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Pól Ó MurchúApr 12 2015, 7:52pmMoved from the (unofficial) Official WW Race have under event tab...Sorry Jeff. ;-)

Hi all,

this thread in conjunction with the event details tab is the only thread I, as race director, will be distributing official race information through.

So now that the official bit is out of the way, down to the good stuff.

------ UPDATE AS OF 8th April 2015 ENTRY DETAILS ------

Registration will open 20:00 Sunday April 12th and will remain open for two weeks or until the entry limit is reached. We may have to cap entries based on volunteers available.

You must have run an ultra race of at least 50km in 2014 or 2015 to enter. Those intending to enter should email the following details to in advance of entry to confirm you reach the minimum entry standards.

Name, email address, name of qualifying race, link to qualifying race results
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 12 2015, 9:40pmCheers, Pol. I did try tag the thread to the race but I think there was another thread already in place. Forgot to annoy someone in a position to do something about it. :)
Ronan MynesApr 15 2015, 6:08pmhi jeff good to be back ,was just wondering in that vast knowledge of yours would you know the actual distance in miles between checkpoints i know the time limits but would help me to judge pace better if you did , i hope ,
cheers ronan
Paolo GirolamiApr 15 2015, 6:39pmThe distances are marked in km on the race Detail tab:
22 Crone Woods
51 Glendalough - Lower Lake Car Park
79 Iron Bridge
100 Dying Cow
111 Raheenakit
127 Clonegal
Paul CrokeApr 16 2015, 1:22pmMiles to station Ronan..

13.67 to Crone Woods in 3 hrs
18.02 to Glendalough in 5 hrs
17.31 to Iron Bridge in 4 hrs
13.1 to Dying Cow in 4 hrs
6.9 to Raheenakit in 2.30 hrs
10.0 to Clonegal in 2.30 hrs

Ample time to enjoy the day :) We hope :O
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 19 2015, 2:21pmHi all,

time to start the call for volunteers for race day. We'll need people to help with race registration and check points through the course of the day. Don't be shy!
Mick HanneyApr 20 2015, 2:43pmHi, added my name to help. Would make sense for me to help in the 2nd half of the race if that suited, seen as I am down this way. Cheers, Mick
Jeff FitzsimonsApr 22 2015, 9:07amThat's great, Mick. Thanks.
Patrick SneydApr 22 2015, 11:15amHi Jeff
I have added my name to help too.
I'm 2 minutes walk from Marley park so am happy to help out with registration on the day and the crone woods checkpoint if needed.
Brian O MurchuApr 23 2015, 11:52pmDo we get a preview of entrants....??
Pól Ó MurchúApr 23 2015, 11:58pmAll I can say is 43 entered to date...Gonna be some race...Good to see you're in Brian.
Desi O'HaganMay 6 2015, 9:57pmHi all, any advice on parking close to the race start??
Martin StoreyMay 6 2015, 11:28pmPark as close as you can to the start, you'll be running for long enough and don want to add any more miles.
Thomas KeeleyMay 16 2015, 10:43pmHi, can we get a number of participants so far registered
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 18 2015, 10:21pmHi all,

sorry for delayed response. Numbers entered are in the forties, just trying to clarify a few people who didn't send on qualifying race details but have entered anyhow, naughty, naughty!!!

I'll send out a race briefing doc closer to the day that covers practicalities such as parking. The key thing to bear in mind that Marlay Park car parks close at 22:00 each night. So if you leave your car in Marlay you have to be confident of finishing in Clonegal early enough to be back in Marlay by 22:00 on Saturday to collect it!
kevin hillMay 27 2015, 11:22pmHi Jeff,
I put my name down to help out. I'm based in wicklow close to Glendalough so would be good to help in that area if possible.
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 27 2015, 11:40pmGood timing, Kevin, I was just about to log in and post about volunteers. Thanks!
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 27 2015, 11:41pmVolunteers needed for The Wicklow Way Race. Starting midnight on June 13th and finishing at 9pm means we need all the help we can get. Please volunteer via the IMRA site as usual if you are a member or email if not.

