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Damien CoyleMar 9 2016, 3:57pmHi All
I will now be Race Director at Carrick Mountain rather than at Scalp as previously planned. Viv O Gorman will be Race Directing at Scalp
If you are free on the 4th May and would like to volunteer then please sign up.
Look forward to seeing you all then.
Kind Regards,
Damien CoyleMay 2 2016, 6:17pmSafety Information about IMRA Carrick Mountain Wednesday 4th May 2016 @ 7.30pm

Hey Everyone

So myself and Niall Corrigan went and recce'd the Carrick Mountain trail yesterday and found it to be in good condition for running.

There has been a lot of mountain biking activity lately with the upcoming Mountain Biking World Championships coming up so there is a lot of bikers training and doing recce work themselves so as the race progresses up the trails please be wary of bikers making descents. I will do my best to make bikers aware that runners will be on the trails.

The course starts out on a fire trails and veers left into the forest where runners will be greeted with the first section of the steep climb. Tough on the legs and runners will be reduced to a hike possibly hands and knees job to reach the intersecting road which when crossed leads to the second climb which is relatively steep but runnable.

The third section leads up a rocky trails. Please mind your ankles as it is loose rocks and easy to turn your ankles.

The fourth section leads to the loop of the summit which will involve running through heather and woods so please be wary of hidden rocks and branches which may impede so high knees will be required and look out for stray low hanging branches.

On completion of the loop you will descend the mountain the way you came up. This is where runners will need to throw caution to the wind and descend safely, as I mentioned before, the underfooting is extremely loose. As you approach the bottom it gets a lot steeper very quickly so please take your time and descend carefully. Zig zag and take your time if you must.

The safety of runners is paramount here. Although it is a race, I would like all runners to cross the line without injury. It goes without saying that all that all runners are responsible for their safety so be aware.
Damien CoyleMay 2 2016, 6:42pmParking at IMRA Carrick Mountain Wednesday 4th May 2016 @ 7.30pm-Carpool if possible.

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to let all runners know who will be participating at Carrick on Wednesday evening about parking in the area of Glenealy village.

There are a number of options available. As you arrive into the village from the Rathnew direction there is a church on the left hand side and parking is available and also in the adjoining housing estate.

Behind the church and across the rail way tracks there is space for a few cars.

Parking is also available near Kings Pub and Lounge and a street parking is also available.

Glenealy GAA also has space on offer so if all options of parking have been taken in the village then this is also an option.

Please DO NOT PARK on the lane way leading up to to the race start. It is a narrow lane and not suitable for parking, it will also annoy the local residents so please be considerate to the residents both in the village and the area near the race start area.

I have attached a picture on the IMRA Facebook page of Kings Pub and Lounge who have kindly allowed IMRA to use the premises for Registration and the Prize Giving.

Registration opens at 6pm. It is IMPORTANT to note that the RACE START LINE IS 10 MINUTES WALK FROM REGISTRATION. Please allow appropriate time for this.

If you haven't purchased your entry for Carrick Mountain now is the time to do so.

Last but not least don't forget your Rain Jacket and Race.

Damien CoyleMay 3 2016, 12:45pmHi All

Reminder to all runners contemplating participation at Carrick Mountain that pre-registration closes this evening at 6pm. So if you haven't purchased your entry then now is the time to do so. If you are new to IMRA then Annual Membership of 10 plus 7 euro for race entry.


Still looking for a few helpers running or non running.

Also require a Shadow Laptop Operator to assist Angus.

If other first aider would like to assist Martina then that would be a great help. Due to the steep nature of the course, I would ideally like to have as much first aid assistance where possible.

Could all volunteers kindly report for duty at King's Pub, Glenealy at 6pm.

Kind Regards,

Denise AirlieMay 3 2016, 12:49pmHi Damien, I am racing tomorrow, and have lost my number (1138). Can that please be re-printed? I would be happy to pay for the replacement.
Kevin HeddermanMay 3 2016, 1:22pmHi - I have registered and bought a number of race vouchers - do I just arrive up tomorrow night to give my details and collect my race number? thanks.
Brian O MurchuMay 3 2016, 1:29pmHi Kevin,
Bring the email confirmation of the race voucher purchases, and annual membership
See you tomorrow!
Damien CoyleMay 3 2016, 2:20pmHello Denise
We can provide you with a replacement bib with your existing number.
The penalty for lost bib numbers is to have your Race Voucher stamped twice - once for entry and once for the replacement.
We do not accept cash on the evening for lost/replacement bib numbers.
Andrew HanneyMay 3 2016, 2:43pmI think the lost number penalty is a two euro donation to DWMRT
Brian O MurchuMay 3 2016, 2:52pmThat's not official policy, IMRA has a cashless system so we don't have the capacity to do donations
Damien CoyleMay 3 2016, 10:51pmIMRA Carrick Mountain proudly presents prizes galore tomorrow evening for our dedicated and wonderful mountain runners.

