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Thomas MooreMar 6 2013, 9:29amIs this race open to all imra runners
Thomas MooreMar 6 2013, 9:34amHopefully it is as I only live a few minutes away
bernard FortuneMar 16 2013, 9:52pmYes is open to all IMRA runners.Not recommended for beginners or poor navigators.The reason being,2hrs is a very respectable winning time in good conditions.Make that 3hrs plus for an average runner in same conditions.Hit the wall as I have in 2007 and be reduced to hands and feet crawling or worse get lost which is easy in this race and this explains the high rating of difficulty.Personally this is one of the hardest races on this island.As its a local one for you I'd say dont be put off by my experience but be prepared for one tough day out.
Thomas MooreMar 18 2013, 4:49pmThanks for the heads up on this beast of mountain run Bernard.yes it sounds like I might need my knee pads for this one.if anyone is keen on doing recce for this over the next few weeks etc , I would do it with them if I was avail.
Peter RobertsMar 25 2013, 7:47pmYes I would like to do a lap before d day if your free some Sunday?
Mick HanneyMar 25 2013, 9:34pmI'd be up for that. Say in 2 weeks.
Thomas MooreMar 26 2013, 12:27amYeah I would of chanced it this sun but it looks like its still going to be very cold and lug is Snow White so might not be good idea for another couple of weeks at least. May be sat or sun weather permitting of April the 20 or 21st. I seen enough snow last sat on trail race to do me for another year but it was a great run all the same.thanks for getting back in touch lads and we will try do it at some stage before the 4th may
Peter RobertsMar 29 2013, 9:01pmI am up for any sat or sun 0866089193.
Luke FlinstoneApr 7 2013, 4:05pmCheers,
I'm Luke from Germany. Actually, I (+partner) prepare for some ultra-run (8okm 3700m^ end of may) in the polsih/slovakian mountains. I live in Bray since march and would love to use this event as some training.

Is there a possibility to sign this? Maybe someone near Bray wants to run this aswell? I don't have a car and would be gratefull for some info how to reach the start.

Joe LalorApr 7 2013, 4:36pmHi Luke, I am planning on doing this race and will be passing by Bray on my way there. Contact me at jlalor(at) to confirm details of lift.

Dont forget to change the "at" to the appropriate sign in the email addressca
Thomas MooreApr 14 2013, 8:25pmMight chance doing recce for this race next Saturday afternooon or Sunday.. If anybody's interested coming along let me know, thanks
Thomas MooreApr 16 2013, 9:32pmWent up lug this evening as seen as it was bright,what a savage view. Going to chance doing the full length run over the weekend ,so again if anybody's interested in coming along give us a txt 0876643133 thanks
james cahillApr 16 2013, 9:49pmHi Thomas, a couple of us are doing a full recce (hopefully) of the run on Thursday at 8am starting at the bridge, if you wanted to come
Thomas MooreApr 16 2013, 11:37pmThanks james but I'd say I will be workin thursday if anything was to change I'll get back to ya ,cheers.
Brian O MurchuApr 19 2013, 10:46amAm wondering if anyone is planning to be at both this race and the following Wednesday night race, Tibradden (May 8th)? As I don't have a car am seeing if I could co-ordinate with someone with transferring the race kit between both races.
murchubrian at gmail dot com
Oran MurphyApr 25 2013, 12:01pmAnyone got a garmin of the route?
Gerard DuffApr 29 2013, 8:16pmWhere do you want us to park cars???
Thomas MooreApr 29 2013, 8:41pmGood question cause there's no parking in aughavannagh bar there is a small spot inside the forest gate , about 100 meters up but you would not fit to many cars in it
Richard NunanApr 29 2013, 8:42pmHi Folks,

Unless we get a race Director and Volunteers for this race by Thursday the race may be Cancelled.

So please keep a close eye on the website for further details.

Thomas MooreApr 30 2013, 9:07amPity if it doesn't go ahead. Two lads showed me the route last weekend and have to say its a savage challenge but well worth it. Best run I've done to date this year.
Nora Mahon-LalorApr 30 2013, 9:58amI will direct this race if a first aider & a marshall for Croghan Moire commit with the following provisions: Parking & Registration will be at the finish & close @ 11.30 Drumgoff Gap GR 087877 , runners will be ferried to start where there is no space for cars or a 3Km warm up for anyone inclined. (assuming Brian is doing the lap top)
Mick HanneyApr 30 2013, 10:53amAs the numbers for this would be small it might suit to do the registrations and results on pen & paper for the race itself. The duration of the race would surely test the laptop battery in any event.

It might be no harm to have a checkpoint at the road crossing towards Fananierin and if people arent at that checkpiont by a certain time they should detour directly to the finish?
Stuart ScottApr 30 2013, 11:09amAnyone who's undecided whether or not to do the race should read Douglas' report from 2000:

If that doesn't convince you to do it, nothing will! Sounds like an epic route, wish I was around for it now.