Applicants must be tolerant of diva ultra runners who are as likely to hug you as shout at you but will ultimately be forever appreciative of your help on the day.
Liam CannonMay 28 2015, 6:18pmI'm willing to volunteer at this, but I don't have my own transport. I can get to Marlay park under by own steam, but I'll need a lift if I'm to get further afield.
Pat RodgersMay 31 2015, 11:56amHi All, Has anybody plans to do a shuttle between the start finish on Friday? Due to Leaving and Junior cert duties my regular shuttle bunny (and dear wife and training partner!) is unavailable. I'm travelling fom Cork on the Friday afternoon and can fit in with any other plans. Also interested to know where people are planning to stay on Saturday night... near Clonegal?
Lilian DeeganJun 4 2015, 9:48pmHi Jeff,

Might it be possible to seek clarity from you prior to race brief night on one section of the route in particular.

At Raheenakit there is currently a rerouted WW way section in the wood owing to tree felling. Coilte have A4 signage on a few trees noting the revised temporary route.

I wish to know are runners to follow the rerouted markings as they will be on race day or can the original WW trail be followed? TIA.
John J BarryJun 4 2015, 10:34pmJeff,

Can you list the mandatory kit requirements for the event.
Pat RodgersJun 5 2015, 1:23pmHi Jeff,
Would it be possible to see the briefing doc soon? Even a non-final version would be helpful for those of us who are not from the Dublin/Wicklow area (i.e. Kerry bog trotters). Finding a place called Dying Cow (which is actually a pub called Tallons) or Ironbridge (actually just a bridge with iron railings) has been a challenge when doing a recce via Google Earth! Info on drop bags, what might be available at check points, bag drops to the finish etc. would be great. I’m going to be travelling for work from Monday and will be going to the race straight from the airport so need to get my plans finalised this weekend.
Thanks a lot.
Ray LonerganJun 5 2015, 7:03pmHi pat, saw your car share offer, I'd be interested but it seems a tad early. Can you text me zero87249124four
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 5 2015, 10:44pmHi all.

1.Pre race briefing document with details of check points, kit etc. for you to pass on to your support team will be mailed to all entrants tomorrow evening.

2. Rules are follow the Wicklow Way as signposted on race day. Any change to this will be communicated on the night prior to the race start.

3. I will also be in touch with volunteers over the weekend to clarify plans in advance of next week.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 6 2015, 11:31pmRace instructions have been mailed out to all those registered.

If you do not plan to race please let me know asap.
John MacEnriJun 8 2015, 2:44pmHi Jeff,
Thanks for the race details doc. Very clear.
One question. The bags we hand in to be delivered to the check points, should we assume they will be dumped later, or will they be brought back to a central location where we can collect them?

I'm thinking about spare clothes etc, being able to discard something I no longer need but don't want to throw away. (not mandatory stuff obviously!!)
Thanks, John.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 8 2015, 4:17pmHi John, we'll do our best to get clothes etc. back to you but cannot guarantee to have it at the finish for you. We can arrange to get stuff back to you after the race though if you get in touch.

I'll have a lost & found section no doubt in the week after the race!
John MacEnriJun 8 2015, 6:53pmThanks Jeff. No, wasn't concerned about having the stuff at race end, just whether the bags were going to be coming back with someone after the race.
Barry MurrayJun 8 2015, 9:37pmUltra Folks

a proposition:

yes its a solo event and "race" but we're all still on the same boat.

To kick things off to help us all on this journey, how about we all start together and run as one through Marley Park ? A simple trot, we all run together through the woods and once out the top entrance, go as you like from there.

