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Vivian O'GormanApr 30 2015, 10:51pmHi All, Thanks to everybody who has volunteered so far. A couple more non runners would be welcome.

I am away for the weekend and in case I don't have time to contact you all could all volunteers be at the race registration on the Ballyman Road by 5.45/6pm if possible. I will give you your duties then.

Parking will be in the usual field at 3 euro per car so car pooling is advised.

DON'T FORGET the mandatory kit i.e. a jacket.Even if the sun is breaking the stones have that jacket with you and either carry it or wear it during the race.You WILL be disqualified if you don't have it at the finish.People will be assigned to check.

The Junior course for this race is the first loop finishing in the carpark while everybody else continues on to the end of the track on the left and up through the forest to the finish in the carpark.See the map on the events page.

Anything else I will get to on Monday evening or Tuesday.
Vivian O'GormanMay 1 2015, 2:34pmPrizegiving will be in The Golden Ball Pub in Kilternan
Bronagh CheethamMay 5 2015, 8:29amIf have enough volunteers already Vivian I'll go ahead and run. tks
Gareth LittleMay 6 2015, 9:56pmThanks Vivian and crew. A very enjoyable night out! Hope the lady (Sorcha I think?) is ok after her arm injury.
Vivian O'GormanMay 6 2015, 11:56pmA big Thank You to ALL my volunteers tonight. They all worked very hard.
I hope Sorcha Griffiths is alright after her fall and gets back to running soon.
Unfortunately two runners - Sam Mealy (678) and Damien Coyle (1160) were both disqualified tonight because they didn't have their jackets. So be warned it could happen to YOU!!
The results of tonights race will be up in the next couple of days.
James H CahillMay 7 2015, 12:01amThank you Vivian and all your volunteers for a great trot in the hills, and the cornucopia of sandwiches in the Golden Ball. Great evening out. I hope Sorcha recovers soon.
Miriam MaherMay 7 2015, 8:48amThanks Vivian and all the volunteers. Very enjoyable race. Best wishes to Sorcha for a speedy recovery. Rotten luck.
Mick HanneyMay 7 2015, 8:54amThanks Vivian and crew for a great event last night. The race route was a bit shorter than previous years just in case we all think we are getting quicker, we're probably not :-) I think the deviation was as follows.. in previous years we descended further from the first climb past leadmines tower before turning back in.
Shane O'MalleyMay 7 2015, 9:05amThanks for a great race last night. Agree with mick that it was shorter than last year (about 500m) but for me the pace was better and as always a fantastic atmosphere.
Looking forward to the next one already.
Hazel ThompsonMay 7 2015, 1:42pmAs well as the deviation noted by Mick, we also cut a corner coming off the 2nd hill. In previous years we went straight down to the bottom to the track that brings you all they way back. Last night we contoured around to the right coming out further up the track.
Miriam MaherMay 7 2015, 2:06pmMick/Shane/Hazel - to my disgust - you're dead right about the route, checked my garmin from last year, although seems to be only shorter by about 200/300 yards. I did so enjoy thinking I had got faster until I read this, oh well, still a great route/race!
Richard NunanMay 7 2015, 3:34pmAww Mick !! Bubble burst can you send me on the link to send back all the Kudos I got on Strava !!

Great night, thanks again to Vivian and team !
Brendan LawlorMay 7 2015, 5:04pmSorcha broke her wrist but she'll be back with a fury in no time - get well soon from everyone, Sorcha !
Shane O'MalleyMay 7 2015, 7:01pmHere is last nights race

And here is last year

Are the results out? Cant seem to find them.
Vivian O'GormanMay 7 2015, 8:34pmResults will be posted in another day or so.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 7 2015, 11:07pmup now - any queries drop me a mail
Caitlín BentMay 7 2015, 11:22pmTo be fair, Ger Power was in ahead of me.
Alice ClancyMay 7 2015, 11:43pmThanks Vivian for a great race! Big big thank you to Stuart, Brendan, Mike and everyone who helped get Sorcha to the A&E!! You guys are absolute legends! Sorcha is on the mend- she managed to convince the doctor to join IMRA while getting her arm bent back into shape and has some pretty wince-inducing x-rays. Looking forward to the race report Sorcha!!!
Brendan Murphy72May 8 2015, 9:43amI seem to have a result in the race, but I wasn't there. (#191 in 20th place).
Diarmuid MeldonMay 8 2015, 10:39amHey, thanks for the great race. My result seems to have been left out, I'm number 622 and would have come in about 5 seconds after Damien McParland who was 9th.
henny brandsmaMay 8 2015, 2:31pmHi there ,must admit after checking map after race that I should have gone a bit more downhill after the chimney.maybe to long out of the running and to mutch used to old route,aldo a bit shorter hope that you enjoyed race,no now for next year and if marking stick to original new route.
Regards Henny
Derek KellettMay 13 2015, 7:25pmPol can you have a gander for Gordon Douglas result. It appears to be missing.