The fantastic Great Outdoors vouchers will be presented to the deserved category winners but WHO will have the lucky tickets to win these magnificent spot prizes on offer????

Bib Magnets, Champions League T Shirts and Footballs,Chocolates, Red and White Wine and other goody bags to be confirmed.

If you are quick to return to the pub, sandwiches and biscuits and cakey treats await you.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Keep Smiling, Stay Safe and Be Awesome

john mcdonnellMay 4 2016, 8:09amI've registered online but dont see the option to pay for the race tonight or pay the 10 to register for the year - can you advise? Thanks
Damien CoyleMay 4 2016, 8:15amHello John
Sorry to hear you are having issues.
Deadline for pre-registration for this evening's race was 6pm yesterday.
john mcdonnellMay 4 2016, 8:29amThanks for the reply, besides registering for the race I still cant pay the e10 membership. Also even if I missed 6pm deadline can I still race if I have a voucher?
Brian O MurchuMay 4 2016, 9:16amHi John,
One could enter with a voucher if they have annual membership. It looks like you've registered for MyIMRA, but in order to enter any races you'll need to purchase annual membership. This is now closed until tomorrow, unfortunately you won't be able to enter tonight's race:(
Emma HandMay 4 2016, 10:41amHi Damien,
Thanks for accepting me to volunteer. Just wondering what time you'll need me at cause I was thinking of cycling down after work and wondering if I'll have time.
Damien CoyleMay 4 2016, 10:47amHi Emma
I sent out an email this morning, hope I got your email address correct.
If you could be there for 6pm that would be great. I have assigned you to Marshall.
Will fill you in when I see you and provide you with the necessary details.
Stuart ScottMay 4 2016, 10:54amI've registered online and have my annual membership and have my race voucher and have my race number pre-pinned to my tshirt and I didn't need to pre-register anyway but I still missed the 6pm deadline...can I still race?!!!!!
Damien CoyleMay 4 2016, 11:01amHi Scott no need to worry about 6pm deadline, once you have your membership and race voucher you are ready to rock.
Just arrived at the designated registration area and you will be directed to the Race Voucher sign in table where you will sign in and have your Race Voucher stamped.
Damien CoyleMay 4 2016, 11:02amApologies Stuart, read your message too quick and though your first name was Scott
Brendan LawlorMay 4 2016, 11:16amStuart Scott (or Scott Stuart) you are a cheeky monkey - double stamp on your voucher tonight for stressing our poor race director ! And don't forget to bring your t shirt...
Paul O'GradyMay 4 2016, 11:18amStuart, you'll get a DNF for forgetting your jacket!!!
Jim FitzharrisMay 4 2016, 11:24amStuart, and if your trackie bottoms are not suitably distressed, you will not be allowed to run .......
Emma HandMay 4 2016, 1:32pmThanks Damien,
See you then :)
Caoimhín MacMaoláinMay 4 2016, 1:36pmHi, Can under 16s (13 yo) run this evening? If so, is it the 6km or is there a short course option? Thanks.
Brian O MurchuMay 4 2016, 1:46pmUnder Athletics Irelands rules 15 and under are only permitted to run up to 5k
Caoimhín MacMaoláinMay 4 2016, 3:14pmThanks Brian. Do you happen to know if there is therefore a short option available this evening for under 16s?
Damien CoyleMay 4 2016, 10:46pmHey Everyone
I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed yourself this evening. That's why we do this isn't it...our love of mountains and all things hilly.
A massive thank you to you all for a splendid turn out. The race was a success and everyone eventually made it across the finish line. Nothing beats a bit of drama.
Just want to congratulate and thank my awesome team of volunteers Angela Flynn Martina Nolan Brendan Delaney Angus Tyner,Joe Fitzpatrick Liam Mooney, Niamh O Ceallaigh Emma Hand Syl Ivers and the expert advice from Brian O Murchu
Also big shout out to my fantastic wife Jessie for making the sandwiches.
Anyway, safe home, sweet dreams and good night. See you all soon. This is your race director for Carrick Mountain Damien signing off xx
Andrew HanneyMay 4 2016, 11:32pmWell done to our excellent Race director Damien and the volunteers on a great race. The sandwiches were fantastic, thanks to Mrs Coyle!!! :)
Mike LongMay 5 2016, 8:22amGreat evening at Carrick last night. I had a bit of a tumble on the fast decent. I'm fine just some superficial cuts and bruises but I just wanted to thank all those who were so kind to me afterwards, especially Martina on first aid.
Anthony O'ReillyMay 5 2016, 8:39amGreat event, great course, well organised, great sandwiches and brack too. Mr and Mrs Coyle, clap on the back for both of you.
James H CahillMay 5 2016, 9:19amThank you Damien and all the volunteers for a great evening out on Carrick. Great route and I hear the sandwiches were delicious.....didn't get to sample myself as I was doing my makeup as the IMRA human hoovers were inhaling the sustenance! Very well organized day, run, food, draw......well done! You have moved the "race director bar" up another few inches!
Paul GrantMay 5 2016, 10:19amWell done to Damien and all the volunteers. It was really well organised race, with loads of tape on the course. And thanks for the post-run sandwiches and goodies.
Salome OsiochruMay 5 2016, 10:33amHi, yesterday was my first IMRA how do we get to see the race results?