RSVP ;-)

Tim ChapmanJun 8 2015, 9:48pmSounds like a great idea.
I'm keen
John CondonJun 8 2015, 10:15pmSounds like a great idea Barry.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 9 2015, 7:47amIt would make it easier for us to cou t you all as you exit to ensure we are not locking anyone in Marlay Park!
Rory CampbellJun 9 2015, 1:42pmgood plan.
John MacEnriJun 9 2015, 6:04pmJeff,
Regarding WW Map in the mandatory gear.
I have detailed map data on my phone with WW trail overlaid, so navigation if required only needs GPS.
Can that suffice to meet the requirement for carrying a map?
I will have a physical compass anyway, which is actually useful on its own, if I ended up in the unlikely scenario of phone not working, lost on WW and need to head to the nearest road (I won't be so lost that I don't know approx what direction to head!)
Thanks, John
Paolo GirolamiJun 9 2015, 7:00pmI was wondering if water is going to be available at every check-point or if we need to include some in our drop bag. I easily average 1 liter every 10 km - nearly drink more water than breathe oxygen!
Paolo GirolamiJun 9 2015, 7:00pmI was wondering if water is going to be available at every check-point or if we need to include some in our drop bag. I easily average 1 liter every 10 km - nearly drink more water than breathe oxygen!
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 9 2015, 10:32pmYou need to have a hard copy map of the route, electronic copies are not acceptable.

There's a Wicklow Way route map available from East West Mapping as below that has the complete route in one.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 9 2015, 10:33pmWe will have water at check points, but if you are drinking as much as you mention Paolo I would advise you add some water to each drop bag to ensure you have enough.
John MacEnriJun 9 2015, 10:43pmThanks Jeff. Just wanted to make sure. Will have that one with me.
Mark MaloneJun 10 2015, 7:55pmCan anyone get the Google maps link working that Jeff emailed out last-night?

Also following on from what Lilian posted about Raheenakit diversion, would anyone have any more info on this?

Thanks :)
Tim ChapmanJun 10 2015, 7:59pmI couldn't open it either.
Lillian DeeganJun 10 2015, 8:34pmHi Mark,
The diversion at Raheenakit will have us run into the wood from the road beside the barrier. We continue straight ahead passing a WW way wooden trail marker on your left. This marker currently has an A4 white Coilte sign showing a red arrow (it's on your left about 500 meters in). Here is where we are being redirected. We follow straight ahead on this grass track till we reach a 3 way blue chip road way section. Look up to the trees on your right hand side, you will see white A4 Colite notices stapled to two trees (one immediately beside you and the 2nd across the blue chip road way). A large boulder has been laid beside the 2nd tree marker.

The Coilte reroute notices are somewhat weather beaten but there is a red arrow pointing up to the right noting the diversion direction also. You will see more similar A4 notices further up till the little yellow men return once you meet the original trail.

On the map link - it opens on safari for me. If you tell me your email add or link on FB, I'll mail the link open. It is a listing of maps, specifically one complete WW way map option. I'm not sure how to post a cover pic here. FYI the Great Outdoors have the same maps for 9.99 in stock.

Best of luck.
John CondonJun 10 2015, 10:01pmThanks for the update Lillian.

With regards to Jeff's link, I was getting a 404 on my iphone. Was able to open it on my desktop though.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 10 2015, 11:11pmHi all.

1. In relation to the link to check points, it does appear to work fine on PC or Mac but mobile may be a problem. This is more for your support than you as a runner. And they should familiarize themselves with these locations before they are sleep deprived and on strange back roads with dubious signposts! So get them printed out in advance or better still marked up on some good maps.

2. On the diversion. As previously stated, the route as signposted on the day is what is to be run. Lillian has been very helpful in detailing how the route currently is, this could be changed come Saturday when you arrive at this or any other section. We will check this on the day and volunteers at the check point will remind you of what to expect.

Richard NunanJun 12 2015, 5:34pmLooks like a weekend for the Ultra Runners !!

Best of luck to all who will go to Marley Park at 12:00 tonight and set out on the 127km that is the Wicklow Way.

Only over 5/6 years ago when Eoin Keith did this as a Solo run he was looked on as a looney, (we were correct given his resent 6 day race excursion). Now there another 46 of you.

Enjoy whatS look like to be great conditions for runnng. No requirement for the Ark this year. And remember to be nice to Jeff and Robbie they have a long day also !!!

