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Mike JordanMar 13 2013, 11:56amOne month until this event. I probably shouldn't be looking past the WW Ultra but I was just wondering:

- is this going ahead?
- is the entry procedure the same as last year?

Gerry BradyMar 13 2013, 11:58pmMike, it is on subject to receiving a permit from the National Parks.
Gerry BradyMar 14 2013, 9:51pmEntry form up on web page. The bonus for runners aged 60-69 has been increased by 5 minutes and the bonus for those aged 70 plus has been increased by 10 minutes! Volunteers are now being accepted!
Sam ScrivenMar 15 2013, 9:35amGerry

This race is advertised as being part of this year's Long Distance Championship. Does that mean there is a solo race in its own right? If so, what is the start time for this? Judging by last year's race reports and of course the terrain and time of year, this would be a very long solo race time-wise. Will early starts be facilitated for solo runners?
Stephen WalshMar 16 2013, 7:42pmDid recce of leg 4. Ballinafunshoge car park is blocked by 4 small boulders. There is felling in the area of Wicklow Way trail, with diversion notice and some of the trail markers covered or missing.
Rob ByrneMar 25 2013, 10:05amJust curious, is there a time limit for finishing? I'm thinking of running solo but I'm not as fast as I used to be.
Gerry BradyMar 25 2013, 10:31pmThe first entry has been received and a link to an Entries-to-date file added to event page. No time limit on finishing but early start option is available to avoid leg handover marshalls being delayed unduly. No problems re access restrictions on Wicklow Way as there is free route choice!
Mike JordanMar 26 2013, 9:17amHi Gerry
I emailed you an entry yesterday morning. Did you get it? I sent it to
Gerry BradyMar 26 2013, 10:42pmEntries-to-date file updated, five teams now entered.
Peter RobertsMar 29 2013, 9:03pmCan I join a team? How do I register?
Dermot MurphyMar 30 2013, 7:01amEntry forms are on the event page -
james cahillMar 31 2013, 10:32amLooking to join a team also. Ideally I would like to run two legs. I have reccied the first two. Does anyone want to run the last two? (Ps. I am not fast)
Stephen PerryApr 1 2013, 2:29pmDid a recce of leg 3 today, conditions were unreal , up to arts lough is fine but from there over to Kelly's was like being in the artic . Drifts of snow over knee high in places, packed hard over 650 m level. Will make for interesting running if the weather stays like this till race day !!!!
james cahillApr 1 2013, 5:30pmReccied leg 1 on Friday, deep snow in parts (knee deep) and some very icy patches on the shoulder of Tonelagee, but ultimately ok.

Reccied leg 2 on Saturday, deep snow up to the reservoir (knee deep plus), very very large icy patches at the top, took a lot of hard falls (whilst walking), as the weather is now this leg probably needs crampons, otherwise bruises and slow painful progress are guaranteed.

There are some pictures and videos of the conditions here:
Gerry BradyApr 1 2013, 11:25pmBe careful out there James if you are doing recces on your own!

Entries file updated, 7 teams now entered. Weather can improve quickly in April (hopefully)

Rachel CinnsealachApr 3 2013, 2:45pmI am going to do a rece of leg one this Saturday morning, (6th April) out and back to make sure I definitely know the route, and for some extra excercise :)

I will be half walking/half running. The pace will be slow enough, the day will be more about navigating and making sure I know where I am going. All are welcome to join me, -whether you are doing the relay or not.

IMRA relays are great fun, -great social days out. I don't understand why the WWR is so popular, yet the Glacier lakes and the stone cross to lug are not so!!!! I've done the stone cross to lug relay twice now and it's brilliant! So much more exhilerating that the WW, (Which is actually quite boring).

If nav is the problem, then learn to nav... it's not that hard! Do recce's of the routes behore hand, all part of the fun.

