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Alan Gomez RaventosOct 17 2013, 5:39pmHello everyone! My name is Alan come from Catalonia, Spain. I live in Dublin and I would like to sign up to the POWERSCOURT RIDGE on November 16, but I have no car and can not reach by bus. Someone in Dublin will go I could you please take me?
If you make the weekend outings in the mountains also would be happy to accompany!
Thank you!
Rory CampbellOct 17 2013, 7:10pmHi Alan,
I'll be driving from Dublin so you can have a lift. Can you email me at campbell_rory at hotmail dot com and I'll send you details?
Jim FitzharrisOct 22 2013, 2:18pmHi all,

I see that the IMRA AGM is scheduled to start in Kilmacanogue at 1:30 pm after this race.

That seems very tight!

I know that plenty of runners will comfortably break the 2 hour barrier for this race in time for the AGM but others won't (here's your brother!). It does not allow the RD or post-race volunteers time to get down for the start of the AGM.


Karl HeartyOct 23 2013, 4:04pmHi,

Can this race be run as one off or does one have to pay full membership for 2013 plus the race fee?
I would like to join for 2014 but ideally not have to pay for 2013 seeing as its end of year.

Kind Regards, Karl
Richard NunanOct 23 2013, 4:26pmHi Karl,

One off payment of 10euro will be the cost for this race on the day if you are not a member. This is a special rate for the last race of the year.

This is your fee for joining and paying for the race on the day. Only members can run this race for Insurance reasons.

Vivian O'GormanOct 29 2013, 9:03pmHi Folks,

Need a few volunteers for Powerscourt:

Summit Marshalls for Djouce and Maulin

Laptop Operator - non runner

First Aid Person - non runner

A couple more for start/finish - runner/non runner

The race course itself won't be marked.

Race registration will be from 9.30am

Early start from 10am

Short course to Maulin by the usual way up the forest ride and back along the Wicklow Way.

Junior course is to the bridge over the river via the Wicklow Way and back the same way.

Prizegiving will be in the Glencormac Inn straight after the race and before the AGM.

As there hasn't been a race for a while those of you who have run with us this year try and remember your race number - look up a race you ran earlier - write it down and put it in the car.

Rory CampbellOct 30 2013, 9:30amHi Vivian,
You can put me down for either summit marshall.
suzanne Kenny Oct 30 2013, 11:57pmHey there, u can put me down as a non running volunteer too :)
Billy GranthamOct 31 2013, 2:48pmPondering whether to do this run but wondering if someone can tell me whether the route is roughly the same as the Powerscourt Uphill and back again? I have never done an unmarked route before, which is why I am a bit hesitant on this one. Thanks.
brian mcguckinOct 31 2013, 6:42pmyou can put me down for first aid.
Vivian O'GormanNov 2 2013, 6:13pmHi Billy,

The Powerscourt Uphill race, distance wise, was about 6k. The Powerscourt Ridge race is 15k.

Very basically you are going to head for Maulin first and then on to Djouce by the route you used for the uphill race and back down to the Wicklow Way by keeping to your left at the top of Djouce and on to the finish.

Ideally you should do a recce. Put a notice here on the forum and some others will let you know when they are going out to recce and you can arrange to meet them.

Print off the course map from this site and bring it with you.
Paul WhyteNov 3 2013, 5:32pmHi,

Some quick questions -
1. I have not registered this year (have been out of the country) and wondered is it ok to volunteer - Vivian do you still need volunteers? I will be a non runner.
2. Will there be mandatory kit requirement for the race? If so can you give details as to what is required?


Vivian O'GormanNov 3 2013, 10:34pmHi Paul,

Thanks for the reminder about the kit requirement:

Longsleeved rainproof running top

Bumbag with biscuits or chocolate and water

We'll see on the morning about what to wear in the race

Also Paul I have sent you an email about the volunteering
suzanne Kenny Nov 5 2013, 10:21amHi Vivian. Mags Greenan asked me to put her down here as a volunteer(non runner) also if needed :)
Vivian O'GormanNov 5 2013, 7:57pmHi Folks,

I have enough volunteers now so thank you all for putting your names down.