ENJOY !!!!!!!
Ray LonerganJun 13 2015, 10:47pmJust to say a huge thank's to Jeff and Robbie and all the volunteers for an absolutely brilliant race - so well organised and great support along the way
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 13 2015, 11:10pmMassive thank you to all the volunteers for the Wicklow Way Race today and congrats to all the runners, I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day in your company. It feels like the race went to a whole new level today.

I will have a complete blow by blow account in the next week or so when I manage to clear my head of cut off times and haribo.
Gerry BradyJun 13 2015, 11:50pmWell done Jeff and everyone who ran the race. Nice to see it as a stand-alone race rather than sharing the route with the relay. This race will take on more and more of an international dimension.
Clare KeeleyJun 14 2015, 8:25amWow what a race! Just the biggest thanks ever to Jeff, Robbie and all the volunteers who laid on such an epic event and gave their time for us to have an incredible night and day out on the hills. Such a buzz at the aid stations and along the route! So very much appreciated, thank you. Donna o loughlin said its a race you definitly have to do twice... Oh god!! Clare
Richard NunanJun 14 2015, 9:43amWell done to all who completed the Wicklow Way Race yesterday. An incredible achievement by all.

Well done to Barry Murray and to Linda o Connor on First man and lady home.

Great atmosphere out there with lots of smiling volunteers and sausages along the way. Big thanks to Jeff and Robbie for organsing the race again this year !!
John MacEnriJun 14 2015, 11:02amJust to add my thanks to Jeff, Robbie and everyone else who worked to make it such a great day. All station marshals were so helpful and friendly it made a huge difference. In fact I think it shows in the length of time myself and silvano spent at the checkpoints! Sausage bundies at iron bridge! What a treat.
Lillian DeeganJun 14 2015, 12:57pmThanks to all.

Jeff, Robbie and all volunteers was a great event. Thank you all for making our run out possible. Marlay Park had a lovely little vibe going on pre run. Great to see so many familiar faces - runners and non alike out to support everyone right through the race. It was my 1st time chancing my arm to run from Dublin to home cross country and today I find myself wondering would it be easier in the reverse. That flat last 5k into Clonegal was just the hardest ever! "Where is that friggin green Clonegal sign"

I had a great day - I'll hold off on the jumping up and down for 2016's gig.

Rest up and recover well everyone.
Liam CostelloJun 14 2015, 1:16pmThanks to Jeff, Robbie and all the wonderful volunteers for a great race. Truly the best ultra race in the country.
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 14 2015, 8:48pmSo, I cleared out the car today, I have a bag full of bits and pieces belong to runners, will post a pic during the week and you can identify and then we will sort out getting items back to owners.

I also cleared out 4 black bags of rubbish into recyclable, compostable and general waste. Rescued a t-shirt in that lot! The cr^p some of you eat, who in hell had the pasta and raisin mix? :)

Finally, I will collate the results and post early in the week also. Hope everyone is recovering well and see you all again at Marlay some summer evening in 2016.
Pat RodgersJun 14 2015, 9:48pmThank you, thank you, thank you... Robbie and Jeff and everyone at all the checkpoints. Brilliant race. Loads of work goes into these races before and after the day itself so thanks for giving up your time for the rest of us.
John CondonJun 15 2015, 5:30pmThanks to Jeff, Robbie, and everybody who took the time to help out at the weekend.

I don't think words can describe the feeling of hitting the sign at Clonegal. The support and encouragement along the route made this race truly special.
Paolo GirolamiJun 15 2015, 6:42pmJust wanted to say thanks again to Jeff, Robbie and all those who volunteered to make this race happen. From Marley to where I got I truly enjoyed it. I've done very few races but I have to agree with those with more experience who have described it as one of the best races - nice atmosphere, great race, special people!
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 15 2015, 10:25pmHi all, preliminary results available at the link below.

Some things to note.