Brían O'MearaApr 30 2013, 11:53amLooking forward to it. Should be good.
suzanne kennyApr 30 2013, 3:29pmi wouldnt mind doing this as a training run and just to enjoy it with someone who knew how to navigate it?..wudnt do it on my own as would prob get lost up there! :( ! if anyone interested let me know..
Nora Mahon-LalorApr 30 2013, 5:08pmThat was the plan Mick but as Brian was already listed as laptop operator, I thought we could enter race & runners & put it to sleep for 2/3 hrs, results will have to go in anyway. Brian could act as a marshall either. Anyhow if a first aider & 2 other volunteers pitch up its a non runner.
James TuckerMay 1 2013, 2:26pmHi Nora. I put myself down as first-aider so hopefully we can get the other 2 volunteers needed to make this happen!
Brian O MurchuMay 1 2013, 3:10pmHi Nora,
I would love to see this race go ahead, am down for laptop and have arranged a carpool to get there. See entrants and other volunteers there on Sat...????
Nora LalorMay 1 2013, 3:46pmYah I guess so volunteers skimpy but basics there will update event details later.
Niamh O CeallaighMay 1 2013, 3:50pmFair Play to you Nora!!
Just wondering what the required points are on this route.
i am presuming Lug, Corrigasleggaun and Croaghanmoira but are Carrawaystickand the access point up onto Fananieran also required points?
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 1 2013, 11:57pmNiamh, Compulsory points are Lugnaquilla, Corrigasleggaun, Military road at enterance to track up to Fananerrin ridge and Croaghanmoira summit. I will give grid references for these later. There is a 3pm cut off for point on Military road, anyone not making this must return to finish by road. There is a free route choice from Corrigasleggaun to Military road. There are more tracks in forest now than on map on site. The route marked on this map is only a suggested route.
I hope to have a marshall (volunteers needed) on Military road and Croaghanmoira summit.
Mick HanneyMay 2 2013, 9:23amNora, I'll do marshall on the road up to an agreed end time if possible. I'd suggest a marshall on Croaghanmoira isn't absolutely required. We can trust the runners are honest in that regard :-)
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 2 2013, 12:28pmGreat Mick you will need to be at Military road at entrance to track up to Fananerrin ridge 102893 from 1pm until 3pm which is the cut off time. Anyone arriving after that to return by road.
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 2 2013, 1:11pmSee event page for final instructions.
Mick HanneyMay 2 2013, 1:15pmThanks Nora. I might get you direct me to the exact point (perhaps for a 1pm picnic :-) so I'm sure I'm in the right place.

Runners please shout your no. when you pass so I know who is through...
caitlín BentMay 2 2013, 5:45pmMyself and Joe (Bent) will do marshall on Cruchánmoire.
James TuckerMay 2 2013, 8:59pm
Nora, what time will you need me out there on Saturday? I can head out a bit early if you need help with the registration?

Nora Mahon-LalorMay 2 2013, 10:47pmKevin, I will bring first aid equipment. We are expecting a small turnout so will not need help at registration. Could you be at finish anytime before 1 pm, there is unlikely to be any injuries on the long fire road to the open mountain

Caitlin / Joe: Thanks for offer of marshalling job on Cruchánmoire. The expected winning time is 120 mins so could you be in place before 1.30
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 2 2013, 10:56pmJames see last post re first aid role thanks, replying to too many twilight messages N
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 2 2013, 11:02pmHave enough volunteers for this race now thanks
James TuckerMay 2 2013, 11:05pmGrand, I'll see you at about so.
James TuckerMay 2 2013, 11:07pm1!
Caitlín bentMay 3 2013, 10:11amO.k. Nora.
Mick HanneyMay 3 2013, 5:24pmI have stocked up with refreshments for competitors for the road cross over point - water, fruit and fruit sweets.
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 3 2013, 5:58pmThanks bright minds & all that, had some supplies for you, picnic just got bigger (:-)
Richard NunanMay 3 2013, 8:08pmThanks to Nora and the team of volunteers that will make this race happen!! Best of luck !!
James H CahillMay 4 2013, 5:36pmThank you to everyone who volunteered to make the race happen today. It was a spectacular day and hugely enjoyable run
David Kelly70May 4 2013, 6:35pmThanks again to all those who volunteered to make today's race possible. It was a great day in the hills. Well done all.
Ger LawlorMay 4 2013, 7:33pmNow that I am starting to feeling normal again, can I just say that was one really tough but on the whole, a gem of a race.
Whoever created the route and decided to send us up to Fananerrin ridge and on to Croaghanmoira summit is a sadist!
Thanks to all volunteers(young and old) for giving your time,that was a long day in the hills.
Does Mick Hanney gain extra volunteering kudos by having his three boys out there learning the ropes??
Nora Mahon-LalorMay 4 2013, 8:16pmMany thanks to the helpers who made today race a great success
Joe & Caitlin Bent (Croghanmoire summit)
Mick Hanney & Family (Road cross over cp)
James Tucker (first aid whose expertise thankfully was not needed & ferrying)
Robert O'Brien (reg. & finish)

I will publish the results here initially since it is a holiday w/e and it could be some days before the IMRA laptop catches up and enters them on the site database.