Very much looking forward to this relay :)

Rachel CinnsealachApr 3 2013, 3:02pmI forgot to say if you want to join me email me at rachelcinnselaach at gmail dot com or ring/text me on Zero 87 Two 561906.
Stephen BailieApr 3 2013, 8:44pmRachael I agree that People should get out and practise nav. But by everyone doing a recce of routes i beleive is defeating the purpose of navigating under pressure. Navigation League last year was excellent so I encourage all to get out to these this year.
Rachel CinnsealachApr 3 2013, 11:26pmI agree with you Stephen. Recceing "The Nav challenge" would completely defeat the purpose of it. Likewise that is the fun of orienteering events, the challenge of finding the controls.

I think with IMRA races though, it is acceptable to recce the routes before hand. The are not navigational challenges. It would be great to see more teams doing the relays, and if that means checking out the routes before the day so be it! I know I recce'd my route before doing the Stone Cross to lug relay. It would also be good to have more people doing the championship races. If people are doing these then yes, they need to be comfortable with a map and compass, reccing a route does not rule out the need for know how to use a map and compass, as the mist could be down on the day, however if by reccing the route it helps with the nav, I say go for it!
Gerry BradyApr 4 2013, 9:05pmEntries updated, 9 teams now. The all-women winning team in 2012 are looking for a runner (female). Persons running all four legs will get points in the long-distance championship.
John BellApr 4 2013, 9:32pmAnyone interested in joining our relay team for this event? Our Leg 1 runner can't make it but if someone is interested they can choose any of Legs 1 - 3.

You can let me know at or O85_7251496
John BellApr 5 2013, 12:51pmRe: previous post. We're back up to full compliment. Thanks
Alan AylingApr 5 2013, 9:03pmEntry sent... and then there were ten.
James CahillApr 5 2013, 9:48pmA question on route, if you are doing it solo do you have to go to the handover points (especially Ballinafunshoge car park and Glenmalure Hostel)?
Gerry BradyApr 5 2013, 10:30pm12 teams now. Every team has to pass through all handover points. Volunteers for the checkpoints needed and a first aid person.
Pat QuillApr 5 2013, 10:57pmI would like to volunteer for this but I don't have a MyImra Account.
Can someone invite me?

Jeff FitzsimonsApr 6 2013, 8:19amInvite should be on the way to your hotmail address, Pat.
mags greenanApr 6 2013, 10:58amHi Girls . Our last years all women team are now looking for 2 women. Time is running out . Any takers? Mags Greenan and Suzanne Kenny willing to run again. mags mob 086 8144945ger
Rachel CinnsealachApr 6 2013, 9:38pmWow, What an amazing stunning run. The blue lake against the backdrop of white snow capped mountains, one of the most scenic views I have ever seen.

I have one or possibly two guy's who were out with me this morn, who are now interested in doing leg one of the relay, so if any team needs a leg one runner let me know. My contact details are in a thread above.
Gerry BradyApr 7 2013, 6:00pmThe lakes relay was originally scheduled for Saturday 13th but, to avoid a clash with a British championships race up north and another event in Glendalough, it was changed to Sunday 14th. Unfortunately the website date remained as the Saturday. Are all teams entered available on the Sunday?

If anyone has any good photos of the lakes from recces, please upload them. There are a few already there from leg 3. There are now 16 teams entered.
Moire O'SullivanApr 8 2013, 6:45pmDon't know if its of any interest to anyone, but here's a garmin run of a recce I did of this route last September:

Also, a quick blog post with some route details and a few photos as well:

Best of luck to all running this Sunday!
Gerry BradyApr 8 2013, 11:31pmWe discussed the date for the Lakes relay at a Committee meeting tonight and it was decided to stay with the SATURDAY as that was the date on the website and it avoids a clash with the Leinster Orienteering Championships.

Late entries are possible but today is better than tomorrow as leg handover sheets have to be prepared for the time-keepers and for safety management!

Moire: I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for the gpx file. You are the first woman to complete the whole course but there are a few more hoping to join you on Saturday.

Rachel: I uploaded the photos taken by your friend Joyce Carey of the stunning blue water on Lough Ouler last Saturday.
Niamh O CeallaighApr 9 2013, 8:53pmIs Rachel's team being done out of 10 mins?
Gerry BradyApr 9 2013, 9:53pmWell spotted Niamh, thanks. 17 teams entered with the probable favourites still too shy to enter!
Rachel CinnsealachApr 9 2013, 10:16pmAhh thanks Niamh :-)
Gareth LittleApr 10 2013, 10:02am
Hi Gerry, will there be water and sports drink tablets like last year?