If you could all be in Crone by 10am that will be fine.

I have been in touch with the three Summit Marshalls to be in Crone at 9.45am

Will let the rest of you know your duties shortly.

Suzanne I have put Mags in.

Adam PerryNov 6 2013, 1:50pmHello all,

I am over to visit family the weekend of the race and thought this race sounds great. Can I also attend and just pay 10 euros on the day to enter?

Are you sorted in terms of marshalls etc?

Thanks very much

Dermot MurphyNov 6 2013, 8:18pmAdam, yes you can just turn up on the day and hand over your tenner to race.

Also, I think from his last post Vivian, is sorted for all volunteers, including marshals.
Brian O MurchuNov 11 2013, 7:02pmAnyone going down from city centre and has a spare seat? The carpool section is a little bare
Jill WalkerNov 11 2013, 7:47pmIs it going to be possible to pick up the end if league prizes before or after tre race? Thanks.
Brian O MurchuNov 12 2013, 11:22amThanks for kind offers, lift now sorted!
Don ShortNov 12 2013, 5:12pmCan I get an early start, say 10:30?
Richard NunanNov 12 2013, 7:26pmJill,

I can confirm there will be a bag for you at the IMRA AGM


Gareth LittleNov 12 2013, 10:24pm
I have 3 seats available for anyone travelling from Roundwood. I'll be leaving at 09:30 but please note I am hanging around for the AGM too. Thx
Vivian O'GormanNov 13 2013, 6:53pmYes Don you can start at 10.30 - just remember to let me know when you are going.

That goes for all early starters. If any early starters want to go sooner they can do so from 10am. Again let me know before you go.

Some people are carpooling which is great. Can others please do the same. Cronewood car park is going to be full. Even if you meet in the Glencormack Inn car park and go from there.

There will be a lot of walkers out on Saturday, as usual, so please make sure you give way to them. They have a right to be there as well as us.

Lastly if you have run a mountain race this year - 2013 - you will have a race number. If you can't remember it please look up your race on this wedsite, write it down and put it in the car. It will save time at race registration.

Heres to good weather and see you all Saturday.
Jill WalkerNov 13 2013, 9:00pmThanks Richard about the bag. I assume that goes for anyone who is eligible for one? Planning to pick one up for Pauline Cleary too.
Paddy DariganNov 15 2013, 2:37pmcan someone tell me that time Crone car park will be open on Saturday 16th for the race
John CondonNov 15 2013, 4:12pmPaddy,

They're open early enough. About 8am me thinks.
Paddy DariganNov 15 2013, 8:30pmThanks John
Rory HearneNov 18 2013, 3:09pmHi are there results for Saturday's race?
Joan FlanaganNov 18 2013, 8:06pmHi,
I left an orange wind proof at the start of the race on Saturday, I don't suppose anyone picked it up?
Paul KevilleNov 21 2013, 12:50amWill the results for this race be uploaded?
David RouseNov 21 2013, 9:27pmAnother runner and I called into the Glencormac Inn after the run to collect our league prizes, however they weren't to be had when we were there. When can we collect them? Many thanks, David
Cillian MoffatNov 22 2013, 10:55pmWas just wondering when the results will be put up aswell?
Thomas MooreNov 25 2013, 9:27pmAnything on the results yet thanks
Desie ShortenNov 26 2013, 11:00pmFor god sake, will somebody answer these requests for results.
Pól Ó MurchúNov 26 2013, 11:31pmLong Course

