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Ray LonerganApr 19 2014, 5:34pmIs the route map available? Will there be water stations?
Mick HanneyApr 20 2014, 3:19pmThis isn't an IMRA event. Details are scarce enough about it apart from how to register.
Richard NunanApr 20 2014, 3:38pmHi Folks,

This is indeed an IMRA event this year. There will bthis year in association with the Ballyhoura bears and Ballyhoura Country.

3 water stations 10km, 20km, 30km

Starts and ends in kilfinnane
Mick HanneyApr 20 2014, 4:21pmApologies. Tx for clarification.
Sharon LuceyApr 21 2014, 8:58pmHi Ray

More info may be available on the FB page:
Richard NunanMay 2 2014, 12:17pm
Just a quick note for Tomorrow race (From Robbie)

This is an off road (mostly) marathon and a kit is required and this is not negotiable.
I know runners like to travel light so this is the minimum.
You do not have to carry a bag if you fit this in pockets but we will check on the morning..
This list is for YOUR safety.

Kit List:
Bottle (ability to carry water)
Jacket (light rain jacket)
Hat/buff (cover head)
Food/Gels (energy)
Charged phone (emergency numbers will be provided)
Foil Blanket
Sun Screen (not mandatory but recommended to have in car anyway)
Colm OreillyMay 2 2014, 3:57pmHi.
I'm doing the ballyhoura mtn.marathon tomorrow.i registered for imra (paper application)during the week at howth,and as of yet have not recieved the annual membership number.
I was unable to login the website,as it never
Sent the login code.
Anyways,i'll see somebody at the start line in kilfinane!
Thanks,colm o'reilly
Pól Ó MurchúMay 2 2014, 11:38pmColm, just seen your message now. I've set you up ant texted you number to you.
Ray LonerganMay 4 2014, 1:35pmI'd just like to say thanks to the organisers, helpers and stewards that made this race possible. It was a fantastic route, well marked, well places water stations with other goodies available and great value. I'm looking forward to running in it next year already.
Richard NunanMay 4 2014, 1:44pmHave to agree Ray. Super event yesterday. Some huge effort from the organisers having organising a new course. Great route and organisation. Nice medal also. Ballyhoura is a great region with some fantastic forest tails.
Torben DahlMay 10 2014, 6:45pmI can only echo was has already have been said about this event, absolutely brilliant and well organised! Thanks to all involved in the organising.

I know the results have been posted on the Facebook page, but Just curious, will the race results be uploaded to the Imra webpage in due course?


Adrian Tucker RIPMay 30 2014, 8:05pmAs has been applied to the WW Race:

"Pol O'Murchu Today, 1:07am Results up now on results page and on your profile... Have to admit a certain bias in getting these ones up..."

Can the same be applied to Ballyhoura?? (yes there is a certain bias here also :-)

Where is the 'Photo' tag gone from WW Race?. I have some photos to upload but there's no tag to allow this.
Adrian Tucker RIPMay 30 2014, 8:15pmShould re-phrase that last comment:
I have found the tag, but there seems to be a problem with photo upload. Is this a general problem or is it just my pc?