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Gerry BradyMay 5 2016, 12:10amPreliminary details of trial courses are on event page. Meet this Saturday at 10:30 at Crone Wood car park if you want to do a run over the courses.
Gerry BradyMay 7 2016, 8:24pmCourse maps and profiles for the European and Youths (born 1999-2000) trials have been updated and details for the junior women's course have been added. The senior men and SW/JM trial courses have been reduced by one lap!

More volunteers appreciated as there are three different finish locations.

Intending runners should register and enter online.

The European trials are open to all IMRA runners and will give you very useful muscle conditioning for repeat climbs and descents.
Helen WeirMay 8 2016, 6:09pmHi do you enter via purchase products
Gerry BradyMay 8 2016, 9:25pmHelen
Yes, via purchase IMRA products. Entries are now open!
Donna MahonMay 22 2016, 5:43pm2-3 volunteers required for this event.
Gerry BradyMay 25 2016, 9:50pmReminder to runners to enter for the European and Youths trial races online if they do not have a voucher. The two Youths races will start at 12:00 and the four European trial races will start at 12:10.

Crone Wood is a very very busy car park so arrive early to be certain of a place to park and car pool if possible.

Youths should arrange to have a warm top brought to the start of the lap that the European trial is on if they want to watch those races and be warm!
Gerry BradyMay 28 2016, 7:10pmProvisional results in race report:
Lorcan FaganMay 29 2016, 7:41amHi Gerry. Thanks for a great race yesterday. Both John Buckley and I finished 10 minutes earlier than posted. Cheers, Lorcan Fagan
Gerry BradyMay 29 2016, 9:27amThanks Lorcan, corrections made. The race will stand to you with the warm weather making it an even tougher challenge.
Lorcan FaganMay 29 2016, 11:34amThanks Gerry
Brian O MurchuMay 29 2016, 2:14pmSo who made the team?!?!
Phil HodgeMay 31 2016, 12:14pmGerry,

I was wondering would there be an interest on your part to get the IMRA and NIMRA youth mountain running teams together for a final run on Saturday 18th June prior to us both competing in the Czech Republic.
We would be happy to host or travel - our course was 4km and 490m climb in Rostrevor forest.
e-mail me if interested -