1 56.30 Alan O'Keeffe
2 66.57 Barry Nolan2
3 76.33 Des Kennedy
4 76.38 Adam Perry
5 79.07 Jason Kehoe
6 80.13 Robbie Bryon
7 86.34 Declan O'Dwyer
8 86.40 Rory Hearne
9 87.57 Eoin Keith
10 88.22 Bernard Fortune
11 89.05 Ger Lawlor
12 89.49 Mark Sheridan
13 90.01 Damian Kelly
14 90.29 Robbie Williams
15 91.07 Torben Dahl
16 91.09 Sam Scriven
17 91.18 Matti Turtola
18 91.24 Diane Wilson
19 92.14 Thomas Moore
20 93.06 Mikey Fry
21 93.24 Dermot Murphy
22 94.06 Eoin Syron
23 94.08 Paul Keville
24 94.22 Ciaran Ryan
25 94.28 Gareth Little
26 94.30 Barry Moore
27 94.32 Mick Hanney
28 94.54 Philip Cooney
29 95.14 Alex Gleeson
30 95.38 Rob O'Neill
31 95.49 Robert Costello
32 96.10 Mike Jordan
33 96.15 Desie Shorten
34 97.27 Richard Cattle
35 97.29 George Dowling
36 97.49
37 97.52 Mike Long
38 98.03 John Bell
39 98.36 John Mollohan
40 99.05 Tina Gates
41 99.15
42 99.35 Peter McNeill
43 100.29 Eamon Flannelly
44 100.34 Peter Bell
45 100.36 Padraig Muldoon
46 100.55 Laura Schwirz
47 101.49 Brian Sugrue
48 101.56 David Naylor
49 102.10 Ger O'Reilly
50 102.42 Vanessa Sallier
51 102.45 David Sorohan
52 102.46 Jeff Fitzsimons
53 102.47 Santina Doherty Farinella
54 102.51 Aideen Keenan
55 103.36 David Kelly70
56 103.40 Paul Morrissey1
57 103.50 Odhran Hendley
58 103.60 Hazel McLaughlin
59 104.24 Alan Ryan
60 104.38 Niamh Garvey
61 105.20 Sean Kelleher
62 105.21 Neil Brewster
63 105.57 Dermot O'Sullivan83
64 105.57 Jarlath Hynes
65 106.34 Thomas Galvin
66 106.60 Paddy Darigan2
67 107.58 Zoe Melling
68 108.13 Conor O'Meara
69 109.36 Jacqui Howard
70 109.40 Becky Quinn
71 109.42 Justin O'Connor
72 109.53 Colm Mullen2
73 110.08 Joe Lalor
74 110.20 Philip Boylan
75 110.26 Cormac O'Ceallaigh
76 110.32 Joan Flanagan
77 111.42 Enda Maguire87
78 112.12 Niamh O'Gorman
79 112.36 Colum McKeown
80 112.38 Eoin Lucey
81 115.25 Ken Cowley
82 115.34 Aidan McMoreland
83 116.02 Helen Dixon
84 116.19 Shane Reynolds
85 116.25 Brendan Lawlor
86 117.59 Bronagh Cheetham
87 118.40 Harry McGee
88 119.15 James Cahill66
89 119.52 Daniela Boehm
90 120.02 Maria O'Rourke
91 120.07 Aidan Roe
92 120.48 Eva Fairmaner
93 121.00 Justin Rea
94 121.27 Fiona Sheerin
95 121.33 Rozanne Bell
96 124.06 Derek Charles
97 124.27 Stephen Waters
98 124.28 Stephen Brennan
99 125.31 John Kelly71
100 126.41 Mary Collins
101 127.35 James Higgins
102 127.35 David Rouse
103 128.18 Don Short
104 130.28 Ruairi Sugrue
105 132.49 John Langenbach
106 139.11 Rachel Cinnsealach
107 141.44 Siobhain Duggan
108 141.44 Hilary Jenkinson
109 141.44 Deborah Meghan
110 162.13 Paul Steele
111 162.13 Gordon Douglas
112 165.50 Caitlin Bent
113 DNF Chris Hodge
114 DNF Kevin Deery
115 DNF Miguel Balala
116 DNF Michael Fallon
117 DNF Sean Fallon2