Stuart ScottMay 5 2016, 10:38amWell done Damien and thanks to you and your team. It was a really enjoyable and expertly organised race and I'm surprised more don't head down for it. You must also be be one of the most enthusiastic (not to mention patient) race directors we have!

Now...where are the results? Karen, you'll never make president at this rate! :-)
Angus TynerMay 5 2016, 11:18amI'm expecting Karen, the results secretary to upload results today
Gareth LittleMay 5 2016, 12:02pmMany thanks to Damien and his great crew for an excellent race last night. Special congratulations has to go to the winner, Iosac Coleman, the kid has just turned 17 and absolutely blew away the competition. I think he was 1st place from start to finish. He is surely someone that could do some damage on a bigger stage in an Irish bib ;)
Brian FennessyMay 5 2016, 12:06pmDamien many many thanks to you and all the other volunteers...its been quite awhile since I did an IMRA run and I really really enjoyed catching up with people in such a nice atmosphere. Thanks again
Liam CannonMay 5 2016, 12:39pmDamien - as Race Director, you knocked it out of the park in now customary fashion. Extremely well-organised event and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to all yesterday's volunteers also.

I would have liked to hang around for a while afterwards (the sambos caught my eye in the pub beforehand), but I think the distance from town may have prevented many of us from doing so.

I found the race itself both challenging and exhilarating with its steep ascent and descent. Certainly different from any IMRA race I've done before.

Many thanks to the nice lady on first aid, who made full certain that my banged up knee was OK.
Bronagh CheethamMay 5 2016, 1:16pmexcellently organised race last night - thanks a mill Damien and to your trusty squad. really enjoyed the night especially the humour and craic at the prize giving!
Caitlin BentMay 5 2016, 8:28pmJust to echo the above sentiments re last night's run on Carrick Mountain. Damien's lovely wife, Jessie, went beyond the call of duty making fresh sandwiches on the spot. As someone said 'If carlsberg did Hillruns.....'
Peter GormanMay 5 2016, 10:08pmMy legs are still like jelly now but as mentioned above, compliments on the chef for the sandwiches after the race.
Gerry BradyMay 5 2016, 10:09pmYes, excellent win by Iosac Coleman, probably the youngest ever winner of an open IMRA race. A great run by David O'Connor in 10th also. If both turn up for the trials fit AND fresh then the green singlet is a strong possibility.
Karen DevenneyMay 5 2016, 10:14pmMassive congrats to Iosac on his win and to Damien on putting on a fantastic race! Well done to all who ran in what was a tough but great route. Results are up (except for Stuart Scott whose result seems to have been 'misplaced'!). Any issues, please mail me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie
Brian O MurchuMay 5 2016, 10:16pmDid Stuart miss the cut-off time?!
Jim FitzharrisMay 5 2016, 11:01pmBrian: Yes he did - he did not cut off the bottoms of his old trackies in time!