We had 40 starters and only 7 DNFs. None of our 5 lady starters DNFed. Says a lot lads. :)

One point of note. Dermot Higgins, missed the Dying Cow CP4 cut off by about 25 minutes, was very gracious and sporting in accepting the fact he was out of the race but said he would carry on unsupported. As we were wrapping up at the finish trying to identify a bag, at 20:57, Dermot came around the corner with a steely look in his eye that said, I told you so. There was no fanfare for Dermot but he sure deserves his run recorded and it is noted in the results.

Any errors or ommissions in the results let me know and I'll make them before we get them to the results secretary, who was busy with a Wicklow Round attempt while we took the handy option of the way marked trail!
Barry DrennanJun 16 2015, 8:35amFirst up Jeff and Robbie you are legends.
After getting lost exiting the Raheenakit forest and Also having taken a detour in Ballyhoura MM its time i got myself a GPS, I saw a few people with them in the WWsolo where they could download a previous run (from someone that didnt get lost! ) Can anyone recomend one?
Thanks Baz
Paul CrokeJun 16 2015, 12:15pmJust to say what a great experience again. Better than last year. More amazing runners and even better organisation. Cheers Jeff and Robbie top men altogether and well done. This race will have 100 runners soon enough. Super day out.
Paolo GirolamiJun 16 2015, 8:02pm"Also having taken a detour in Ballyhoura MM its time i got myself a GPS, I saw a few people with them in the WWsolo where they could download a previous run (from someone that didnt get lost! ) Can anyone recomend one?"
If you are going to use it mainly for running, you'd want to look at wrist GPS. Popular models with runners are the Garmin Fenix 3 or the Suunto Ambit 3 (or previous models).
For long-distance ultras you are going to have runtime issues though and you'd have to get the watch/GPS recharged during the race (it's possible with the Fenix 2 and 3, not sure about the Suunto).
Alternatively, you can take a look at the Garmin Foretrex 401: bulkier and with much more basic features but it utilizes AAA so you can replace batteries during the race. There are other models around but don't know much about them.
That said, even if it is possible to navigate only with a GPS unit, you'd want to use it with a map and compass. Relying on GPS coordinates or waypoints with a wrist GPS alone can lead to mistakes, especially when exhausted in a race.
Hope that helps and sorry for the off-topic post.
Torben DahlJun 17 2015, 11:02amWell done to all who took part in this race, whether you completed or not. After completing the race last year, it was interesting to see it from "the other side" this year from my "desk" at the Dying Cow checkpoint. So happy to see that all of you who passed by before 16.00 also completed the race, I had no doubt you all would!

Also I am very pleased to hear that Dermot Higgins made it all the way to Clonegal. Dermot was last man to arrive at Dying Cow slightly after 16.00, fully determined to complete the Wicklow Way despite no longer having a "Yellow Man" waiting for him at the finish line.

After a quick refuel and topping up his bumbag with some of the leftover bars etc. he was quickly on the way up the hill. Despite getting a DNF it's great to hear that he actually managed to finish before 21.00.
Lillian DeeganJun 17 2015, 11:36amWell said Torben.
Kudos to Dermot for sure. We all know from race day or recce days, with 100k in the legs, them little hills from The Cow onwards are shockers! Keeping it together till Clonegal is a massive feat in itself. Well done Dermot.

Cheers for the banter at your cp Torben. A great outing in general.
Barry DrennanJun 17 2015, 11:10pmThanks for info Paolo!
John CondonJun 25 2015, 11:50pmRace report up
John CondonJul 8 2015, 7:37pmHi, wondering if the results going to be posted.

Mark MaloneAug 26 2015, 3:27pmHello....
Was this years WWS race carrying any UTMB points?

I see a few from the entry list are off in the Mountains at the minute... Best of luck!!!
Jeff FitzsimonsAug 27 2015, 10:28pmHi Mark, yes, the race was 3 points this year. Plenty of past Wicklow Way Race runners doing great in Chamonix this week with more to come for the UTMB itself.
Mark MaloneSep 7 2015, 1:34pm3 points, Happy Days - cheers Jeff! Be a shame to let them go to waste now...
Will we be seeing the results from WWS up on the site?