Short Course
1 46.14 Damien McDaid2
2 48.30 Conor Short
3 48.30 Robert Scanlon
4 59.01 James Curran
5 60.25 Aidan Blighe
6 62.16 John Condon
7 62.29 Pol O'Murchu
8 64.45 Thomas O'Sullivan
9 71.46 Deirdre Bohar
10 72.04 Anne Hodge
11 72.05 Eamonn Hodge
12 73.07 Miriam Maher
13 75.47 Justin O'Keeffe
14 80.14 John Fitzgerald

Pól Ó MurchúNov 26 2013, 11:34pmJust got laptop tonight so apologies for the delay with the results. These should probably have been sorted on the day but such is life. There are a number of errors with the results file which I am working through at the moment. Don't know when these will be done but in the meantime the above will have to do. Let me know of any amendments that need to be made and I will do my best to sort. As I said apologies these weren't done before now. All the moaners will be queuing up to take on the role of laptop operator at the next race no doubt ;-)
Donal TroddynNov 26 2013, 11:46pmPol, that was my fault. I'm sorry that you have been left with the results in the state they were.
Jarlath HynesNov 27 2013, 12:08amThanks Pol (& everyone involved).
Roll on 2014, well after RTL on Saturday.
Thomas MooreNov 27 2013, 9:46amI thought I came in after torben , and also thought Diane came in just ahead of torben , that's probably wrong so if anyone else could shed some light on this.
Declan O'DwyerNov 27 2013, 10:18amLove the idea of having come 7th, but unfortunately I was a DNF.
Desie ShortenNov 27 2013, 10:45amIts a pity to be called 'moaners' just for enquiring about results. IMRA have always been leaders in the field of publishing results very quickly so it was obvious that something was wrong and perhaps then a message could have been posted under 'Powerscourt Ridge'. However there was no message and the results are now up thanks to POL so lets leave it at that and move on. I do appreciate all the time volunteers give to put on these races and would never criticize any volunteer.
Mick HanneyNov 27 2013, 11:20amThanks Pol & co.
Obviously Des won the long course so some short & long course results are still mixed?

Can I ask was there technical reasons for the results upload delay? The results process used to be fairly straightforward. Maybe, just maybe, the introduction of enhancements to the system last year has made a previously simple process more complicated? For instance, in 2013 there seemed to be a requirement to get the laptop back to the results secretary after every event? This may be tied into the need to link the advance purchase of races to the database etc. There also seems to be an over-dependency on particular people to upload results, whereas this is probably something a Race Director or a skilled laptop person could do? Minor tweaks could help us as we face into 2014?
Declan O'DwyerNov 27 2013, 1:53pmAs with the others, I'm not criticizing the volunteers at all.

Just noting that similar length delays occurred in posting the formal results of Dublin Mountain High and Dublin Peaks. Again I don't recall this occuring before.

Reiterating Mick's question, are there minor tweaks that could help avoid this in future.
Mick HanneyNov 27 2013, 2:47pmAnd god be with the days when Eamonn Hodge used to do the Long Course ;-)
Cillian MoffatNov 27 2013, 11:06pmHi, I did the long course but my result isn't up there? I was number 1336 and it was my first race if that helps.
Thanks again, Cillian
Alan O'KeeffeNov 29 2013, 11:18amI was a DNF.

Eamonn HodgeDec 6 2013, 9:10amJust for that Mick I'm going out to do a training run today! Hopefully we'll have some ding-dong battles in 2014!
Aideen KeenanDec 12 2013, 8:52pmJust to let you know, the first three women in the long course were Diane, followed by Laura then Vanessa. I also know I was 4th. Think the ladies in between did the short course.
Mick HanneyDec 15 2013, 9:29pmLooking forward to that Eamonn.

Nice to see the official results up. Great result by the Legend that is Robbie Bryson to finish 4th on the day.