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Brian O MurchuFeb 28 2017, 4:00pmTraditionally this race being part of the Hill and Dale series is an unmarked course. Will this be changed to a fully marked course for the purposes of the Trial Race?
Robbie WilliamsFeb 28 2017, 9:49pmTrial course will be fully marked

Michael O'DonoghueFeb 28 2017, 10:47pmNo black stairs then? That makes it a very different race!
Mick HanneyMar 17 2017, 2:36pmCould event details be updated to reflect the update from Leo on this event elsewhere on the forum i.e.

Would like to remind everyone that the 20th May Donard race as well as been an Irish Champs race it's also going to be the World and European trial race
Leo MahonApr 9 2017, 10:11pmAdrian Tucker and myself met with Deon from Newcastle AC yesterday after The British championship race on Donard .The trial and IC race starts Main Street Newcastle up through forest fully marked up the tourist trail then up by the wall to the summit return the same way no black stairs
Mick HanneyMay 21 2017, 4:16pm
Mick HanneyMay 21 2017, 4:31pmNice set of photos here.
Michael McCarthy81May 22 2017, 5:49pmCheers for the photos and footage. its great!! pity it lashed rain or we might have seen the downhill runs on the drone footage!
Paul SmythJul 21 2017, 11:03amJust wondering when the results for this will be uploaded?
Phil HodgeJul 21 2017, 11:54amCheck out results link:
Paul SmythJul 21 2017, 2:42pmThanks Phil, but I'm already aware of that. I'm asking when the results will be uploaded to the IMRA website and therefore incorporated into the Irish Champs. league results.
John J BarryJul 23 2017, 1:16pmIt's different organisation for Donard. Results / race numbers are not compatible with IMRA site.
Alan AylingJul 23 2017, 5:21pmIf it's that incompatible or needs that much manual intervention from the results secretary that we still don't have results 2 months later, the race should be dropped from the Irish Championship.
Martin BroganJul 23 2017, 7:19pmHi, catch a grip of your self, do you want to exclude the whole of the North because of an technical problem
Alan AylingJul 23 2017, 9:19pmNot in the slightest Martin, I love the races in NI, sadly don't get to enough of them. My post was out of frustration that these technical challenges place a big burden of work on the Results Secretary. Having been on the committee for a time, that is the one position I wouldn't want or be able for. Huge respect to Karen and all who have done it before her. Just seems like there must be an easier way to coordinate results if we are using two systems to contribute to the Championship. And at this stage, runners in contention for any sort of place should be able to see an up-to-date table to see where things stand, so I sympathise with Paul's post.

On a related matter, how cool would it be to put the Donard-Commedagh race back in as the Irish Championship race? Still has the highest mountain in Ulster but brings in an extra mountain as well and finishes in the park, so no desperate haul along the promenade at the end when you're blown. And in between, one of the most epic descents this island has to offer. And the route up avoids the Black Stairs and any erosion concerns. Would be brilliant. Stick on a BBQ and a few tins and the number of racers travelling across the border would quadruple :-)