365 Brian Furey 2:16:01 M
624 Stephen Perry 2:19:41 M
794 Zoran Skrba 2:23:37 M
395 Thomas Moore 2:27:49 M
349 Barry Cronin 2:32:28 M
431 Barry Moore 2:33:12 M40
306 John Bell 2:36:38 M
41 Alan Ayling 2:39:35 M
716 Brian O'Meara 2:45:40 M
351 Mike Jordan 2:48:40 M
389 Cormac O'Ceallaigh 2:49:05 M40
344 Oran Murphy 2:54:10 M
607 Raghnall O'Donoghue 2:54:44 M
19 Joe Lalor 2:55:20 M60
43 Aidan Blighe 2:56:56 M
817 Ger Lawlor 2:57:45 M
432 John Moore 2:58:36 M40
799 Pawel Mykowski 2:59:15 M
800 Lukas Krzeminski 2:59:15 M
651 Donna McLoughlin 3:10:15 F
643 Don Hannon 3:10:16 M40
457 Alex Glesson 3:11:15 M
706 Justin O'Keeffe 3:11:16 M40
746 Andreas Kusch 3:12:00 M40
744 Peter Doyle 3:12:00 M40
343 Niamh O'Ceallaigh 3:14:23 F
226 David Kelly 3:19:33 M40
1010 Paul Miles 3:26:33 M40
373 James Cahill 3:30:55 M40
268 Matt Kavanagh 3:44:50

Short Course

816 Sean Harte 2:25:54 M
Thomas MooreMay 4 2013, 8:43pmBig thanks Nora and volunteers for makin this run go ahead and being a great day.would of been a pity that one of the most challenging local ish runs this year could of been cancelled .oscar the dog that followed us from start to finish is putting Zeds into the heavens now I'd say and I won't be far behind him.thanks again.
Seán HarteMay 4 2013, 8:48pmThanks Nora and all volunteers at race today, and to whoever came up with the route. A day of firsts for me: my first leinster championsip race; my firt time on Lognacoille; my first time not having the energy to run down a hill (nevermind getting up one); and my first win in an IMRA race ;-)

Well done to all who completed the real route!
Lukasz KrzeminskiMay 4 2013, 9:22pmHey there everyone (especially Joe, Nora and Raghnall),
BIG thanks for this beautiful day. It was our 1st time in the Wicklow mountains, we enjoyed the challenging new terrain and had great fun getting lost twice in muddy woods. Big thanks to the wind which pushed our big arses up the hills (otherwise we wouldnt make it). This definitively wasnt our last run with imra! THANKS! Luke and Pawel
John BellMay 4 2013, 9:30pmThanks very much to Nora and the volunteers who came forward to let this race happen. It was a seriously tough course. Who came up with a route like that? The finishing straight interrupted by having to climb Croaghanmoira was torture! and being able to see it from a good way off didn't help

The bit of fuel at the check point provided by Mick Hanney was much appreciated. I wanted to stop for a picnic.

Thanks again.
Mick HanneyMay 4 2013, 9:43pmStruggling once again with the photo upload to the IRMA site.
Put some up here instead.
James H CahillMay 4 2013, 9:46pmShort video of the ascent up Lugnacoille
Stephen PerryMay 4 2013, 10:53pmThanks to Nora and all the volunteers for today, great day to be out on the hills.
It's a great route,
Nora I made a mistake with my number, it's 612. Not 624. Apologies .
Brian FureyMay 5 2013, 1:16pmThanks to Nora and volunteers for putting on a great race. Nice to race the classic route! Was a bit of shock to hear on passing Mick that I was back in 4th place. I had expected Sean Harte to be ahead as he took a better line down to the road from the forest. Sean Harte unlucky to hit the wall at that stage. Not an easy finish to the race going up Fananerrin ridge then Croaghan Moire. That's what makes it a great route.
Thomas MooreMay 5 2013, 4:24pmWell done Brian , you passed my self and the local dog near the end and you ploughed up hill while I was starting to die so fair play for finishing strong on such a challenging run.
Mick HanneyMay 5 2013, 5:31pmIncredible to think this race was run in 1hr 52 mins by the great John Lenihan back in the day.
Brían O'MearaMay 7 2013, 11:20amGreat race. Very enjoyable. Thanks to Nora and volunteers - partic those on Croaghan moira.
Mike JordanMay 19 2013, 8:52pmOran put up a great race report for this race. How he was restrained enough to only use the word 'beast' once is quite an achievement!! Brilliant race.