Glendalough Hotel. The route doesn't come near our race but you might need to allow extra time to get through Laragh, or come up from the N81/Blessington/Hollywood side.
Brendan LawlorApr 20 2018, 3:44pmHi

Theres a race in Roundwood (around the lake) tomorrow morning at 10.30am too.. so Roundwood village could be busy
Mick HanneyApr 21 2018, 5:58pmThanks Richard and helpers for a great event. You even arranged for fantastic weather which is shown in great photos from Brian at the summit. Well done to the winners and all those who took part.
James H CahillApr 21 2018, 6:21pmThank you Richard (ably assisted by Orla) and all the other volunteers for a lovely day in the hills. You organised the best weather day of the year so far and the view from the top of Tonelagee helped alleviate the pain(a little bit). Well done to winners Brian and Becky and everyone who made it round. Great day, great organisation, and now I am about to tuck into a great bottle of Vino courtesy of the picky out!
Caoimhin MacMaolainApr 21 2018, 9:33pmHi Richard - can I arrange to get the race kit from you please? I can come and collect it. My number is zero8seven691nine7nine3. Thanks.
Richard ChurchApr 22 2018, 7:50amThank you yesterday to all the volunteers for helping out on the race. It wouldn't have gone so smoothly without your help. To Brian - for marshalling the summit and capturing some photos; Gordon and Ian for marshalling the road - good luck in the Connemara Ultra today; Lillian, Ger and Padraig for the reg and results and Laura for capturing some great photos of the day.

Congrats to you runners. You all got around without injury and all came back down - even if some routes were longer than others :-). Results are typed up and hopefully uploaded in the next day or so.

Caoimhin - I'll give you a call about the kit.
Maike JürgensApr 22 2018, 10:06pmthanks to Richard and volunteers for a great day out yesterday.