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Kevin O'RiordanAug 4 2015, 11:30pmHi guys,

Any interest in this event this year?
Jason DowlingAug 5 2015, 7:17amI'd definitely be on for it this year as a solo entry.
Maike JürgensAug 5 2015, 8:27ami d be up for it - was quite looking forward to it actually :)
Patrick SneydAug 5 2015, 9:51amallready done the first leg reckie and hoping to do leg 2 this weekend.
Graham K. BusheAug 5 2015, 10:36amI'm also interested in the solo. My first big one, so I'm working up the kms and time on feet. I was rained off my first recce 2 weeks ago- so still have to get out there and have a look around.

(I tried to post under the solo event, but can't)
Brian O MurchuAug 5 2015, 10:47amAm there for the Solo!
S.M. GriffithAug 5 2015, 12:26pmNot quite at solo level just yet! But would definitely be up for the relay if anyone's looking for a team member...
John J BarryAug 5 2015, 3:31pmI be interested in a Solo go too. Nice and easy for me :-)
S.M. GriffithAug 5 2015, 10:49pmHave myself a nice little team now (actually the other two are far from little), and we are doing a recce of leg 1 on Sat if anyone is interested.
John BellAug 5 2015, 10:53pmHave a team lined up and looking forward to this race.
Laurence QuinnAug 7 2015, 10:03pmUCDO will have one team, potentially two. I'll try and raise some interest in other orienteering clubs too.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 10 2015, 2:13pmFolk's, We need a race director for this race.
Robbie WilliamsAug 12 2015, 10:15pmHow many in for full/ultra? Trying to get gang from Munster up?
Damien CoyleAug 13 2015, 1:20pmHi All

How much is it to enter for the solo entry?


Daniela BoehmAug 13 2015, 11:57pmHi Damien,
the entry fees for the Wicklow Glacier Lakes and the Stone Cross to Lug were set at €15 per solo runner and €10 for each runner of a relay team.
Duncan BarrettAug 16 2015, 10:20pmI am also very interested in taking part in the solo Lug run
Brendan LawlorAug 20 2015, 4:07pmAvailable to do leg 1 of this if anyone is looking to gather a team - I can't stay around however
Joe LalorAug 20 2015, 6:50pmI would be happy to do leg 3, if you could find another Lalor
Eoin SyronAug 22 2015, 4:35pmHI All,

Lets get this Organised!

If you wish to enter either the relay or the solo can you please send me an email (Eoin dot Syron at IMRA dot ie).

For Teams entering the Relay can you include
Team Name:
Team Captain:
Captain's Phone number:
Leg 1 Runner:
Leg 2 Runner:
Leg 3 Runner:

For entries to the solo
Phone number:
Start time:

Also it would be great if you could include a guestimate of your race time.

For those running the Solo there will be an early start @6:30am and normal start @8:00

Entry fee for all, will be collected before the race start.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 27 2015, 9:18pmHi all. I'm looking for a relay team for this. Anyone else interested in forming a team with me? My preference is for leg 2 or 3.

John Brennan83Aug 28 2015, 4:57pmHi Eoin, sent an email there. Planning for the solo.

Could anyone offer a wannabe soloist a lift back to Dublin city.
Eoin SyronAug 30 2015, 10:44pmHi

I am looking for some non running volunteers to help out at Stone Cross to Lug. To help man the changeovers.

So far 6 teams and 12 solo runners.

Registration will close Thursday night (3rd sept) @ 23:59:59

Keep the entries coming!!!

James CurranAug 31 2015, 8:48amAnyone need a runner for leg 1? Could do other legs but have not recced.
Martin O'DonoghueAug 31 2015, 10:29amHi, i'm thinking about entering the solo event... I have a query about transport.
how would I get back to my car at the start (when I hopefully finish) ? Should I make special arrangements or just hope to get a lift off of people at the finishing line?
i'd hope to complete it in around 9hrs depending on how soft the underfoot gets...
Joe LalorAug 31 2015, 11:50amHi James, Myself and Brendan Lawlor looking for leg 2 runner.
Reply to jlalor(at)
James CurranAug 31 2015, 12:22pmGreat will email this evening.
James CurranAug 31 2015, 12:23pmLeg 2 should be grand. Looking forward to it.
Laurence QuinnSep 1 2015, 7:16amIs there a point to touch on "Cannow 796m" on leg 3? After reading race reports nobody seems to have mentioned anything to do with a Cannow checkpoint. It seems to just be the ridge that must be taken on the way from Camenabologue to Lugnaquilla?
Maike JürgensSep 1 2015, 4:56pmi always thought that you follow the walkers track from Camenabologue to the top of lug and it will automatically bring you via Cannow. There are small cairns there if memory serves me right but to be fair i was a bit tired by the time i got there last year.
James CurranSep 2 2015, 2:33pmAnyone doing leg 2 who would like to share lift, say meet at Wicklow Gap carpark 9AM and leave car there etc?
Eoin SyronSep 2 2015, 8:09pmHi Regarding Cannow,
From memory there is a cairn at Cannow mountain that is about 10-20m from the track.

This point should be visited.