Diarmuid O'ColmainApr 10 2013, 10:36amCongratulations Gerry on introducing handicapping - it's a great idea. With some experimentation, perhaps it could be introduced in all races and allow the elimination of age related prizes.
Richard NunanApr 10 2013, 11:16amHi Garreth,

Gerry is away - so answering in his behalf as we discussed it yesterday.

There wont be gels, Tablets, water available.

People are asked to be self supported.
suzanne kennyApr 11 2013, 2:39pmvery last minute i know but am now doing leg 2 for this race also and have no idea of the route! wud anyone be interested in doing a recce of it tomorrow with me?? even if u not racing on saturday? maybe tomorrow morning? if yes let me know on! :( ! (puppy dog eyes!)
Gerry BradyApr 12 2013, 7:00pmHope everyone is all set for tomorrow. Remember to complete an IMRA registration form if it is your first race of the year. Solo runners should bring gear for all weathers and food and drink as necessary. Bring mobile phone with you also for safety (if signal available).

If another volunteer is available for a handover point that would be helpful.
Ken CowleyApr 13 2013, 7:41amShort notice, but due to illness a team has lost it's leg 4 runner, so I thought I'd put up a quick request to see does anyone fancy a run. I'm not even sure if it's allowed to replace a runner at this late stage (Gerry?), anyway it's a 'non-competitive' team, taking the early start. James Cahill is running legs 1 and 2, I'm doing leg 3, and hope to be finishing my leg around 12.15/12.30. I'll have a car down there, and can arrange;
1. Car pool from Dublin (I'm leaving in 2 hours time at 9.30am, from Inchicore)
2. Can do whatever is needed to get back to car/collect 4th runner from Glendalough etc..

(leg 4 is the simplest of the 4 legs, mainly on trail, from Ballinfunshogue to Glendalough via Mullacor etc)

My mobile is zero eight five 7129060, but I'll probably be out of coverage (Glenmalure!) by 10.45 or so..


james cahillApr 13 2013, 7:24pmThank you to everyone involved in organising and running this event.

It was great fun , if a little chilly at times.

Great event and thank you to the marshals who stood around in freezing conditions for so long.
james CahillApr 13 2013, 7:39pmIf someone can invite / add me to Myimra, I can put up pictures of the lakes. Thank you. My e mail is jcahill (at)
Pat QuillApr 13 2013, 8:56pmAs one of the marshalls, I found it difficult on the day. Not the weather conditions which were what I expected, but it was difficult to maintain a clear picture who was on the course and who had pulled out. This was worrying given the potential for hyperthermia if someone got injured and stopped moving. Partially an issue with my competence, (I have not done this kind of thing before), partially not enough volunteers on the day, and also we had almost no mobile coverage so the check-points could not communicate.
Everybody got safely in, and runners generally made sensible decisions as to when to drop out or start early, but I thought we were cutting the safety margin a bit close for comfort.
Gerry BradyApr 13 2013, 9:14pmProvisional leg time results in race report. Can teams please check. Weather was challenging!
Alan AylingApr 14 2013, 1:00pmCracking report Gerry! I've added one of my own, waffly as ever I'm afraid...
Danny WallApr 14 2013, 1:13pmGreat event yesterday.I will agree on the lessons learned for 2014.All runners should have better training on navigational skills.One thing I would like to suggest to Gerry.The occurance of bad weather and loss of mobile signal is going to reocurr time and time again.In the interest of health and safety I believe all runners should be asked to donate €5 at the registration of each event so as to invest into high tech sets of walkey talkies.This constant link will aid all volunteers and runners and they can be used on all events.I think Pat will be a lot happier then.
Stephen PerryApr 14 2013, 3:41pmRace report up, just to say thanks to Gerry & Pat and to all the marshals on the day, this is a great race and in my opinion what mountain running is all about. Get out the compasses everyone and practice for next year when hopefully it will be back on the calendar .