Robert McEvoySep 3 2015, 7:23amDoing SC2L solo at the weekend and need help getting back to my car afterwards. Does anyone have a spare seat in a car going back to the start? Hoping to be at the finish by 5pm. Or maybe a group of us can split the cost of a taxi.
John Dempsey79Sep 3 2015, 11:43amThanks Eoin for making this race possible.
I'm planning to leave my car at Fenton's and I have a lift arranged from Fenton's to Stone Cross. Leaving Fenton's about 6:30, There'd be room for up to 3 more if anyone wants to jump in.
Let me know.
johnjdemp at gmail d0t com
Kevin O'RiordanSep 3 2015, 12:14pmHey all,

Is anyone travelling through city centre or close by to the start of leg 1. Have leg 1 team member who doesn't drive and is coming from Fairview but can meet people in the city centre.

John Dempsey79Sep 3 2015, 1:09pmJust to clarify that I am offering the lift for Saturday morning - 6:30am
John Dempsey79Sep 3 2015, 6:57pmCar full, see you all Saturday
Liam VinesSep 3 2015, 10:17pmEoin
Will there be a drop bag facility to the Wicklow gap for solo's or will I hide my sandwich and coke (can) like last year?
Eoin SyronSep 3 2015, 10:44pmOk,

So I can confirm that there will be a BBQ in Fentons after the race, and with the weather looking like it will stay dry, we can have the BBQ outside. There will be burgers sausages, of both the meat and non meat variety with some salad but if anyone would like to bring salad or cake feel free to chip in.

A few last min points,

I will be collecting the entry fee before the start of the race.
Solo €15
Team €30 (10 per runner)
(it would be helpful if you have the correct change)

Yes there will be a bag collection from the start to be dropped at both Sally gap and Wicklow gap, please label you bag with you name and where you want it left. There is no guarantee that your bag will make it to the end so plastic is best.

In the interest of safety, There will be cut offs at the checkpoints.
Sally Gap 11h30
Wicklow Gap 15h00

IF a relay team is not in by the cut off time the next runner will start.

My number is zero8seven 6fivetwo-2zero6five, in case anyone requires it before during or after the race.

IF a runner does retire in between checkpoints, please let me or one of the helpers know.

Please remember IMRA has a leave no trace policy so keep the coke cans and sandwich wrappers with you until the changeover.

And last but not least Enjoy yourselves!!!

See you Saturday morning
Colm MoranSep 4 2015, 1:49amEoin, I'll put my name down, I'm not running anymore, and will be at the start for 7:30 or so, would be able to help with something like kit check if you need.

Brendan LawlorSep 4 2015, 10:23amAnyone interested in coordinating Leg 1 lifts give me a shout and we can meet at Wicklow Gap at 7 (oh87 2four32798)
Liam CannonSep 4 2015, 11:11amHi All,

I'm looking for a lift to the start of leg 1, if anyone can help. I'm based in the city centre, so pickup in the vicinity of the city centre would be preferred, but I can get myself to anywhere along the dart or luas lines.
Barry MooreSep 6 2015, 9:16amthanks Eoin and to all volunteers involved, great event, BBQ was excellent, really enjoyed the day.
Eoin SyronSep 6 2015, 10:40amA Chairde,

Results are now up as a spreadsheet on the event page. Thanks to all for taking part and making it a great event.

If any body left anything behind at Fentons, drop me an email, as I have some lost and found.

Jason DowlingSep 6 2015, 10:59amThanks to Eoin and all the other people who gave up their time yesterday to make it such an enjoyable(?!!) run for the rest of us. It was very much appreciated.
David Kelly70Sep 6 2015, 4:11pmWell done and many thanks to Eoin and all the volunteers who put on a great event yesterday. Special thanks for Eoin for keeping a burger for the slower runners such as myself. I was dreaming of that burger from about Table Track Junction.
John Dempsey79Sep 7 2015, 9:33amThanks again Eoin for making the race possible
Lengthy race report added
Graham K. BusheSep 7 2015, 10:50amA huge thanks to Eoin and team for a great event.
I had a fantastic day. The encouragement from all the volunteers and fellow runners was brilliant.
What an introduction to Ultra Running for me!
Graham K. BusheSep 7 2015, 11:36amA huge congratulations to Liam Vines on his win. I reckon he was in fenton's with his feet up before I was even contemplating my climb to Lug, and well done to all the runners (solos & relay team members)
Brendan LawlorSep 7 2015, 12:24pmBig thanks to Eoin and all helpers for a great Lug relay on Saturday - great weather for it ! Well done to all the Solo superstars also
Daniela BoehmSep 8 2015, 11:02pmWhat a fabulous day! A big, big thank you to everyone who made it possible! The photo doesn't do it justice but the first sunlight breaking through the clouds en route to Kippure was something else...
Maike JürgensSep 10 2015, 11:10amthanks all for a great day. lengthy report up.
Graham K. BusheSep 10 2015, 8:57pmSorry folks, due to my pre-race nerves/ excitement, I forgot I had the camera for a group photo at the start! I did get a few snaps on the way around, unfortunately not many of runners!

I did manage to get one of Liam Vines just before he disappeared out of sight; I didn't see him again until Fentons some 7hrs 20mins later.